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Could Magic Mushrooms Soon Be Used for Therapy in Denver? | 5280

Local experts are advocating for more psychological, emotional, and spiritual support for those who experiment with psilocybin. But for now, these services remain illegal. | Psychedelic journeying tends to bring up...stuff. "Interpersonal stuff. Deep psychological stuff," says Kevin Matthews, an army veteran who spearheaded the Decriminalize Denver campaign, which led to the ballot measure that made Denver the first U.S.

Can Tiny Homes Solve America's Homeless Problem?

Four cities in the Pacific Northwest are proving the case for living super-small - and their experiments can teach the rest of us a thing or two about building real community.

The Atlantic
Mall Walking: The Most American Thing Possible

After neighborhood sidewalks, shopping centers are the most popular places in the U.S. to go for a stroll. Please consider disabling it for our site, or supporting our work in one of these ways Subscribe Now > Indeed.

Party Animal

Perhaps one of Burning Man's strangest success stories, Santa Cruz's Kris Kaufeldt-aka 'White Tiger'-has turned his freaky dance moves into cult fame as a professional festival-goer On a Thursday night in June at the Cocoanut Grove, ravers of all shapes and sizes wander throughout the carpeted ballroom.

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The Role Video-Game Designers Never Thought They'd Have to Play

Please consider disabling it for our site, or supporting our work in one of these ways Subscribe Now > They weren't talking about "educational video games," the kind with which American adults today are probably familiar. They wanted to know how the most popular existing video games-games like Madden Football and World of Warcraft and Mario Kart-could be integrated into public education in America.

Meet the Quaker Puppet Maker Trying to Save Arts Education in the Midwest

Christopher Lutter is the founder of Puppet Farm Arts, a pacifist collective that makes humongous puppets out of reclaimed trash for various theater productions, parades, and school workshops. Over the phone, he told me he "specializes in critters"-and when I went to visit him at his studio in Minneapolis, it was clear I had not been mislead.

King of the Nice Girls

Lest anyone get the wrong idea, the crowd of 300-plus that came to the sold-out Aaron Carter concert at the Catalyst Atrium last Wednesday night were not there because they like Aaron Carter's music.

Take Back Santa Cruz Leader Pulls No Punches

Analicia Cube, founder of Take Back Santa Cruz group, says she never expected the group to grow into what it's become. It took me a month to get up the courage to tell Analicia Cube where I work. When I did, she rolled her eyes and said, "I'm sorry, but the Santa Cruz Weekly is no friend of mine."

Will the Plague Found in Colorado Prairie Dogs Affect More Wildlife?

Humans are probably safe, but in general the plague is a risk to wildlife throughout the west, and a pretty big one at that. | The Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge (RMA) is only closed to the public three days of the year-on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's Day.

A Look at the Affordable Housing Units at the Coloradan in Union Station

Union Station's shiny new condo development will designate 10 percent of its units-33 total-to affordable housing. Getting one, however, will be a challenge. | There are complimentary caprese sandwiches. Dessert pastries. Chilled white wine. And the darling of the Millennial generation: fuchsia-colored cans of LaCroix sparkling water.

In Portland, a Contested Tent City Offers the 'Right 2 Dream Too'

R2D2 gives the city's homeless just a sleeping bag and a communal tent for the night. The homeless run it, too-allowing others to survive on the streets on their own terms. This story is part of a CityLab series launching this month on the state of homelessness policy in American cities.

Good Times Santa Cruz
The Road Goes on Forever - Good Times Santa Cruz

Most people assume that hitchhiking is a long-gone tradition in the 21st century. But in the San Lorenzo Valley, the continued popularity of thumbing it is one example of how things are done a little differently The 3:07 p.m. bus was due 15 minutes ago, and Xavier Pujol has been waiting at the Felton bus ...

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