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VICE - 'People's Lives Are at Stake': Sex Workers Went on Strike This Weekend

On International Women's Day 2020, sex workers and allies gathered in Soho to protest for decriminalisation. In today's world of corporate feminism and #girlboss tees, it's easy to lose sight of what International Women's Day actually represents. That was not the case in Soho on Sunday, where the streets were filled with pissed-off sex workers on strike.

The Future of Porn Is on Indie Social Media

New platforms are providing creators with a chance to bypass pirate sites and platform rules, and connect directly with users A common criticism of mainstream porn is that it's unrealistic. Detractors argue that everything from the clich├ęd storylines to the fake orgasms combine to create depictions of sex which are void of intimacy at best, and downright harmful at worst.

Why Do Fashion's #MeToo Moments Keep Getting Swept Under The Rug?

Earlier this month, US news site Vox attempted to collate the name of every influential person accused publicly of sexual misconduct over the last 18 months. The shockingly extensive list (which currently contains more than 250 names) includes everyone from business and media moguls, to academics, actors, and politicians - highlighting not only the extent of the problem, but also how power, wealth and influence is often weaponised to keep alleged victims silent.

ContraPoints Is the Opposite of the Internet

"The first time I used milk in a video was because I thought it looked like semen, and I thought that was funny," says Natalie Wynn, otherwise known as the American YouTuber, ContraPoints.

Gay Escorts Are Fighting Chemsex By Offering a 'Sober Sex' Service

Screen shot from the VICE documentary 'Chemsex'. Take a scroll through any gay escort site and you'll be amazed by the amount of services on offer. Scattered across the UK are thousands of men with detailed profiles explaining exactly what they will and won't do, from fisting and caning to striptease and cuddling.

the complicated politics of boycotting brunei

This week the world watched in fury as the Sultan of Brunei delivered on his 2013 promise to implement Sharia law. The legislation essentially legalises torture: thieves can have their limbs amputated, women can be flogged violently for terminating their pregnancy or killed for committing adultery, and LGBT people can be stoned to death for sodomy.

The Myth That PrEP Is Just For Gay Men is Hurting Women

Photo by Tatjana Zlatkovic via Stocksy In December 2016, NHS England finally agreed to meet the demands of activists nationwide and fund a large-scale trial of HIV prevention drug PrEP. The announcement marked a breakthrough; previously, anyone wanting to protect themselves from the virus had been forced to either clinic-hop or buy the pills online, often through unmoderated and potentially unsafe channels.

British Vogue
5 Years On From The Rana Plaza Collapse, How Much Has Actually Changed?

Five years ago, the bodies of 1,138 garment factory workers were found amongst the rubble of what was once a commercial complex in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The tragedy, enabled by political corruption and fuelled by corporate greed (three floors were illegally added), is the deadliest garment factory collapse in history, further injuring more than 2,000 workers, most of whom were women and children.

The vogueing, radical artist de-stigmatising HIV with self-portraiture

"I wanted to explore the idea of feeling like a monster, or a mutant." These are the words of Kia LaBeija, an interdisciplinary artist whose arresting self-portraits, formidable voguing skills, and affiliation with the legendary House of LaBeija make her one of the most fascinating visionaries in the art industry, period.

How Crowdfunding Became a Lifeline for the Trans Community

Screenshot via Crowdfunder In April 2017, Jules Guaitamacchi decided their gender dysphoria had become too crippling to cope with. Overwhelmed, they called a gender identity clinic only to be told that the waiting list had stretched to 16 months long. "I couldn't wait," they tell me, recalling a period of intense struggle with anxiety and depression.

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