Jeffrey MacBride

PMP Systems Engineering Consultant

United States

Jeffrey MacBride PMP CSM is a project management professional and Founder of MacBride Consulting. He specializes in systems engineering and software development based in the greater Philadelphia area.


MacBride Consulting provides a wide range of project management and systems engineering services for diverse industries and emerging markets.


The Process Our approach to process development and improvement is methodical and strategic. We begin with a thorough assessment of current operations to pinpoint inefficiencies and areas for enhancement. By applying best practices in project management and systems engineering, we develop streamlined processes that drive efficiency and productivity.

Jeffrey MacBride Consulting

MacBride Consulting, founded by Jeffrey MacBride, is a small consulting business specializing in engineering project management and systems engineering.


Jeffrey MacBride PMP is an Engineering Program Manager backed by extensive experience in Program Management, Strategic Program Management, Software Development and Management Consulting. MacBride...

Meet Project Manager Jeffrey MacBride PMP CSM

Jeffrey MacBride PMP CSM is a seasoned Engineering Professional and Program Manager. MacBride is backed by nearly two decades of experience in the field of engineering. He maintains active membership...

Jeffrey MacBride
Jeffrey MacBride

Jeffrey MacBride is an Engineer, Project Manager, and Amateur Magician. Inspired by the magic and wonder of engineering, MacBride performs magic tricks for family and friends utilizing real world concepts found in his professional field of Systems Engineering. Qualifications Jeffrey MacBride is a seasoned Project Management Professional (PMP) in the Engineering field.

Jeffrey MacBride
Magic Engineering

Engineer and Project Manager Jeffrey MacBride has always been fascinated by magic performances. Driven by an engineer's curiosity to figure everything out, MacBride views the art of illusion as a type of engineering all its own: Jeffrey MacBride has established himself as a professional in the field of engineering.

Jeffrey MacBride
3 Most Popular Engineering Degrees

If you are thinking about going to college, choosing a major is a huge decision. You want to make sure that the money you spend is worth the investment, and that you have a career you are passionate about. Engineering is a great major if you are passionate about solving the problems of the world....

Jeffrey MacBride
Tips For Managing Stakeholder Expectations in Projects

In project management, successfully managing stakeholder expectations is crucial for project success. This blog post offers valuable tips and strategies to help project managers effectively handle stakeholder expectations and enhance project outcomes. 5 Tips for Managing Stakeholder Expectations Identify and Prioritize Stakeholders Begin by identifying all project stakeholders, both internal and external.

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Jeffrey MacBride PMP CSM to Feature Systems Engineering News

Jeffrey MacBride PHILADELPHIA, PA, May 3, 2023 /PRSearchEngine/ - Jeffrey MacBride PMP CSM, an experienced Systems Engineer and the Founder & President of Fractional PM LLC, is pleased to announce the debut of a series highlighting current events and news across the industry. MacBride is set to feature current trends in software, as he...