Jayson Kleinman

Project Manager, RNDR

United States

An East Coast writer currently living in Los Angeles, my work focuses mostly on the history of media and its impact on modern culture, as well as touching on sports coverage and creative writing. I've produced essays, poetry, blogs, articles and any copy you can think of. If I haven't written it yet then I can't wait to try it.

Currently serving as the project manager and communications lead for RNDR, a multi-media cryptocurrency project.



Flare Journal
Matthew 8:15 Hollywood

Short creative prose piece describing a religious experience on the Hollywood subway line


Rendertoken (RNDR)
RNDR Knowledge Base

RNDR is a high-performance distributed GPU rendering network that leverages industry-leading software to facilitate a compute marketplace between GPU Providers and GPU Requestors, all built on top of the Ethereum blockchain.

RNDR introduces Layer 2 Scaling solution with Polygon (Matic)

Today we are excited to announce that RNDR has implemented a Layer 2 scaling solution designed to reduce transaction costs and time down to a fraction of their current states, and reduce the environmental impact of operating within the ETH ecosystem, transitioning RNDR transactions from a high impact Proof-of-Work model to a lower energy intensive Proof-of-Stake system.

RNDR Dev. Diary: Building the Layer 2 Solution

Since DeFi Summer came and refused to leave, turning into DeFi Winter and soon to be DeFi Spring, Ethereum has seen droves of projects flocking to link with their chain, prices soaring with every new DApp hit.


Daily Knicks
New York Knicks: What is Ignas Brazdeikis' future?

Ignas Brazdeikis debuted for the 2019-2020 New York Knicks during garbage time of a blowout loss to the Sacramento Kings. In four minutes of play he finished with four points, going 1-2 from the field, missing his only three-pointer and hitting both of his free throws after a late game foul.