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Jacy Topps is a journalist. You can find her byline in various publications including VICE, InStyle, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Oprah Magazine, Wine Enthusiast Magazine, Slate, and Business Insider. She has built her career as a journalist covering everything from wine and travel to race and mental health, to LGBTQ culture and relationships. Jacy's outstanding coverage of wine and food has won her a nomination for a Born Digital Wine Award. Her comprehensive coverage of mental health and race has been cited in "Microaggressions in Everyday Life: Second Edition," authored by Derald Wing Sue and Lisa Beth Spanierman. She has also interviewed a variety of celebrities, including Gloria Steinem, the Indigo Girls and Janet Mock.

In addition to reporting on the intersection of culture, news and feminism, Jacy is an experienced ghost and brand writer with clients ranging from nonprofits to celebrities. When she is not writing about food, mental health, fashion or feminism, she is searching for the best wine bar in the city or binging on Lifetime movies.


Relationships/Mental Health

The Complex Process of Grieving Your Abuser

Grief is already a complicated thing to experience, but what happens when the person you're grieving happens to be your abuser? Here, writer Jacy Topps explores what it feels like to negotiate feeling sad over the passing of someone who caused you harm.

"Just six months into our relationship we needed couples' counselling"

I was sitting on the sofa crying, when my partner Nikki came out of the bedroom. I thought the hour-long argument we'd been having about money was about to start up again. Instead, with her eyes filled with tears. "We should go to couples' counselling," she said.

Slate Magazine
For Many Queers, Coming Out Requires Going Out. But What if Chronic Illness Makes That Impossible?

Is Taking PrEP, the HIV-Preventing Pill, "On Demand" As Safe As Taking It Daily? On the Eve of the Black Party, Remembering What It Meant to Dance All Night in 1989 Anti-Trans Republicans Are Disguising Their Bigotry With Mock Concern Finding Femme: The Quiet Resistance of a Small-Town Stylist for Trans Women and Cross-Dressing Men You've probably heard of the idea of a queer "scene," perhaps most often from people who don't care for it.

I'm Choosing My Next Therapist by Race-Here's Why

"Black people don't do therapy; we go to church" is a statement I'd heard countless times in my community. We didn't discuss mental health so much in my family either. And when the concept of therapy did come up, it was doubly dismissed as a privilege purely for the rich, and something only white folks did.

Oprah Magazine
Why the Holidays Are Much Better Spent Alone

During my first Thanksgiving in New York City eight years ago, I was so broke that I didn't even have money to purchase a Greyhound bus ticket to Atlanta to be with my family. I had been in the city for just a few months, so I didn't have many acquaintances.

Revenge Can Destroy You - Member Feature Stories - Medium

I've been consumed with getting revenge on those who've wronged me for years. I'm not talking about the Lifetime movie kind of revenge, where people are pushed off cliffs or thrown out of windows, because I never did anything violent.

How I Learned to Love Wine Again After Being Sexually Assaulted

Photo: Getty Images / Fertnig Before I was assaulted, I loved wine. I would say my relationship with wine might even have bordered on a minor obsession. Before I started my writing career, I had a lucrative gig as a bartender at a high-end hotel.

Man Repeller
The Problem With Relationship Goals

I spent most of my teenage and young-adult years worrying about what other people thought of my choices: my clothes, my hair, my eating habits, my job, my relationships. Inevitably, this started to affect my decision-making. I took shitty jobs I didn't want because others thought they were cool; I stayed in relationships long after I should've let them go.

Manhattan with a Twist
The Best CBD Products for Anxiety

Whether it's CBD-infused beers, gummies, cocktails, chocolates or lotions, CBD is now everywhere. But what exactly is CBD and what does it do? Despite the soaring popularity, there's still so much consumers don't know about the cannabis compound. The cannabis plant is made up of two main compounds: CBD and THC.

On Our Moon
I Ended A 20-Year Friendship | On Our Moon

Her family treated me like one of their own. It was Sandra's mother who put me on birth control, and Sandra's cousins who invited me to their weddings and graduations. I vacationed and celebrated holidays with them. Her family was there for me in ways my family couldn't be.

Food & Wine & Spirits

Manhattan with a Twist
Discover the Wines of Santa Lucia Highlands

California is well known for its beautiful wine regions like Napa Valley and Sonoma. However, there are so many other robust wine appellations within the state, and it's time we get to know one of them.

Manhattan with a Twist
Thanksgiving In Bordeaux Means Harvest Celebrations

Thanksgiving is about the time-honored tradition of giving thanks and sharing food with family and loved ones. And yes, it is mainly an American holiday, but we certainly aren't the only ones who gather with family and loved ones over food during the season. Thanksgiving in Bordeaux means celebrating the end of harvest season.

Manhattan with a Twist
Discover DAOU Wine and Vineyards: French-Inspired Wine In Paso Robles, California

When we think of premier wine destinations in America, Napa Valley and Sonoma often come to mind. However, there are other regions throughout California (and the country) that also produce beautiful wines. Paso Robles, which is situated between Los Angeles and San Francisco, is a wine region that is known for its bold red wines.

Wine Enthusiast
From Drag Shows to Weeknight Drinks, This Queer Dive Feels Like Home | Wine Enthusiast

"Part of the reason I chose to live in East Atlanta was the proximity to Mary's," says Andi Fitzroy-Fishman about the queer dive bar where she's been a regular for more than 14 years. Fitzroy-Fishman met her wife at Mary's, previously worked part-time at the door, and celebrated her bachelorette party and 40th birthday there.

Manhattan with a Twist
The Best Wines to Enjoy During the Spring and Summer Months

Flowers have started blooming and the sun is shining longer, which means spring has finally arrived. And that also means summer is right around the corner. Discovering new wines to enjoy when the seasons change is my favorite thing to do.

Manhattan with a Twist
Discover Bardolino Chiaretto: The Rosé of Lake Garda

Italy has long been a well-established destination for impeccable cuisine and wine, but there are still many Italian regions that yield delicious wine which are largely unfamiliar to Americans. I once took a solo trip to the popular Italian destinations of Rome and Florence to get a feel of the region's food and wine.

Wine Enthusiast Magazine
How to Pair Rosé with Steak | Wine Enthusiast Magazine

Nothing is quite like a perfectly grilled steak and a glass of wine. However, when the two are paired, we tend to default to the old "red wine with red meat" rule. The thought is that only red wine has the richness and texture to stand up to a steak's robust flavors.

Manhattan with a Twist
The Best Rosés Right Now

The soaring popularity of rosé in the U.S. is nothing short of astonishing. With celebrities producing their own brands to rosé wine festivals, the blush wine is everywhere! And with our favorite obsession of updating our Instagram followers on which rosé wines we're sipping on now, its popularity will only increase.

Manhattan with a Twist
Stoli Gets Behind the Spirit of Stonewall

Fed up with the persecution and police brutality they consistently faced for simply being who they are, when police raided the gay bar Stonewall Inn on June 28, 1969, its patrons fought back. Widely referred to as the start of the modern gay rights movement, that uprising at Stonewall Inn sparked a social movement that changed the course of American culture.

Manhattan with a Twist
Cannabis-Infused Vodka Hits the Market!

Cannabis-infused products are nothing new. They've been popping up throughout the country as more states legalize marijuana for recreational use. From cannabis-infused protein drinks to kombucha, the use of cannabis in our favorite drinks is not going anywhere. Now vodka lovers and cocktail enthusiasts can be excited about this new trend, too.

Manhattan with a Twist
Pay Ode to a Literary Great at Oscar Wilde NYC

Foodies and literary-enthusiasts alike celebrated the opening of Oscar Wilde NYC in 2017. Located in the NoMad area of Manhattan, diners are greeted by Oscar himself. Okay, not exactly. They're greeted by a bronze-casted figure of him sitting on a bench outside the front of the restaurant.

Culture Trip
11 Dishes to Eat When You're in Atlanta

BBQ is undoubtedly a southern staple, but each southern region has their own style of the dish. Atlanta BBQ is eclectic because it's influenced by the various surrounding states' style, including North Carolina and Tennessee. Locals love to sit on the patio at Fox Bros BBQ and enjoy a rack of ribs or a pulled pork sandwich.

The Billfold
Confessions Of A Former Wine Snob

Including the role Trader Joe's played in my reformation Autumn is upon us. As the weather cools, the breeze softens and the leaves fall, serious wine drinkers usually turn in their pinot grigio for pinot noir. To some people, autumn means pumpkin spice everything.


Unearth Women
What the Legalization Of Marijuana Means For Canadian Women | Unearth Women

Despite the lack of women in leadership, it has been women leading the fight within the cannabis movement in Canada, particularly the medical marijuana market. The first medical dispensary in the country was founded by Hilary Black in British Columbia in 1997, and women-led advocacy groups and activists like Tracy Curley have been paving the way for cannabis legalization for decades.

Stop Telling People It Will Be Okay Because For Many, It Won't Be

"It's just an election. Why are you people so angry?" "Get over it. Your side lost. Everything will be okay. It's just an election" "Move on. You will be okay." These were the things I read on Facebook after people started to share their worries about a Trump presidency.

Posture Magazine
Afropunk Black Girl Magic: The Face of Breast Cancer Awareness

Two years ago, Ericka Hart, a 30 year-old sexuality educator was diagnosed with breast cancer. To raise awareness and provide visibility for Black queer women who are battling with or have battled breast cancer, Ericka attended this year's Afropunk Fest in Brooklyn topless revealing her double mastectomy scars.

What Makes Art Feminist? Janet Mock And The Brooklyn Museum Weigh In

Overcoming obstacles, redefining their fields, taking risks and creating spaces for others are what defines a trailblazer. Honoring women who make significant impact on the arts, culture and philanthropy, the Brooklyn Museum hosted Trailblazers: Women in Art. This year's ceremony was a part of the 10-year anniversary of the Elizabeth A.

Angela Davis And Black Lives Matter: Why My Feminism Is Intersectional

I was once asked to finish the statement My feminism is.... It didn't take me long to come up with an answer. I'm a gay, black women. My feminism is intersectional. Whether you want to acknowledge it or not, your experiences in life are shaped by the intersection of class, race, gender, sexual orientation and identity.

Ga Voice
Sleater-Kinney Feature and No Cities to Love Review

In this issue join us for our coverage of how extremists are fanning the flames of LBGT discrimination under the Gold Dome. We also have an update on an arrest made in an anti-gay attack, photos from the Rustin/Lorde breakfast, a look at Sleater-Kinney's new album and more.


Manhattan with a Twist
Finding the Humor in Online Dating with Bye Felipe

Online dating sites and dating apps have revolutionized the way we connect, date and hook-up with people. Although dating apps have seemingly made connecting easier, they've shed light on a major problem women having been navigating for decades: the abusive retaliation by rejected men.

Manhattan with a Twist
Get Thrifty!

I didn't get into thrift store shopping until I moved to New York City. Everyone here always seemed so stylish and put together. I didn't understand how New Yorkers could afford to be so chic all of the time until a friend of mine divulged her secret.

Manhattan with a Twist
Blind Acceptance: A Memoir About Life, Racism and Religion

I'm not sure what I was expecting when I started to read Blind Acceptance , but what I do know is that the story blew me away. Written by Sandra Pimentel, the memoir takes readers on a journey through her childhood, the evolution of her marriage, her relationship with religion and how she navigates through the cultural complexities of the last half of the twentieth century.

Manhattan with a Twist
Oh! You Pretty Things: Life in Hollywood

Written by Shanna Mahin, Oh! You Pretty Things follows Jess Dunne, a recently divorced California native, as she navigates through the not-so-glamorous side of Hollywood. The third generation Hollywood barista/aspiring chef goes from job to job, usually not giving any notice and is struggling to make ends meet. Make no mistake.


Manhattan with a Twist
A Beauty Company That Let's You Create the Products You Need

Have you ever wanted a specific beauty product that wasn't available on the market yet? Or discovered a skin-fortifying benefit from your favorite fruit or vegetable? Well, you're not the only one. Now there's a revolutionary beauty brand that wants your creative input.

Manhattan with a Twist
Fluide Is The Make-Up Brand We Need

Wearing makeup is about so much more than accessorizing your look. It is often used as a tool of expression. And while people of all genders have been wearing makeup for decades, it's an industry that has only been marketed to one gender: women.

Manhattan with a Twist
Style Yourself Unbound

Whether it's a piece of jewelry or spiked stilettos, I love wearing statement pieces. They're bold, fascinating and sometimes, conversation starters. Right now, I'm wearing the Palma ring from . My statement: I'm an unapologetically sexual woman who is not afraid to show it.

Culture Trip
10 Fashion Bloggers From Atlanta You Need to Follow

Mattie James, blogging since 2008, is now a full-time fashion and lifestyle influencer in Atlanta. From beauty regimens and seasonal must-haves to blogger tutorials, Mattie James is the go-to blog to help create your stylish lifestyle. Have questions about marketing and branding in the blogosphere? Mattie James shares her experiences in her daily podcast.

The Huffington Post
Fashion As Resistance: The Everyday Rebellion

Fashion as a means of protest and resistance has been going on for decades. From Vivienne Westwood's "Destroy" t-shirts to Katharine Hamnett's "I Use A Condom" political tees to Dior models walking to Beyoncé's mix of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's "We Should All Be Feminists" speech, the fashion industry has always used its platform to raise awareness and provoke.

Manhattan with a Twist
Malan Breton Presents at Style Fashion Week

Presented by Style Fashion Week, a producer of globally recognized fashion events, Malan Breton showcased his 2018 Fall/Winter collection during New York Fashion Week. Hundreds of guests, buyers, fashion insiders, media and VIP gathered in Cipriani's Midtown East location to see the collection.

Manhattan with a Twist
Lingerie You'll Love For Women, By Women

The partnership between fashion and social awareness is nothing new, but if you're not familiar with Naja Lingerie , you will be impressed. They not only produce a beautifully-designed lingerie collection, but they are challenging the way we market to women and hire them.

Manhattan with a Twist
Di Yusupoff at Nolcha Fashion Week

The best independent fashion designers come together twice a year during New York Fashion Week to showcase their collections at the award-winning Nolcha Fashion Week. Held at the sleek venue, ARTBEAM, this year's designers showcased their 2016 Fall/Winter collections.


Manhattan with a Twist
Make Sure Irish Whiskey Is On Your Radar

While vodka is clearly the most popular spirit in the states, Irish whiskey is on a surge and ready to take over. Irish whiskey has been said to be the fastest growing distilled spirit category in the world.

Manhattan with a Twist
French Flare Hits the Bowery

France? No, the Bowery. Rich in culture and outstanding cuisine, France is everyone's dream vacation. But if you can't make it to France just yet, La Gamelle, under the new direction of chef Denis Kuc and consulting chef Michael Burbella, is your perfect alternative in NYC.

Manhattan with a Twist
"A Little Night Music" Withstands the Test of Time

More than four decades after its Broadway premiere, Stephen Sondheim's A Little Night Music , remains entertaining and majestic. Under the direction of Judith Jarosz of Theater 2020 Productions, A Little Night Music, comes to life in 2016.

Manhattan with a Twist
The Upper East Side Gets a Little Bit Rock n' Roll

Rock and roll is not the first thing that comes to mind when you're thinking about the Upper East Side. Wild Horse Tavern is about to change all of that. From Executive Chef Max Renny - formerly of Fatty Cue and Fatty Crab - comes a new restaurant with a focus on innovative bar food and American rock & roll.

Manhattan with a Twist
Behind the Music Notes at The Cutting Room

New York City has a very eclectic music scene and there is no shortage of live music options. But when I walked into The Cutting Room , I was reminded that all music venues are not created equal.

Manhattan with a Twist
Offerings: Artwork Has Never Tasted So Good

Long before people were sharing their food on Instagram, Eat-Art artist, Dorothee Selz , used food as a medium for artistic expression. Doing away with the formal presentation of food, Eat-Art artists believe food is not only an experience, but can also be an expression of art that all can enjoy.


LGBT Georgia | Gay Georgia | Gay Atlanta | LGBT Atlanta
Lesbian comic Suzanne Westenhoefer performs show benefiting Pride School Atlanta - LGBT Georgia |...

Pride School Atlanta, one of the first of its kind in the region seeks to create a K-12 nonprofit school for LGBT educators, students and families, and is hoping to raise enough money to open the school this year. School co-founder Christian Zsilavetz has recruited renowned lesbian comic Suzanne Westenhoefer to join the effort and ...

An Inside Look at Fashion, Drag and James Belzer

I usually alternate my plans on Friday nights. One Friday, some friends and I might start out at a cute restaurant in the village and by the end of the night we're tearing up the dance floor. While the next Friday night, my plans for the evening usually are Netflix and takeout.

The Georgia Voice - 8/1/14, Vol. 5 Issue 11

Our 2014 drag issue. We look into the beauty of queen culture. Plus, 10 things to know about Georgia marriage lawsuit, an interview with Panic! at the Disco's Brendon Urie and more.


Pride Community Coffee

September is Virginia Pride month and to help us celebrate is journalist and activist, Jacy Topps.In her recent Business Insider article, she details the progress that has been achieved for the LGBTQ community but illuminates the tenuous nature of legal rulings as political tides shift and new administrations enter.

Chiaretto Rosé Tasting with Jacy Topps

Distinguished journalist and wine writer, Jacy Topps, teams up with Somm Scala to bring a virtual Chiaretto (Italian dry rosé) tasting that you won't want to miss. Jacy Topps has written for such publications as Glamour, Oprah Magazine, Wine Enthusiast, Slate, and VICE, covering everything from wine and travel to race and LBGTQ culture.

Eight Hundred Words
Writer Profile: Jacy Topps - Eight Hundred Words

Jacy Topps is a freelance writer based out of New York City and Atlanta. Her work focuses on feminism, relationships, mental health, race, culture, the LGBTQ community, and politics. You can find her work in Slate , Glamour , Oprah Magazine , InStyle , Cosmopolitan, and Allure .

dapperQ | Queer Style
Hi Femme! Jacy Topps | dapperQ | Queer Style

Welcome back to Hi Femme!, dapperQ's sibling visibility project celebrating the incredible contributions that stylish femmes make to queer fashion. This edition, we're featuring Jacy Topps, a freelance journalist and writer published in Bust Magazine, Huffington Post, Posture Magazine and NYC lifestyle blogs. Her writing focuses on feminism, LGBTQ culture, race relations and fashion.

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