Heather Beaumont

Custom Content Developer / Content Strategist

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I’m a content developer and strategist, with a journalism, marketing and instructional design background. I develop custom and branded digital, print, broadcast and training content for marketing, communications and human resources departments.

I enjoy writing about lifestyle; food; history, culture; health and wellness; tech innovations and child development.

Clients hire me to write, develop and consult on:

Success Stories
Award Nomination Submissions
Content Marketing
Communications, Sales & Marketing Materials
Educational/Training Materials
Business Proposals
Scripts (Entertainment/Marketing/Events)

Seta Wellness and Skin Clinic
Seta Wellness and Skin Clinic

My clients trust my expertise. There are a lot of products and skin care salons with people behind them who embellish when they talk about results. I don't. I'm fascinated with biochemistry. If clients want the information, I'll explain the product ingredients or the purpose of a procedure.

Landmarks 2017
LandMarks 2017 Home - Landmarks 2017

LandMarks2017/ Repères2017 invites people to creatively explore and deepen their connection to the land through a series of contemporary art projects.

Food Fraud: How to Know When You're Being Scammed

Wth food fraud in the news, Canadians are becoming more aware of the importance of learning about the producers, manufacturers and suppliers we rely upon to put safe, quality food on our tables. Food fraud is the misrepresentation of a product's composition or the adulteration (substitution or dilution) of ingredients for economic gain.

Developed communications strategy, plan, media releases and speeches for McGuinty government's...

McGuinty government celebrates Emancipation with recognition of Uncle Tom's Cabin Ministry of Citizenship, Immigration and International Trade DRESDEN, ON, Aug. 4 - The McGuinty government is celebrating Emancipation by helping Ontarians learn more about the history of slavery and the abolitionist movement in Ontario with the unveiling of new interpretive displays at Uncle Tom's Cabin in Dresden, MPP Maria Van Bommel announced today on behalf of Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Gerry...

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