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Writer and Editor

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I help with brand recognition to reach target audiences through compelling content.

As an undergraduate who studied business analytics in Silicon Valley, I networked with Entrepreneurs, Marketers, and Tech Enthusiasts. My work reflects my knowledge in all these topics, and as an advocate for women's empowerment, I also write interview-based articles on women in leadership.

I am currently an editor for The Female Hustlers- a brand that empowers women to reach their goals by providing encouraging and practical content.

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Below are selected samples of my work

5 Networking Tips- Quarantine Style

While large networking events and career fairs have been at a halt since quarantine started, it has freed up a lot of people's time, so they are more willing to chat. Setting up one on one meetings with people you admire is feasible if you genuinely show interest in their work.

The Modern Professional Woman

Women leading the way in today's corporate world, are more willing to take risks and learn as they go. As she takes these new leaps of faith, she is breaking the mold and setting a new precedent for other women in the workforce.

Top 3 Self-Care Strategies

Self-care is about doing something that will make you feel better; It is doing something that will make you smile/laugh. It is about pouring into your cup and filling your own cup with love, reassurance, positivity, affection, and so much more.

Why you Need to Start Investing your Money

Inflation is the overall increase of consumer goods prices and fall in the purchasing value of money. This means that every year that your money sits around in a savings account it's actually losing purchasing power because the cost of living is increasing. By investing, you are maintaining your money's value against inflation.

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Interview with Heather Hatlo Porter-Chief Communications Officer at Chegg

Heather is the Chief Communications Officer of Chegg, an ed-tech company transforming the way students learn by reconnecting the link between learning and earning. At Chegg, she oversees both internal and external communications, policy and advocacy work, and the company's philanthropic endeavors.

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Interview With Jennifer Deangelis-Chief Executive Officer of SuiteSocial

Jennifer is the CEO of SuiteSocial, a Saas company, focused on making the next generation of workers in the passion economy a happy and profitable workforce. Additionally, she creates content on her social media platforms, and most recently, her podcast ("All Things Jen").

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