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Spirit Guides Magazine
Healer of the Living, Escort to the Dead

A crowded Irish pub in the early '90s: Suzanne Connolly zeroes in on a young man with a tiny gold barrel around his neck. "I can tell you the history of that necklace," she says, abetted with a bit of liquid courage.

Natural Burial Industry Is Greening End-of-Life Options

From underwater reefs to woodland cemeteries, eco-burials help reduce postmortum pollution As people grow increasingly concerned about reducing their carbon footprint, a natural byproduct of greener lives is greener exits. That's where the fledgling green burial industry comes in, catering to the millions who don't want pollution to be their postmortem legacy.

Van Winkle's
What Did We Lose when We Conquered the Night?

It's nearly impossible to imagine life before the light bulb. Until the power goes out, we forget the dominating influence of electricity in our lives. We're left helpless on how to pass the time or even complete simple tasks. Electricity has benefited society in innumerable ways, but rarely mentioned is the transformative effect of artificial light on our natural sleeping patterns.

Spirit Guides Magazine
The Celebrity Psychic

Hailed by The Hollywood Reporter as "the Hollywood psychic with the highest batting average," Thomas John is a bi-coastal, highly renowned medium and clairvoyant. John spoke with Spirit Guides about growing up psychic, his new book, Never Argue with a Dead Person, and his view of the afterlife.

Elephant Journal
Proof that Yoga is so much more than Asanas.

get elephant's newsletter It's no secret that yoga brings forth enhanced physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional wellness. For many, a yoga practice triggers an eye-opening domino effect of compassion in your body, mind and heart. Sometimes it lights a flame so intense that you're drawn to share the life-changing effect with others.

How to Write Pitches Editors Can't Ignore

How many times have you pitched an amazing idea to an editor, only to have it disappear into the mysterious black hole of unanswered emails? There are two important facts that every writer must in keep in mind: Editors are hungry for good pitches-content is king, and there's never enough of it.

How Senior Living Providers Can Attract & Retain Millennial Employees

It's no secret there's a significant staffing shortage in the senior care industry. With 46% of the workforce set to be made up of Millennials by 2020, providers can no longer afford to misunderstand these multitasking digital natives--and companies that tap into their power will thrive and maximize overall performance.

Van Winkle's
Bed-Sharing Around the World

Should I co-sleep with my kid? Should spouses have separate beds? Around the world, the answers change.

Former Highway Tunnel Now Simulates Realistic Disasters

It's 1954, and TV sets around the nation are tuned in to a news profile of the new West Virginia Memorial Tunnel. It is a high-tech marvel of its day, setting new standards for ventilation with its highly advanced system, and as the first tunnel in the country monitored by closed-circuit television.

YogaCity NYC
3 Yogis Interpret The Gita | YogaCity NYC

Revered by Emerson and Thoreau; endorsed by Gandhi as "his eternal mother;" the most widely read scripture in India, exalted as a love song to the ultimate trut...

The Daily Muse
How to Add a Little Feng Shui to Your Desk for Under $15

Does your desk feel like your oasis? Did you look at the current state of your desk right now and roll your eyes at the though that it could ever be described with that word? Well, hold that roll. According to Feng Shui Architect R.D. Chin, it should.

8 Great Reasons to Work as an Au Pair Abroad

Preparing for life during or after college spending time working as an pair abroad allows you to see and live in the location you desire while initiating a lifelong wanderlust.

Flawless Living
Why West Virginia Is The Most Underrated U.S. Vacation Spot

John Denver wasn't exaggerating when he crooned that West Virginia is almost heaven, but the state largely remains a hidden gem for vacation-goers. West Virginia has an abundance of unspoiled natural beauty and recreational activities that make it an ideal (and affordable) day or weekend trip for families, couples, and solo travelers alike.

Summer 2016's Best Music Festivals

Coachella has come and gone, and most of us mere mortals were left to stalk the celebrity style instead of attending the (extremely expensive) event ourselves. Not to worry- summer was made for festivals, and there's no certainly no shortage for summer 2016.