Frida Mehtälä

Writer / Storyteller


Wanderer and forest-dweller from the Northern hemisphere.
Published in swedish magazines and online, but my biggest accomplishment by far is winning a glass figurine in the shape of a pig for my short story when I was ten.

Dreamer // Vegan // Cat- lover // Bibliophile // Art is a way of life

I write about everything near and dear to my heart, for instance psychic health, veganism, words, philosophy, feelings, creativity, riding etc.

Contact me and let's talk: [email protected]

Queen of hearts - Frida Mehtälä - Medium

I do not miss you I simply long for the whispers in my chest the poetry that so gently kissed my neck the feeling of soil in my hands Earth coming up to meet me. I do not miss you I long for the...

The rose with thorns

Anïs Nin, a Cuban essayist and memoirist born in France 21st of February 1903, spent most of her years in the United States, although she allegedly never truly felt at home and at ease there. She described America as "a huge prosaic monster" and proclaimed poets the antithesis of America.

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Gone Lawn 20 : Frida Mehtala

She cut the throat; whispered and sang of syllables from the depths of her soul. It was an ode, a prayer. Eternal forgiveness when all that's left is the rotten flesh and ugly convictions. Weakness portrayed as a girl. She danced on her toes under the pearly shine from a thousand lights.