Eugene Pallisco

Fitness Trainer

United States

Eugene Pallisco has made it his life's work to empower individuals with the knowledge, willpower, confidence, and proper technique to achieve their fitness goals. His personal fitness journey began in childhood when he discovered his love for movement and competition in sports. While his favorite exercise activities have diversified over the years, at his core, he remains true to the mantra: fitness is achievable for all!

Eugene Pallisco Favorites: New Fitness Technology for Progress-Tracking

Technology has taken the fitness sphere by storm, allowing users to reach more goals and track their progress in meaningful ways. Some of the newest gadgets and apps for tracking progress are well worth the costs. Expert fitness trainer Eugene Pallisco shares his favorite fitness tech to help other workout enthusiasts reach their goals.

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Eugenio Pallisco - Be Consistent With Your Exercise Routine

While many people have an idea of what they'd like their exercise routine to look like, following through can be tough. It's easy to find excuses and ways to put off the demanding work required. Even when well-meaning individuals push themselves to start, it's often not long before they fall back into old habits.

Ask Eugene Pallisco: Should You Set Up a Gym in Your Home?

It seems like everyone's got some kind of home gym these days or a device that can stream coaching content or virtual roads that you can "ride" on your exercise bike. You can spend large amounts of money on this kind of equipment, but before you do, Eugene Pallisco wants you to consider a few critical details.

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Eugenio Pallisco Explains How to Choose a Personal Trainer

Personal trainers are your guides and inspiration for living a healthier, fitter life. While you might find dozens or even hundreds of trainers in the business directory, they're not all going to be right for you.