Harry Duncton

Write On, Dude!

United Kingdom


I'm a writer. I still find it hard to say that out loud when someone asks me "the dreaded question". I think it's because I've had a few different careers already and I'm only in my mid(ish) thirties!

I've worked in the public and private sectors, behind computers, in front of whiteboards, and even up ladders to make ends meet. It turns out that having all these different strands of experience have woven themselves together into a useful kind of rug. The kind of rug that really ties the room together.

I'd like to think that I write in a similar way to how I speak. Except without the ums and urrs that still crop up when I'm reviewing things in front of the camera. I've written hundreds of thousands of words on a range of topics, but my favourite niche is home improvement and DIY.

I've included a selection of my favourite scribblings down below. If you like them, let me know!

In my spare time, I like growing vegetables, drinking beer, playing the drums, listening to heavy metal, and playing silly games with my daughter.

Let's have a chat: [email protected]

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