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Erica Landis started her writing career in Mrs. Kelly's second-grade class with a tear-jerking essay about a No. 2 pencil. In eighth grade, she went on to write herself and her friends into a 1980's General Hospital storyline. The notebook pages were passed around the lunchroom like wildfire.

In 2015, Erica began writing professionally about life after loss and finding happiness again. She was honored by Good Housekeeping Magazine in 2018 for her blog "Atop The Ferris Wheel."

Her career has branched out into writing about travel, wine, health, humor, entertainment, family, and various sponsored content. She enjoys a good SEO challenge and easily adapts to brand voice. She was a 2023 Fellow of The Meadowood Napa Wine Writers' Symposium.

Erica Landis

Local, national and global Jewish life

Me, Two Guys Named Bongiovi, And Lots of Wine

Every story can be a wine story. That's what Dorothy Gaiter and John Brecher of Grape Collective told us at The Meadowood Wine Writers' Symposium in March 2023. As one of the 24 fellows, I listened...

Your Guide to Greek PDOs and PGIs [Infographic]

The Greeks' passion for wine has been a constant for thousands of years. "Evi evan!" was the toast heard at ancient celebrations of Dionysus. Socrates espoused an early version of "drink responsibly" while raising a toast: "Let us be merry but never drunk." Modern Greeks toast with a hearty and sincere "Yia mas!"

5 Unexpected White Wines for the Adventurous

Think outside the Pinot Grigio box and get adventurous with your white wine. From grapes harvested at the base of one of the world's most active volcanoes to bottles inspired by ancient artifacts, Ethica Wines is reshaping the perception of white wine.

Grandeur Wines Are a Love Letter to Mother Nature

Scheid Family Wines, a leading wine producer based in Monterey County, Calif., is proud to add the Grandeur brand to its portfolio, and for it, has brought to life 86 acres of flint and limestone-filled soil by organically cultivating their estate White Flower Vineyard.

Experience the New and Improved 2023 Charleston Wine + Food Festival

Charleston, S.C., natives and visitors alike look forward to the first week of March and, more deliciously, the start of the Charleston Wine + Food festival. Combining Southern hospitality, succulent dishes, and a beautiful locale, this 21-and-over festival is an immersive experience that provides a literal taste of all the area has to offer.

Talbott Vineyards' Tasting Room is a Staple in Carmel-by-the-Sea

This April, we're looking ahead to a summer filled with wine-, beer-, and spirits-fueled travel featuring the world's best drinking destinations. Discover more from VinePair's Summer Travel Planning series here! Imagine walking into a beautifully illustrated English fairy tale pop-up book; the architecture brims with whimsical colors and shapes set against a backdrop of impressive coastal cliffs; the food offers international flavors crafted with delicious local ingredients.

My Reproductive Organs Took Me On A Wild Ride I Never Saw Coming

When my gynecologist first suggested a hysterectomy after reading the pathology report showing precancerous cells in my cervix, my hand instantly flew up into the air in a "thumbs up" position. A hysterectomy sounded like a magic wand that would remove any possibility of cancer from my body. Case closed.

Meadowood Napa Wine Writers' Symposium 2023 Fellows
Why Is Wine Important

I was chosen as a Fellow for this incredible opportunity. Here are my application essays.

How Hahn Family Wines Embodies California's Arroyo Seco AVA

With a potent background in international business, a deep passion for wine, and a knack for seeing great potential in undiscovered terroir, Nicky Hahn knew he was onto something great when he first moved to Monterey, Calif.

Taste of Home
Erica Landis, Author at Taste of Home

Meet Erica Landis: She started her writing career in Mrs. Kelly's second-grade class with a tear-jerking essay about a No. 2 pencil. In eighth grade, she went on to write herself and her friends into a 1980's General Hospital storyline. The notebook pages were passed around like wildfire.
Hanukkah Lights: 2020

Hanukkah is a time to share light, miracles and faith. It's been a difficult year and these stories will reflect that. They're darker than usual. But we hope the miracle of Hanukkah casts its light through these stories. We think the tales will resonate with you because of their mixture of sadness and strength.

Scary Mommy
Things To Do in Newark With Kids

The next time you find yourself enjoying a Mom's Night Out, drinking mediocre wine and singing karaoke, you may end up belting out the anthem "I Will Survive" by Gloria Gaynor. Fun Fact: Gaynor hails from Newark, New Jersey.

Scary Mommy
Things To Do in Montreal With Kids

North America has its own less expensive and much closer version of France, just over the New York border in Canada. Give your family a taste of Europe without the airport headaches. Spend your next family vacation in Canada strolling the cobblestone streets of Montreal. Kid-friendly patisseries and cafes are everywhere. (now
Bend Me, Break Me

How does a marriage evolve after child loss


Many months ago, I entered a writing contest. The challenge was to write about something you always carry with you. A tangible item. And it had to be 500 words. No less. Well, I didn't win the contest. But I wanted to share this story anyway.

Eye Contact And Pizza Bagels

A simple 2nd grade assignment taught me how to send my words out into the world when it was too difficult to go out myself. I wish I'd saved that essay. Most likely it was written on that specially lined handwriting practice paper and definitely with a №2 pencil.

Erica Landis | StoryTerrace

Erica began writing professionally after the loss of her young son in a swimming pool accident in 2010. Her writing showcases the power of humor, resilience, and honesty. Erica has successfully branched out into content writing covering healthcare, entertainment, parenting, and travel. Her work has appeared in Huffington Post, Scary Mommy, and Today Show Parenting Team.

Compassion Fatigue

by Erica Landis Erica's essay appears in Episode 20 of The Dirty Spoon Radio Hour. Three weeks after losing my only child in a swimming pool accident, I began working at a liquor store. It's not where you'd expect a grieving mother to end up.

The Beginner's Guide to Adult ADHD

Since adults are currently the fastest-growing age group receiving ADHD diagnoses (to the point where some experts are actually concerned it might be over-diagnosed), we put together this guide to help you understand the condition from top to bottom. Let's begin.

Nurturing Your Child's Love of Reading - Parentology

Most young children love storytime, whether read by family members, teachers, librarians or local authors. Listening to a story unfold is a great introduction to the joy of reading. But how do we keep that love alive as more mediums, like electronic games and computer screens, vie for their attention?

Ways To Power Through The Day

We all have those days. The weight of the world is upon you. You're more easily annoyed than you should be. Your proverbial glass feels more half-empty than half-full.Here's some ways to get through those days until you can start all over again. "After all, tomorrow is another day."

First Day of School Books for Preschoolers - Parentology

Reading bedtime stories together is one of parenthood's greatest joys. Reading can also help ease children as they transition into "firsts," like their first day at preschool. Happily, some books were written with these very things in mind. Here are some recommendations for reading as your preschooler makes their initial foray into scholastics.

Handwritten Letters will never go out of style | Mines Press

Written by Erica Landis Social media. That's my connection to the world currently. Can you relate? In my regimented days of getting a five-year-old off to school, dressing myself in somewhat appropriate work clothes, and remembering everything else I plan to work on during my too short lunch hour, simply making it from Point A to Point B is my most attainable goal.

Scary Mommy
Things To Do in Newark With Kids

The next time you find yourself enjoying a Mom's Night Out, drinking mediocre wine and singing karaoke, you may end up belting out the anthem "I Will Survive" by Gloria Gaynor. Fun Fact: Gaynor hails from Newark, New Jersey.

I Lost My Son In A Pool Accident. Now My Daughter Is Learning To Swim.

On July 10, 2010, my only child, Noah, drowned in a swimming pool. He was a few weeks shy of 2 years old. It was the first day we'd started moving boxes into my father's house. My mother had died three months earlier. We were moving into my father's house to save money and keep him company.

Erica Landis

Erica Landis started her writing career in Mrs. Kelly's second grade class with a tear-jerking essay about a No. 2 pencil. She loves Tom Jones and chicken potpies, not necessarily in that order. More From Erica

Here's Why I Let My Child Curse At Home

I came late to " Game of Thrones." I know just enough to have enjoyed the excitement of this last season. My daughter Miriam is 6 years old and not usually in bed before 9 p.m. Miriam also knows which shows are just pretend. She knows what actors do and about special effects.

Saatva's Sleep Blog
Why This Couple Decided to Sleep in Separate Beds | Saatva

My husband and I didn't always sleep in separate beds. Early on in our relationship, we slept with our arms entwined. Like a lot of new couples, we were enraptured with the sound of each other's breathing. Flash-forward seven months to our first apartment together.

TV Women I Wanted To Be When I Grew Up

Oh the glamour and excitement of being a grown up! That's what I thought as I watched hours upon hours of television as a little girl. It was the early '70s. I had a small black and white TV in my room that lulled me to sleep nightly.

Scary Mommy
How A Bracelet Helped Me Find Strength After My Son's Death

About two weeks after Noah died, a lady named Annie took this bracelet off her wrist and put it on mine. Her son, Graeme, had died two years prior. He was hit by a car. I love how she spelled his name. I told her so too. She smiled.

Scary Mommy
Things to Do in Colorado Springs With Kids

Colorado Springs, Colorado has so much more than to offer than just skiing and endless requests for hot chocolate. This town is known for its Native American roots, a rich mining history, and natural beauty. Plus there are plenty of things to do in Colorado Springs with kids.

Scary Mommy
Things To Do in Lancaster With Kids

Lancaster, Pennsylvania, also known as Amish Country, where faces aren't buried in devices 24/7 and kids don't talk back to their parents. Families travel here to experience the traditions of more than 30,000 Amish residents. Family activities like horse-drawn buggy rides, farm-to-fork meals and Amish village visits.

How to choose wine for a party

Written by Erica Landis When I'm not writing blogs, being a mom, and overall superhero, I spend my time selling wine and spirits in a large retail store. The question I'm most frequently asked is... (insert panic-stricken customer voice here) Choosing wine for a party can be scary.

My Child Talks To Strangers

I call her "The Towne Crier" as she blurts out random facts. She will talk to strangers in the supermarket, at Target, at Toys "R" Us, at the park, at the bank, and the post office. If she sees a neighbor leaving their house or going to their car, she will yell to them "Hi!!

Things I Thought Were True In My Younger Years

So many things seemed true and certain in my younger years. Only through experience do we learn how unpredictable life really is. If you were to tell me in my wild twenties and thirties that I'd eventually always choose staying home over going out, I'd tell you not me!

When Grief Turns Superstition Into Compulsion

Superstition ruled my mind. More than I realized. Was it left hand over the right shoulder for spilled salt? Or was it the reverse? Heads up coins go in the right shoe. Tails up coins are given to the first person I see. Dropped silverware always signaled company was coming.

The Day My 4-Year-Old Daughter Discovered Tampons - Kveller

My 4-year-old daughter was playing on the bathroom floor while I took a shower today. I have my period right now and had my supplies all ready and waiting. Tampon, pad, and three Extra Strength Tylenol. When I turned the shower off and opened the frosted glass door, there she was.

Scary Mommy
I'm Done Overthinking My Personal Choices

I wore the wrong sneakers to the park the other day. I wore my black fabric sneakers that my co-worker Kaliff jokingly called my "skater shoes." They have zero support, but I love how they look. They look young. They look simple and fun. They look cool. Uncomplicated. Unencumbered. Unpretentious.

Scary Mommy
Best Things to Do in San Jose for Families

Do you know the way to San Jose? Aside from that question being a catchy Dionne Warwick song, San Jose has so much to offer in activities for kids and families. Filled with cutting-edge technology, multicultural people and food, and incredible examples of California's natural beauty, you will run out of time before you see it all.

Best Promotional Product Giveaway | Mines Press

Written by Erica Landis Ahhh, the promise and possibilities of a new year! Twelve GIANT months ahead of you to accomplish so much! Those squares on your new calendar will be penciled and starred and circled. Doctors appointments, vacations, weddings, communions, graduations, bar-mitzvahs,'s endless.

Promotional Drinkware | Mines Press

Written by Erica Landis Contemplating our lives... Pondering life's mysteries... Chats with friends, coworkers, or just the voices in our heads... Coffee breaks... Grabbing a drink after work... Late nights fueled by caffeine... What do all these moments have in common? Ready for it? A beverage. Beverages ground us.

Kindness Rocks | Mines Press

Written by Erica Landis Photo by Caroline Mewing Rocks. Good old-fashioned rocks have been a part of our childhoods forever. But have you ever found a painted rock? Or even painted one yourself? Some people call it the " Hide and Seek Rock Game", " Kindness Rocks" or " The Traveling Rock Project."

Dear Stress, Let's Break Up. | Mines Press

Written by Erica Landis For adults and children alike, many neurological conditions come with anxiety and sensory issues. Neurologists have suggested stress balls as a possible coping technique. Stress balls may help with concentration as well as the dreaded carpal tunnel syndrome. With our keyboard filled world, everyone knows someone who's had that painful condition.

The Effects of Affection, in Four Kisses

My daughter gives me four kisses. Mwah. Mwah. Mwah. Mwah. She says it's because she's four years old. Four quick yet purposeful kisses on my cheek. She holds my head still while she does it and counts in between kisses. One. Two. Three. Four. Four kisses when I leave for work.

Huzzah! The New York Renaissance Faire!

I had never been to a Renaissance Faire until I met my husband, Hal. I thought they were silly and a world I didn't belong in. I was more interested in museums and independent movies and reading and introspective walks. I sound totally snotty, right? I thought the costumes were silly and embarrassing, and the...

The Food That Made Me

I've been doing more cooking in my time away from work. As I look down at my hands as they chop and mix and stir and scoop, I think about my mother. Our hands are identical. And I remember th...

The Wiggles & Real Life & NJ

If there's one thing that happens to me when I see The Wiggles (yes, the Australian children's music super group), I cry. Noah LOVED the Wiggles. They were one of his favorites when he was still here. He watched them sing their songs on our giant television in our disaster of a living room -filled...