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Music writer raised on disco and 90's hip hop, constantly in search of beats that knock. Life-long pop and hip hop devotee. Dedicated to covering new music from local to global artists.

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Sound of Boston - Concert Promos
On The Town: Billie Eilish at TD Garden

Billie Eilish, the preternatural pop god from LA, is rocketing off her recent sweep of the Grammys to the TD Garden on March 19th for a red-letter stop on her Where Do We Go? World Tour. Eilish has come a long way from the 14-year-old dancer who uploaded the lovelorn hit ballad “Ocean Eyes” to Soundcloud from her bedroom...

Sound of Boston - Concert Reviews
Stars and Spirits: Khalid at TD Garden

The newly minted king of music streaming, Khalid brought his R&B chill and dressed-down dorm vibes to TD Garden, laying down 32 tracks to promote his second full length album, Free Spirit. In front of a Tasty Burger outside TD Garden, a young fan says, "I only listen to hip hop, but...

NPR Boston, WGBH
NPR Mass Mix - Songs Of Protest: Meek Mill

A booming protest anthem just dropped from A-list rap scion and criminal justice reform advocate, Meek Mill. “Otherside of America” uses a heartsick violin melody and a delayed, hard-hitting trap beat that feels like a cannon blast to drive momentum and propel the voices of the Black Lives Matter movement...

Sound of Boston - Concert Reviews
A Heart to Break: Kim Petras at The Sinclair

Unapologetic pop star Kim Petras gave a glittered Sinclair audience infectious electro-pop dance beats and soaring vocals about boys, clothes, cars, and drugs on her sold-out headlining "Broken" Tour. "949-331-0609...call me up...for a good time!" announced happily hedonistic pop star Kim Petras as the ticking high-hats and breezy keyboards rang through, "Got My Number" a ...

Sound of Boston - Concert Reviews
A House Party Get-down at The Sinclair: The Knocks

Pumping out summertime kickback jams with hip-hop heart and a disco shine, The Knocks thawed out an icy cold Boston crowd into a college house party sweat. In an homage to their breakout album, '55, fans wearing black satin bomber jackets were out in force, forming glossy silhouettes against the Sinclair's vintage brick walls.

Fuegoveli - Boston Hassle Video Interview | BOSTON HASSLE

Hope springs eternal from the next generation of Boston hip hop artists. Between his summer release of the nostalgia-fueled rap EP, Camp Wildfire, and his recent full-length album, Don't Try This At Home, local emcee, producer, and visual artist, Fuegoveli has given rap fans a reason to be optimistic for the future of the Boston hip hop scene.

Sound of Boston - Boston Music Blog
Boston Calling 2022: Selected Sounds

Oompa @ 1:45 PM, Sunday on the Red Stage. ---- To be in the audience and feel the heat against your skin from Oompa’s lyrical flamethrowing is a sensation every hip hop fan should get to experience. One of the cornerstones of Boston’s recent hip hop renaissance, Roxbury-born rapper and slam poetry champion, Oompa, has been driving local rap culture forward since...

Sound of Boston - Boston Music Blog
Best of Boston Music: The Top Local Albums of 2021

#4. Oompa, "Unbothered." A lyrical flamethrower by trade, Roxbury-born rapper and slam poetry champion Oompa broadens her scope with layers of new pop sensibilities on her third studio album, Unbothered. Laying down fresh R&B vocals on the cook-out park-jam, “Go” Oompa has leveled up this year, as noted with recent plugs from industry kingmakers, Snoop Dogg and Def Jam Records.

Sound of Boston - Concert Reviews
The Return: Mos Def and Talib Kweli are Black Star

Two of Brooklyn's finest emcees, Mos Def (now Yasiin Bey) and Talib Kweli reunited as the prolific Black Star, backed up by DJ Hi-Tek for a night of pure, uncut hip hop at Boston's newest music venue. You could still smell the fresh paint as you walked up the plush and not-yet-beer-soaked carpet entering Boston's ...

Video Interview: BOSTON HASSLE & Billy Dean Thomas

With coverage across mediums from WBUR, WGBH to ABC’s The View, Thomas was named one of Boston Globe Magazine’s Most Fashionable Bostonians. Now the fashion, music and culture icon is sitting down with hip hop writer Jared Steinberg from Boston Hassle to talk about why it's great to be an artist in Boston...

Sound of Boston - Boston Music Blog
On the town - Lizzo at Agganis Arena

Lizzo is feeling “Good As Hell” as she comes off her performance at Coachella and brings the “Juice” to Agganis Arena on September 17th for a highly-coveted stop on her Cuz I Love You Too Tour. Hailed as a body-positive, feminist trail-blazer, the 31 year-old pop sensation’s witty dance anthems have pushed her first major-label album...

NPR WGBH, Boston
NPR Mass Mix: Artists Boston Has On Heavy Rotation

New year; new beginnings. For our first Mass Mix of 2021, we asked our contributors to reflect on the meaning of a new year and tell us what they've been listening to on repeat. Here's what they said. Squirrel Flower has blossomed into a standout vocalist in the Boston music scene.

The Common Thread Podcast: Boston University - Howard Thurman Center
Ep. 15: Hip Hop After the Trap Era

Trap music has become one of the most popular subgenres of hip hop and one of the most pervasive production styles across all genres of music but what will come after? To discuss some of the candidates for hip hop’s next big sound, we sat down with music writer Jared Steinberg from the Sound of Boston music blog.

Sound of Boston - Boston Music Blog
Listen Local: 5 Hip Hop Tracks you need to hear in February

Only one month into 2021 and we're still riding the highs of the releases selected for this month's Listen Local: Hip Hop Edition. Approaching adversities with confidence and resilience, each track dives into themes of rebirth and restitution that echo in the bold production.

Sound of Boston - Boston Music Blog
Best of Boston Music: The Top Local Albums of 2020

From the breakout albums by Anjimile and Squirrel Flower, who both made big waves beyond Boston, to the EP gems by acts like Alexander and a fantastic Cliff Notez and Dephrase collaboration, here are our favorites of 2020.

Sound of Boston - Boston Music Blog
Listen Local: 5 Hip Hop Tracks you need to hear in August

It never seemed like this day would come but here we are: Boston's hip hop artists have finally emerged from studio quarantine with live rhymes and beats booming once again. A largely vaccinated city is giving way to live shows returning (including one of our own) and a string of searing new releases setting the stage for a red-hot summer in a reanimated society.

Sound of Boston - Boston Music Blog
Bandcamp Friday: Support Local Artists 2 - Writers Pics

Since last year, Bandcamp has waived the normal fee they collect from purchases on their platform on the first Friday of every month. Instead, they pass those proceeds directly along to artists. Fans have since purchased more than $48 million dollars worth of music and merch on Bandcamp Fridays.

Sound of Boston - Boston Music Blog
Listen Local: 5 Hip Hop Tracks you need to hear in April

Hope springs eternal as Boston enters the April thaw. With the visual pop of bright green shoots now gathering in the city's dusky flowerbeds, it's hard to ignore the feeling that new life might be waiting for us around the corner.

Sound of Boston - Boston Music Blog
On the Town: Carly Rae Jepsen at House of Blues

Carly Rae Jepsen has come a long way from the catchy simplicity of 2012’s thunderous pop bombshell, “Call Me Maybe,” and if you’re looking for an excuse to sweat it out on a summer night in the city, look no further than her show on July 16th at House of Blues. Her newest album, Dedicated, is peppered with funky synth...

Sound of Boston - Concert Reviews
Channeling The Universe: Maggie Rogers at The Wang Theater

Once-in-a-generation pop innovator Maggie Rogers pumped out magnetic energy through her unique electro-folk melodies, intense dance moves and rare stage presence that entranced audiences at the Wang Theater. Maggie Rogers' show opened with ethereal lighting on a white canvas draped in front of her band, illuminating her caped silhouette.

Boston Hassle's Top Local Music of 2020

2020 was, by all accounts, a difficult year. As we fully fledge ourselves into the future, our world continues to suffer from a microscopic force and macroscopic corruption. Lives are still being lost, politicians are still trying to save face, and the clouds still grow grayer. Through this arduous mess, music is still what binds us together.

Video Interview: Cliff Notez in Quarantine

Rapper, writer, and Boston Magazine's 66th most-influential Bostonian, Cliff Notez, sits down with hip hop writer Jared Steinberg from Boston Hassle to talk about what he's been up to in quarantine, why he started the thriving art collective, Hipstory and his long-term investment in the Boston artist community.

Sound of Boston - Boston Music Blog
The Lost Art of the Album with Lewis M.

Local hip-hop producer, rapper, and beat-making professor at MassArt Lewis M. talks about the art of the album, the future of hip-hop, and his latest record, Don't Be Nice. "Hip-hop is different from any other genre because of its regional sound of influence...nothing has changed as much as hip-hop has,"

Video Interview: BOSTON HASSLE & Red Shaydez

Since her latest album, Feel the Aura dropped in late July, master-craft emcee, Red Shaydez has been having a banner year musically, picking up mentions and features in major publications like The Globe and WBUR and all the way to UPROXX and the UK's POP Times. Now the thermogenic local icon, Red Shaydez is sitting down with hip hop writer Jared Steinberg from Boston Hassle...

Vibe Addict - New Music Blog
Throwback Thursday: Fresh Prince & DJ Jazzy Jeff - Summertime

“The temperature’s about 88, hop in the water-plug just for old times sake / break to your crib, change your clothes once more cuz you’re invited to a BBQ that’s startin’ at 4:00” Yo Vibeaddicts! To kick off the official start of summer...

Sound of Boston - Boston Music Blog
Listen Local: 5 Hip Hop Songs you need to hear in November

The masterful tracks for this month deliver meaningful messages through hip hop's ever-thriving spirit, bringing Boston hip-hop to new levels of artistic achievement. In this latest edition of Listen Local: Hip Hop Edition, our artists stir the souls of Boston listeners with messages of hope, injustice, and confidence told through original beats and bars.

Sound of Boston - Boston Music Blog
On The Town - Snoop Dogg at House of Blues

Very few artists are beyond the term “relevant” to reach legend status, but Snoop Dogg isn’t just a legend, he’s forever. One of the driving forces behind hip hop’s official cross-over into the mainstream on Dr. Dre’s 1992 classic of classics, The Chronic, Snoop Dogg has become one of (if not) the most famous rappers of all time

Vibe Addict - New Music Blog
Throwback Thursday: 2Pac- Picture Me Rollin

We’re throwin’ back this Thursday with a classic 2Pac banger, “Picture Me Rollin” off his off fourth studio album, All Eyez on Me. The smoothed out melodic beat on this track makes you feel like he’s right there next you cruising around on a warm summer day in a drop-top Benz

Vibe Addict - New Music Blog
Throwback Thursday: The Roots ft. Common - Act Too (Love of My Life)

“Sometimes I wouldn’t have made if it wasn’t for you…Hip Hop, you the love of my life.” This week we’re spinning one of the most beautifully detailed ode’s to hip hop ever made, ”Act too (Love of my Life)” by The Roots ft. Common, off their monumental album, Things Fall Apart.

Sound of Boston - Boston Music Blog
On The Town: Rapsody at the Sinclair

Now a part of the elite ranks of the rap game, North Carolina-born emcee Rapsody has earned Grammy nominations, five trips to the White House, and a deal with Jay Z’s Roc Nation. Her years of grinding in the studio has paid off: as President of Motown Records Ethiopia Habtemariam mentions in the Netflix Series...

Sound of Boston - Boston Music Blog
Bandcamp Friday: Support Local Artists - Sound of Boston Writers Picks

Since March, Bandcamp has waived the normal fee they collect from purchases on their platform on the first Friday of every month. Instead, they pass those proceeds directly along to artists. Since then, fans have purchased more than $75 million dollars worth of music and merch on Bandcamp Friday.

Sound of Boston - Boston Music Blog
On the Town: J. Cole at TD Garden

Unapologetically hip hop, J.Cole is an artist who built his impressive following by focusing on the musical foundations of rap — beats, rhymes, and honesty. Describing his true ambition to “write the songs that raise the hair on my arms,” Cole carries on the traditions laid by Public Enemy, Nas, and Tupac, using his music to document and dissect...

NPR WGBH, Boston
NPR Mass Mix - Local Artists Boston Has On Heavy Rotation

As we say goodbye to an unusual summer, musical artists are still mostly working in isolation, which is sparking new ways of creating and sharing music. For this edition of Mass Mix, we asked our contributors to share a song by a local artist that they've been listening to on repeat.

Sound of Boston - Boston Music Blog
Bars Only: Logic at Boston Calling

Logic is bars-only. Rarely does a rapper come along that’s as dedicated as Logic to the art and craft of rhyming acrobatics. With a career that’s progressing as fast as his machine-gun flows, Logic’s undeniable talent has attracted rap royalty like Eminem, G-Eazy, Big Sean, and Wiz Khalifa, who all compete for highly coveted feature spots on his prolific albums...

Video Interview: Tashawn Taylor & Jared Steinberg

Tashawn Taylor, the young rap scion from Cambridge sits down with hip hop writer Jared Steinberg from Boston Hassle to chat about the state of the music, his history in the city, and the real life battle for his neighborhood that inspired his latest heartfelt jam, "Don't Take It From Me."

Sound of Boston - Boston Music Blog
On the Town: YBN Cordea at Agganis Arena

YBN Cordae gets it. At just 22 he’s playing a key role in helping hip hop find itself in 2019—an otherwise confusing time for hip hop heads. There is a battle for direction of the genre, waged between the “old heads” who put crisp, soulful beats, and clever rhyming above all else (see J. Cole), and the newer, trap-inspired, Soundcloud generation of rap artists (see Lil Pump) attaining worldwide success...

Sound of Boston - Boston Music Blog
Selected Sounds: 5 Shows To Catch In August - Khalid at TD Garden

If you haven't experienced a Berklee Summer in the City concert yet, now's the time. Our team highlights one of the upcoming (free) concerts, as well as a handful of other shows around town that we've been looking forward to. Mark your calendars, buy your tickets, and see you there!

Vibe Addict - New Music Blog
Maybach Music Drop: Wale ft. Jeremih & Rick Ross - That Way

Maybach Music Group’s first compilation, Self Made is set to drop tomorrow (May 23). “That Way” is a hidden gem that puts out a different sound than the rest of the album. Producer Lex Luger puts down a smooth & soulful underlying beats while Wale leads with sensual lyrics. Rick Ross’ rough edges in the third act adds the perfect depth

Vibe Addict - New Music Blog
Throwback Thursday: Large Professor - I Juswannachill

“...And YES, I make the beats ya can feel in ya chest!” Large Professor is indeed throwin' it back for us this Thursday for us with his classic banger, "iJusWannaChill" off the highly anticipated but much delayed album, THE LP.

Sound of Boston - Boston Music Blog
On the Town - Lake Street Dive at Wang Theater

If you’re looking for a way around the New Year’s Eve $100 bar covers and champagne-fueled bar-fights, look no further than the classy as f&#k, Lake Street Dive at The Wang Theater. This group of hip-swaying, Motown-infused soul singers actually formed at Berklee...

Vibe Addict - New Music Blog
Throwback Thursday: 2Pac - Pain

"Pain" was the first song Tupac recorded under Death Row, which made it to the B-side of the cassette and vinyl copy of the “Above the Rim” soundtrack but kept off the CD release of the album. It has a classic Tupac sound with deep introspective lyrics mixed over beautifully syncopated rhymes and hard hitting beats...

NPR Boston, WGBH
WGBH Mass Mix - Artists Boston Has On Heavy Rotation for Fall: Clairo

There's no better time than fall in Boston. But what does this time of year sound like? This month, our Mass Mix contributors answer that question with songs that celebrate local music, Hispanic Heritage Month, and the spirit of the season. Here's what songs local luminaries have been playing on repeat.

Sound of Boston - Boston Music Blog
Anna of the North at Brighton Music Hall

Scandinavian songstress and whimsical pop dreamweaver, Anna of the North, was in a state of blissful perma bounce when she brought her confessional, electrified powerpop to fans at Brighton Music Hall to promote her new album, Dream Girl.

Sound of Boston - Boston Music Blog
Listen Local: 5 Hip Hop Tracks To Listen To At Home

Boston's hip-hop scene has been steadily on the rise, as producers and lyricists continue to drop bars and beats that compete at the highest levels. We're back to give the recognition that these artists deserve with five tracks that showcase the talent that this city has to offer and to fill you in on the ...

Vibe Addict - New Music Blog
Throwback Thursday: Ahmad - Back in The Day

“And everybody say, I REMEMBER WAY BACK WHEN!” This Thursday we’re giving you one of the tightest beats laid down over perhaps the clearest picture ever painted in hip hop – ”Back in the Day” by Ahmad, an unfortunate one-hit wonder gave us some food for our soul with this classic cut

Sound of Boston - Annual Top Albums List
Boston's Best Local Albums Of 2019

As the new year begins, we look back to the local albums that captured us in 2019. Across all the records we see some shared themes cropped up: cries of despair paired with glimmers of hope, truly open and honest narration, and serious self-reflection. Here are some of our team's favorites, in alphabetical order: Cliff ...

Sound of Boston - Boston Music Blog
On the town: A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie at House of Blues

“I go by the name of A-Boogie and I’m from Highbridge, the Bronx…where it all goes down.” A-Boogie wit da Hoodie is a new-school rapper that came up in New York City’s defiantly old-school hip-hop culture, where artists still pound the pavement to hand out CD’s and Hot 97 radio DJ’s still have the power to break artists.

Sound of Boston, Columns, Local Top 5
Listen local: 5 More Hip-Hop Tracks You Need

Boston's hip-hop scene has been steadily on the rise, as producers and lyricists release quality content on the regular. To give the recognition that these artists deserve, we're back with five tracks that showcase the talent that this city has to offer and fill you in on the songs that deserve a spot in your ...

Artist Interview: The realness from Lewis M.

"It's the realness that makes hip hop", Lewis told me when I found him deep within the maze-like halls of Mass College of Art. A musical successor to DJ Premiere, Lewis M. brings a gritty, hard-hitting sound that simultaneously comforts you with a soulful backdrop of classical strings, horns, and flowing female vocals.

Sound of Boston - Concert Reviews
Lighting a Disco Inferno: Hayden James at Sonia

Australian electro wizard Hayden James ratcheted up the energy at Sonia to a literal breaking point. A disco ball spun slowly from the rafters, shining purple beams onto a glittering sea of smiling, starry-eyed partygoers when Hayden James, the DJ/conductor of the evening, took the Sonia stage by surprise to help the opening act, Cakewalk, ...

Sound of Boston - Boston Music Blog
On the Town: BJ the Chicago Kid at Great Scott

BJ the Chicago Kid is bringing the soul from Chicago’s South Side to Allston to promote his latest album, 1123. BJ serves up a blend of vintage and modern R&B with a laid-back hip hop sensibility. Born to church choir directors, Bryan James Sledge follows in a long tradition of legendary Chicago soul music dignitaries: Curtis Mayfield, Earth, Wind & Fire, Kanye and Chance...

Sound of Boston - Concert Reviews
The Groove Cyclone: Youngr Whips Sonia

Global indie-pop sensation and one-man band, Youngr whipped the Sonia crowd into a frenzy as he built his electro-fire beats and silky smooth hooks from scratch. A 360-degree fortress built of interlaced keyboards, mixers, guitars, and drums stood on an empty stage around a lonely, black leather stool. Youngr looked like a rock star from a time gone by, a snake-hipped, British rocker...

Video Interview: Oompa Talks About Her New Record, 'Cleo'

Boston Music Award winner and lyrical fire breather, Oompa, sits down with hip hop writer Jared Steinberg from Boston Hassle to chat about her new record, 'Cleo' , which drops August 10th. Oompa goes in depth about the concept behind the record, her blossoming rap career, and when she first fell in love with hip hop.

Vibe Addict - New Music Blog
Throwback Thursday: City High ft. Eve - Caramel

“You can say I’m plain Jane, but it’s not the same / I ain’t into big names, but I like nice things” Such classic lyrics from a song few of us probably have on our iPod’s, but one all of us remember when you hear that delicious hook.

Sound of Boston - Concert Reviews
Jazzy Beats and Real Talk: Mick Jenkins at Middle East

Chicago rap sensation Mick Jenkins gave hip-hop heads at the sold-out Middle East show something heavy but sweet to work with. Wu-Tang and Biggie were playing as low-lying smoke clouds filled air, bouncing off the shallow, Middle East ceiling as hip-hop fans were eagerly awaiting their headliner.

Sound of Boston - Concert Reviews
Lasers and Mojo: Ghostland Observatory at The Paradise

Ghostland Observatory took The Paradise crowd on a laser-fueled journey into outer space with Aaron Behrens at the helm, dancing his way through the cosmos. In the dark halls of The Paradise Rock Club, fans stood around comparing how many times they'd seen the band, hastily cracking glow sticks.

NPR Boston, WGBH
WGBH Mass Mix - Artists Boston Has On Heavy Rotation: Cliff Notez

Every month we're talking to local music luminaries about what music they just can't get out of their heads. This mix is a diverse collection of hip hop, Latino punk, folk anthems, and even a little Reggaeton — some familiar names and some we are excited to introduce.

Sound of Boston - Boston Music Blog
On the Town: Jedi Mind Tricks at The Paradise

Jedi Mind Tricks has steadily maintained their place in hip hop history as one of the most influential underground artists of all time, part of a balanced breakfast for dedicated hip hop fans. With deadly, soul-piercing rhymes produced purely for the love of music...

BOSTON HASSLE - Concert Reviews
Went There: Oompa & STL GLD @ The Oberon

Oompa is a master of ceremonies during her live shows, providing the audience with the full gamut of her experiences, directing the audience from one song to the next, while hitting heavy poetic rhymes. Oompa entered the Oberon stage on August 3rd rocking a bright yellow jacket, stone-washed jean shorts, white-on-whites, and horn-rimmed glasses.

Sound of Boston - Concert Reviews
Boston Calling: Boston Answering at The Strand

Local music takes a stand at Boston Answering, a one-night hip hop-centric artist showcase for Boston residents and a shot across the bow at Boston Calling. When you walk into the lobby of historic Strand Theater in Dorchester, you can almost hear stories emanating from the gold leaf paint-trimmed walls.

Sound of Boston - Concert Reviews
Hip-Hop and Haute Couture: Billy Dean Thomas at The MFA

Rapper and style icon Billy Dean Thomas uses beats and fashion to bring cultures together for a massive late-night party at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. Sneakerheads in rare blue and orange Nike Air Max trainers and matching track jackets stood shoulder to shoulder with runway accoutered fashionistas rocking 10-inch black leather heels, structured ...

Sound of Boston - Boston Music Blog
Album Review: Bando Wave by LouBands

LouBands brings the unwavering hip hop hustle, hunger, and entrepreneurial spirit to his latest album, Bando Wave. Boston-based rapper LouBands is wasting no time making a name for himself. He started rapping only two years ago, but has already attracted the creative support of Young Jeezy's producer, John Scott, to drop his latest album, Bando ...

An interview w/ Billy Dean Thomas & review of their Rocky Barboa EP

"Don't need no watch for me to tell you what time it is!" Billy Dean Thomas drops lyrical gems with their latest EP, Rocky Barboa. Packed with multilayered metaphors and deeply creative wordplay, the EP has the kinds of beefy rhymes that hip hop heads can chew on for years.

Video Premiere: Benji III - Crude

If you're lookin' for fresh beats and spooky, tripped out effects to amp up your Halloween, check out Benji III's video for...

Sound of Boston - Boston Music Blog
Album Review: November 3rd by Oompa

Oompa recalls hip hop's true spirit on November 3rd with beats you can feel, soul-driven melodies, and skillful wordplay of painfully honest experiences. November 3rd is local artist Oompa's debut album-a deeply confessional collection of songs over smooth soul beats. Through deadly rhymes Oompa tells honest stories of her day-to-day realities: grief, depression, discrimination, and self-sabotage.

Sound of Boston - Boston Music Blog
Album Review: Civilization by Sweeps

On his latest album, Civilization, local artist Sweeps explores time travel with hip-hop as his copilot. Packed with jazz-laced melodic rap beats and sci-fi thematics, local hip-hop producer Sweeps launches listeners through time and space with his latest album, Civilization. Blending 90s era hip-hop beats and 70s funk soul samples, Sweeps connects the past, present, ...

Sound of Boston - Boston Music Blog
EP Premiere: Sell My Soul by Rhoadse

Inspired by the glittered pop-mania eruption of the early 2000's, when high-gloss teen bop talents like Britney Spears ruled with undeniable catchiness and memorable dance moves, self-described "pop prince(ss)" Rhoadse brings us his TRL-inspired EP. Sell My Soul is a sampler platter for pop-hungry listeners, offering a variety of flavors from all-night dance bangers, to ...

Sound of Boston - Boston Music Blog
Album Premiere: Bl4ckPack by AZA

On his third album, Boston-based rapper AZA offers a bridge for social dialogue and brings listeners "only good karma" In a return to the conscious rap era of the 90s where artists like De La Soul and A Tribe Called Quest were front and center, AZA shares his unique perspective on social bias and his ...