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Researcher. Storyteller. Writing is my sanctuary.

Writer and PhD candidate in Int'l Development. I research and tell stories about the intersection of gender, religion, culture, and violence.
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Are attitudes on Muslim women shifting?

Hijabis, Muslim women who cover their hair, are a hot commodity in the American fashion and beauty industry right now. In 2016, Colorado native Nura Afia, 26, made headlines...

Unlearning zine (p. 18-20)

To decolonize, is to be reborn

With a pounding heart and shaky hands, I drew my lips closer to the microphone. Oh Allah…I whispered. My voice trembled. I paid tribute to Cape Town, its marvelous people,...


A journey toward societal change begun by looking within

Beep. New app notification. "Deadliest mass shooting in modern US history"Email alert. "Sexual harassment comes at a cost"Social media tag. "'We only kill black people,' a cop...


How America Has Changed The Way I Look At Ramadan

In June, Bustle is partnering with Muslim Girl to highlight the voices of millennial Muslim women as they observe the holy month of Ramadan. Read on as they share stories of how...

Human Geography

Decolonizing Academic Praxis with "Words that Remake Life"

Conference report by Amber Murrey, Hasnaa Mokhtar, Patricia Daley, and Melanie Bush A collective of transdisciplinary and interdisciplinary thinkers came together for a two-day...

Muslim Girl

This Is What Killing Muslim Women in the Name of God Looks Like

To every Muslim scholar, to every Muslim preacher, and to every Muslim leader who consented to a Muslim man hitting his wife to "discipline" her, you have Hanan Seid's blood on...

Muslim Girl

Let's Talk About the Problem With Masculinity in the Muslim Community

To qualify as "marriage-friendly" material, a Muslim woman is expected to be: Martha Stewart in the kitchen. A combination of Hoover feather duster and mop in cleanness....

Muslim Girl

I Was Raised Under the Grip of Saudi's Male Guardianship System

I know well the feeling of being helpless. I am a woman, and I grew up in Saudi Arabia. I was boxed in. A male relative - father, husband, brother or son - had to sign me off....


A Muslim Woman's First Thoughts After the Paris Attacks

As the brutal attacks in Paris were happening on Nov. 13, scattered thoughts jammed my brain. Please don't claim to be Muslim, please don't let me carry the burden, please don't...

Teen Vogue

Why This Muslim Girl Will #PrayforParis, But Won't Apologize

According to a Quartz article, data from the FBI indicates that anti-Islamic offenses have jumped five-fold in the US since 9/11. "Public perception of Muslims is currently low....

Clark Alumni Magazine

Not ‘us’ or ‘them.’ Just us.

Muslim Girl

Sexism is Not Part of Islam: Saudi Arabia's Grand Mufti Says Driving "Exposes Women to Evil"

Every time I read a "religious" edict about the "devilish horrors" of Muslim women, my brain freezes, and my blood boils, while my heart shatters with grief and despair. It...

Muslim Girl

The 'Nudity' of Westernized Feminism

I was living in Montreal, Canada in 2010 and attending a French class to improve my language skills. I remember the lively and diverse group of students I studied and conversed...


Trapped in the name of religion

Hasnaa Mokhtar As I sat helplessly dialing numbers of emergency contacts in the Washington, D.C. based Saudi Embassy, my brain retrieved the memory of a powerful woman 1435...

Worcester Mag

For the sake of peace, women 'don't really matter' - Worcester Mag

An interview with Cynthia Enloe By Hasnaa Mokhtar "Do women know how to handle complexity?" "Yes!" "Do women know how to stop violence?" "Yes!" "Should women be at the formal...

Saudi Gazette

What Saudi women are really made of!

Arab News

Saudi Women Demand Equal Citizenship Rights

JEDDAH, 7 March 2007 - Mohammed Noor Baksh, a 60-year-old Pakistani driver, has been married to a Saudi woman for 27 years and hasn't traveled outside the Kingdom for the past...