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that my happiness no matter how small will be mine to create, maintain and fulfill I promised myself to study and practice saying NO more I have a heart that thrives on giving but I must be able to separate where I extend that giving I promised myself that I

Go WhereItzAt
From Memory and the Mind: The Work of Andrae Green - Go WhereItzAt

I am a Jamaican living in the USA. But what does it mean to be Jamaican? For me, this means that I am a hybrid. Partly old, fully new. I could never have existed as I am without being in the New World. My identity is a hybridization of both European and West African cultures....

It's Time to be Smart about who you have on your Team.

You will always hear this and I'll add my own words to the chorus. A few years ago, I tried getting a group of people together for a great project but it tanked. The project is still a fantastic idea and the people were great candidates, but the timing was off among other things.

Lessons from the Madam CJ Walker Story

Self-Made, The Madam CJ Walker, limited series dropped on Netflix recently and I was hooked from start to the finish. As we celebrate Women's History Month, this huge part of black women's history is not only inspirational but will force us to reevaluate our goals and step in some necks.

Surviving anxiety through Faith and Affirmations

There is an old Jamaican saying, "everyday bucket a go a well, one day di battam mus' drop out." -For everything, there is a breaking point. I have been seeing articles about people silently suffering from depression and anxiety. The world lost renowned chef Anthony Bourdain, fashion design mogul Kate Spade, and Chester Bennington of...