Giulia Mulè

Food and Travel Writer

United Kingdom

Giulia Mulè is a writer and photographer specialised in culinary travel, International gastronomy, luxury and boutique hotels, fine dining restaurants, speciality coffee. She is passionate about sharing the best hospitality and food tips with her readers and followers on her blog Mondomulia and Instagram.

Originally from Rome, Giulia has spent the past 14 years living abroad and travelling around the world. She currently spends her time between London and Wroclaw, Poland.

Giulia is a columnist at FT How To Spend It (food & drink) and at Sprudge. She is the author of a guide book of London best restaurants: "Londra WithGusto - Capitale mondiale del cibo" (

Levan and Llewelyn's: two of London's best kept culinary secrets

I recently moved out of south London after nine years. The things that first attracted me to it are also those I miss most: the village-like feel and the area's strong restaurant game. The proliferation of diverse dining experiences - street food stalls, cafés, supper clubs and restaurants - brings pride and joy to locals and attracts visitors from across the city.

Acclaimed Indian restaurant Darjeeling Express goes from strength to strength

Asma Khan's acclaimed Indian restaurant Darjeeling Express began life as a 12-cover supper club in her Kensington home. In a sure sign of her rise to prominence since that quiet beginning, this spring Khan became the first British chef to be featured in the cult Netflix documentary series Chef's Table.

An Extraordinary Journey in Rwanda with Taylors and Creating for Good

Sometimes an opportunity comes along that is too good to be true and you have to pinch yourself to check you are not dreaming: an invitation to travel to Rwanda to visit tea plantations, coffee farms and charity centres that support and empower thousands of Rwandan women and children.

Rosslyn Coffee: a City café with soul

It's been a great first year for Rosslyn Coffee: in just 15 months, this friendly little café between Bank and St Paul's has gathered a loyal local customer base of discerning coffee lovers. It has fans further afield too - Alain Ducasse recently paid a call and it was the only UK-based coffee shop to be nominated in the global Sprudgie Awards for Best New Café.

Elevated British comfort food at Cora Pearl

"You have to order the chips!" said a friend when I told her I was going to Cora Pearl later that week. I promised I would. After all, eating fried potatoes is hardly a chore. I wondered, though, just how special could they be? More on that shortly.

How To Spend a Long Weekend in Ghent | Mondomulia

Last January I travelled to Belgium for three days to celebrate my birthday in Ghent. While most tourists flock to Bruges, this enchanting city remains Belgium's best-kept secret. Ghent remains small enough to feel cosy, yet large enough to be a vibrant and lively.

A Guide To The Best Things to See, Do and Eat in Barbados

Last October, I travelled to Barbados to attend the annual Food and Rum Festival. Sounds like a dream right? The beautiful island of Barbados is often referred to as the culinary capital of the Caribbean because of its diverse restaurant scene. Barbados is also known for producing one of the finest rum in the world...and the strongest rum cocktails!

The Coffee Lover's Guide To Cluj-Napoca, Romania

The circumstances under which I found myself in Cluj-Napoca were definitely a case of doing it for the 'gram. I'm not alone in spending too much time on Instagram, looking at pretty travel photos and dreaming of my next holiday, usually one that involves good food and coffee.