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Gianmarco Castronovo is a writer and sports blogger currently pursuing a career in business management and finance.

Topps Truck to make stop at Progressive Field

The Topps Truck will be making its way over to the home of the Cleveland Indians, Progressive Field on Saturday, July 24, 2021 at 4:30 PM for a special event. There will be free baseball cards and Topps merchandise up for grabs.

40 years after the longest baseball game ever

It has been 40 years since the longest game of baseball to ever be played on a professional field. Today, that game, which saw the Pawtucket Red Sox and the Rochester Red Wings face-off at McCoy Stadium, continues to maintain its title. Gianmarco Castronovo reflects on the historic game four decades on:

Gianmarco Castronovo

Backed by early career experiences in business management, Gianmarco Castronovo has his sights set on finance-related leadership roles. Ginamarco Castronovo is a young professional currently in pursuit of a career in the finance area of business. Although early into his career, Castronovo already has his sights set on one day entering executive leadership.

Gianmarco Castronovo
Players Association says "no way!" to MLB season delay

MLB proposed a delay to the start of the 2021 season (largely due to COVID-19). Gianmarco Castronovo shares what the Major League Baseball Players Association have said in response: Spring training is now slated for February 17, with an Opening Day set for April 1. However, this was not what the MLB had in mind......

Gianmarco Castronovo
Hitters to avoid drafting | 2021 fantasy baseball

Sure, we may be in the offseason. But it's too early to assemble your team! Gianmarco Castronovo encourages fantasy baseball managers to avoid drafting these two hitters: Cavan Biggio Why? His approach at the plate leaves much to be desired. Biggio has a drastically low swing rate and a ton of strikeouts under his belt.

Gianmarco Castronovo
Red Sox hire first Black female coach

It's a historic move for Major League Baseball - and quite the exciting next step in the career of Bianca Smith! Sports Writer, Gianmarco Castronovo, shares the story: On Monday, the Boston Red Sox made an announcement on Twitter that has officially made history in the world of baseball.

Gianmarco Castronovo
RIP 'Quick Change' Halftime Performer, David Maas

If you've ever attended an NBA game, you've probably watched David Maas work his magic on the court! No, he wasn't an athlete, but a performer known for his interesting quick change routine. Gianmarco Castronovo shares the sad news recently released regarding David Maas's passing. NBA fans have recently received the somber news that magician...

Gianmarco Castronovo
Sports Blogger

Gianmarco Castronovo is a Sports Blogger whose work focuses on baseball. Dedicated to providing his readers with a unique angle, Castronovo's articles cover more than just the basics of last week's Yankees game! Holden's Sports Talk Holden's Sports Talk is more than just your average sports blog.

Gianmarco Castronovo
Business & Finance Career

Gianmarco Castronovo is a young professional pursuing a career in the Business and Finance fields. Although he currently works as a Manager in the restaurant realm, Castronovo hopes to one day work in the sports industry. Education & Training In 2019, Gianmarco Castronovo graduated from Brookdale Community College with an Associate's degree in Business Administration.

Gianmarco Castronovo

For as long as he can remember, Gianmarco Castronovo has been a baseball fan. Now, as a Sports Blogger, Castronovo is completely enveloped in all things baseball - so much so, he considers himself to be more of a baseball enthusiast than a fan!

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