Jamie Simmons

CEO at Covantex, Serial Entrepreneur

United States

Jamie Simmons holds extensive experience in entrepreneurship and engineering maintaining a variety of leadership roles throughout his career. Currently he is the CEO of eHealth Platform Covantex.

Jamie Simmons
Penn State's E-SHIP offers students valuable ENtern opportunities

In Jamie Simmons's professional opinion, there is no more effective way to learn than through hands-on experience. Penn State happens to share that vision. The entrepreneurial-centric engineer features the University's unique engineering entrepreneurship program: Penn State's Engineering Entrepreneurship Program (E-SHIP) is offering students a unique opportunity to connect with tech-based startups.

Jamie Simmons
Top 3 European Universities for Entrepreneurship

Interested in learning business abroad? Here are three European universities that Jamie Simmons recommends to aspiring entrepreneurs: Studying business abroad can be incredibly beneficial for entrepreneurs. Learning about business from an international perspective often enriches an entrepreneur's perspective and professional philosophy. After all, entrepreneurship is a global game - so why not keep pace with...

Jamie Simmons
Duke University Unveils Center for Engineering Entrepreneurship

At Duke University, innovation is something that students both study and strive for. With the development of Duke's brand new engineering building, that innovation may start to boom right on campus. Engineer and Entrepreneur, Jamie Simmons shares the update: During the Spring 2021 semester, Duke University will officially open the doors of the Wilkinson Building.

Jamie Simmons
Learn the Basics of Electrical Engineering

What if I told you that for just $60, you could learn the basics of Electrical Engineering? Well, it's true -- but only for a limited time, thanks to the Electrical & Circuits Engineering Certification Bundle from Mashable. URI alum and Electrical Engineer, Jamie Simmons dives into what a $60 value means !

Jamie Simmons
Oregon Youth Sailing Foundation Short Film Contest

Are you a young sailor or sailing enthusiast with a passion for film? The Oregon Youth Sailing Foundation is hosting their Second Annual Sailing Short Film Competition! The cash prize may even assist in expanding your sailing adventures! For decades, Jamie Simmons has been an avid adventurer.

Jamie Simmons
Electrical Engineering program regains top ranking status

If you're on the hunt for the Electrical Engineering program that's right for you, Jamie Simmons encourages you to give Texas A&M some consideration. But, there's a twist, which just might seal the deal for some prospective students! Are you committed to pursuing a career in the Electrical Engineering field?

Jamie Simmons
URI to Close W. Alton Jones Campus

Citing financial hardship over the past several years, the University of Rhode Island has made the difficult decision to close W. Alton Jones Campus in West Greenwich, Rhode Island. Since 1965, W. Alton Jones Campus has been home to the University of Rhode Island's Environmental Education Center.

Jamie Simmons
Lake George Steamboats Operational for Summer 2020

If you've missed the historic steamboats of Lake George, New York -- you're in luck! Despite a shaky start brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Lake George Steamboat Company's historic trio are back in the water for tourists and locals alike to enjoy! As of June 11, 2020, the Lake George Steamboat Company is...

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Jamie Simmons

Since the start of his career over three decades ago, Jamie Simmons has leaned towards the innovative. Hardwired for the world of technology, his foundation in electrical engineering quickly directed him to high tech ventures. Along the way, he's evolved his skills and knowledge to keep pace with the ever changing tech industry.

Jamie Simmons

From the get-go, Jamie Simmons was ready for a challenge. When he enrolled at the University of Rhode Island's College of Engineering, Simmons was eager to start his career. Dedicated to the cause, he compressed a three year Electrical Engineering program into just two years.