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I'm a freelance writer, content creator and marketing executive. I spent ten years working in the cultural sector in London, before fleeing the country for a new life in Mexico. I'm interested in a whole host of topics, but specialise in writing travel, photography, lifestyle and tech content.

Culture Trip
The 15 Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Oaxaca

Set in a beautiful courtyard surrounded by cacti, Hierba Dulce is currently the only exclusively vegan restaurant in Oaxaca, and it is a treat. With homemade vegan cheese, tacos made with huitlacoche (a flowery type of fungus that grows on corn known as the 'Mexican truffle'), and dishes cooked in coconut-based lard, vegetarians don't have to miss out on the best elements of Mexican food.

Minaal Blog
Business travel: A brief history - Minaal Blog

Leisure travel & Lord Byron's "Grand Tour" Merchant explorers like Marco Polo, Christopher Columbus, and Vasco da Gama soon set off on wild trips to find new, exotic lands - not unlike some of today's gap year conquistadors. They came back with tales of "lost" tribes, fertile river valleys, and incredibly bizarre new crops such as potatoes, tomatoes, and peanuts.

Travel Top 6™
Top Things to Do in Ballarat

Ballarat's history is intertwined with the story of gold in Australia. Its first brush with fame came in 1851, when the discovery of the largest goldfield in the world made Ballarat the epicentre of the Australian Gold Rush. Wealth, prosperity and a population explosion followed, and Ballarat is now Victoria's third largest city.

Secret saints and a palace of postcards: the hidden corners of Mexico City - Context Travel

See the beauty of the the less-well-known side of Mexico City through the eyes of expert guide Felix. Mexico City is an extraordinary place. A vast metropolis, one of the largest cities in the world that still feels like it is bursting at the seams. It is a city full of life, of moving parts, and with something new always happening around every corner.

6 Simple SEO Copywriting Hacks For Startups

We hate to bleat on about SEO, but seriously, as a startup, you really can't afford to be ignoring it. Whilst it would be lovely to think that all the great writing you're doing will get results by itself, ultimately this isn't going to be a tactic that pays off.

DB&MH Community
4 wedding traditions you should do differently (& what to do instead)

Your wedding day is your chance to do things your way. We've picked some of the wedding traditions that you might want to think about leaving behind, and some ideas for what to do instead - why not use the start of a new chapter in your life as an opportunity to make some new traditions all of your own?

clermont ferrand | the worldwide local | roboair

Deep in the heart of the dark, volcanic, and gloriously mountainous Auvergne region, Clermont-Ferrand, is one of France’s oldest cities, dating back to the 2nd century AD, and evokes an incredible sense of history and excitement.

Iceland: Exploring the Land of Fire and Ice

Iceland is one of those remarkable, magical places in the world where no amount of words can fully do it justice. A land of stark, outrageous contrasts, of deserts and snow-covered mountains, where fire and ice combine, lakes boil, and the ground shakes.

What are SIP Trunks? A Brief Guide | Gradwell | Gradwell

When it comes to communications, businesses are always on the lookout for ways to cut costs and future-proof their organisation. As part of this, one important concept to understand is SIP Trunking. When it comes to business communications, professionals are always on the lookout for ways to become more efficient, cut costs and future-proof their organisation.