Gaia Manco

Multilingual journalist and multimedia content producer

Competent in TV and multiplatform production, every day I juggle between at least three languages and three media, to find the best way to tell stories.

I enjoy researching international news and finding the human interest behind events and figures. I write articles and produce video and audio reports about society, culture, development, science, crime and much more. I'm a enthusiastic podcast producer and host.
Italian by birth, I've just moved from Germany to South Africa.
Maybe we've met in Paris, Accra, Maputo, Montreal, Beijing or London: I am ready to follow stories worldwide.

When I do not write, I travel, bake and make mistakes.

South Africa + Germany + China




Pulse: South African students' struggle for free higher education | All media content | DW.COM |...

South African university students are continuing the struggle for a free decolonised higher education. The protests of 2016 reignited when in October the government allowed...


Pulse: Why hair matters | All media content | DW.COM | 20.09.2016

The subject of hair and how you wear it has made headlines in South Africa. Back in August, a group of students at Pretoria Girls High School staged a protest against a school...


In Sudafrica è esplosa la Primavera

Non si placano le proteste degli studenti universitari sudafricani esplose a settembre, dopo l'annuncio del ministro dell'Istruzione superiore - Iama Nzimande - di un aumento...


RSI.CH Rete Due Proteste in Zimbabwe

Dalla fine di giugno di quest’anno in Zimbabwe si susseguono proteste, repressioni, scioperi e rivolte. Dall’indipendenza, avvenuta nel 1980, il Paese è sempre stato governato...


Fun and Games | Pulse | Radio plan englisch | 03.08.16 | DW.COM

A new electronic music project with a difference is teaching respect and tolerance in South Africa. Put down your smartphones - an old past-time is making a come-back in a big...


Voci del mattino del 28/10/2016

Protesta degli universitari e tensioni sociali in Sudafrica. Gaia Manco in diretta da Johannesburg

Elezioni locali in Sud Africa: l'ANC è sofferente | Radio24

Elezioni locali in Sud Africa: l'ANC è sofferente | Radio24

Il 3 agosto si sono tenute le elezioni locali in 278 comuni sudafricani. Il risultato mostra un sostanzioso calo di consensi da parte dell'African National Congress, a favore di...

Rai Radio3 Mondo

Rai Radio3 Mondo Le proteste nello Zimbabwe, #thisflag

Le proteste nello Zimbabwe, #thisflag. Ne parliamo con Gaia Manco, giornalista freelance in collegamento da Johannesburg


Arte contemporanea africana -Live correspondence from JHB for RSI 13.9.2016-

Si è appena conclusa la fiera dell’arte contemporanea di Johannesburg, Sudafrica, uno spazio di primo piano per la produzione artistica di tutto il continente africano. La fiera...


Voci del mattino del 31/05/2016

La politica sudafricana e la nuova legge sull'esprorio terriero. In diretta da Johannesburg.


Sudafrica: i guai di Zuma

E' stata ritenuta irrazionale la decisione di non processare l'attuale presidente del Sudafrica, Jacob Zuma. Lo ritiene l'Alta Corte di Giustizia di Pretoria che ha deciso di...


Pulse: Uniting black and white South Africans through 'living books' | All media content | DW.COM...

Maia Marie wants to end the separation between black and white people in South Africa, even 20 years after the end of Apartheid. So she created "The Mobile Living Library," a...


Get futuristic in Africa!

Wouldn't the world be a boring place if we were all the same? Today on Pulse we're going to delve into the realms of self-expression and the arts - we go inside the studio of a...


Spectrum: Mankind's new ancestor | Spectrum | Radio plan englisch | 15.09.15 | DW.COM

On the 10th of September the existence of the Homo Naledi was revealed to the world. The remains of a hitherto unknown relative of the human species was unearthed near...


Meet the Afrofuturists World in Progress | DW.COM

World in Progress explores issues of globalization, education, economic development, poverty alleviation, human rights and more. On this week's program: The water crisis...


Raj Patel: Don't be tempted by green consumerism

Data from the World Health Organisation show worldwide obesity has more than doubled since 1980. In 2014 over 600 million adults were obese. At the same time, here in...


How the risk of HIV is affecting South Africa's youth | All media content | DW.COM | 12.08.2015

South Africa is the country with the highest number of HIV infections in the world. More than one in ten South Africans are currently living with the disease. That's why the...


Tackling the disillusionment of South Africa's youth in a novel | All media content | DW.COM |...

South African Masandre Ntshanga has been disillusioned with his home country for a while. The 29-year-old author channeled his frustrations into creating a gripping novel. "The...