James Hendicott

Freelance Journalist

I am a specialist in music, sport and travel writing, published in a host of national publications. I work regular shifts for NME and the Dublin Gazette, and contribute to the Sunday Business Post, The Irish Independent, The Irish Sun, The Technoskeptic and a number of government tourism agencies. I also work as print editor for quarterly music publication GoldenPlec Magazine.




Anarchy in the EU: Johnny Rotten Explores 50 Years of Punk and Politics

“Anger did great things for me, though. It helped me find myself when I was young. I’ve never seen it as a route to violence. I’ve found it route one to intelligent thinking.”


Illicit Texts: North Korea's View on History Explored through Smuggled Books

The North Korean state puts together books in English, detailing their own views on 20th Century history. Written from a Juche viewpoint, they're sold to tourists in the...


Colours of Ostrava: the Czech festival's post-apocalyptic setting is the star of the weekend - NME

Ostrava, we're told shortly after landing in the Czech Republic's third city, is a lot like Sheffield. It's not an analogy that holds up to too much scrutiny. The Czech city's...

Nine MSN

A guide to Budapest's brilliant baths - 9Travel

The idea of Budapest as a city of spas is an ancient one. The culture has been carefully guarded by the cit...


'This Is A Reignition' - At The Drive-In's Fiery European Tour Return Reviewed | NME.COM

Four days before At The Drive-In kicked off their fledgling reunion in Los Angeles, founder member and near ever-present Jim Ward - who hadn't been informed of new dates at the...

The Technoskeptic

Borrowed Time: Musical Debt in the Sampling Era

Recently, a British DJ named Martyn Webster concluded a crowdfunding campaign that saw him hand over £24,000 ($36,500) to Richard L. Spencer, vocalist and last surviving member...

James Hendicott

Myths, Wine, Hiking and Dramatic Industrial Wastelands: Why the Czech Republic's East Beats...

THERE'S A LONG-standing joke in the Czech Republic's second city Brno. "We know wine," they say. "We keep the best wine for ourselves. The mediocre stuff we sell to tourists,...

Nine MSN

From mud baths to swimsuit ice fishing, Korea's cultural festivals covered

To newcomers, Korean culture can seem incredibly alien. While it can feel like shining neon futurescapes, historic references lay heavily across the landscape, manifesting in...


Crate-digging: Where To Explore Dublin's Vinyl Revival - Europavox

Matching a wider global trend, vinyl here is very much on the rise. Record Store Day, for example, has become a Dublin music fan's Christmas, with queues outside stores for...


An afternoon inside Dublin's anarchist squat

"People unknown. We'll be back." That marker went up a year ago, pinned between the heavily-barred warehouses on Lower Grangegorman Road. Now, as promised, squatters have...


From stats to monitoring sleep: How Dublin are preparing for the All-Ireland final

Underrated, relatively cynicism-free and fast-moving: if the key stakeholders around Dublin's camp are to be believed, ladies' football is at an all time high, and one that's...


Unexpected Darkness: An Interview with Cat Hogan

An encounter with Wexford author Cat Hogan about her two bestselling novels, and their grounding in a literary-loving upbringing, small Irish towns, and the sea.


Hopes, Hollas and Heartache: The Essence of Euro 2016 in Song

"What could offer a greater statement of footballing unity than a Northern Irish band waiting to celebrate their team's first tournament appearance in their lifetime, singing...


Where to try the modern Irish cuisine making waves in Dublin

Tomes have been written on what Dublin does well. It's noticeable, though, that traditional Irish pub grub ra...

The Technoskeptic

As Ad Blockers Rise, Online Journalism Falls

If you use ad-blocking software, those bits of code that prevent advertisements from appearing on your browser as you surf the web, you're stealing. Not in the same sense as...

Nine MSN

The only bar in the world where you can try a one-of-a-kind pint of Guinness

Guinness have long-owned Dublin's most popular tourist attraction. The glistening, pint-shaped museum and sky...

Nine MSN

Serenity and the city: Taipei's sleepy tea town

Despite its towering and slightly indistinct skyline, Taiwanese capital Taipei does city life differently. It...


Dublin: A history through 10 peculiar objects

From masonry and political documents to abstract art and gas masks, the Little Museum's archives can be both upsetting and humorous as they sketch a snaking line through the...

Nine MSN

Beyond barbecue and kimchi: Korean food's weirdest must-haves

Korean food, generally speaking, is incredible. Diverse, often spicy, served in exotic styles and with the added bonus of being healthy and cheap. South Koreans eat out more...


At The Drive-In's 10 Best Songs | NME.COM

Arguably the stand out post-hardcore band (yes, ever), the occasional return of At The Drive-In from newfound roles revives a real whirlwind of turn of the century anger and...