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Erica Ciccarone is a writer living in Nashville. She publishes news, art reviews, book reviews, personal essays, film reviews, and fiction, and from time to time, she produces radio features. She is writing her first novel in various cabins, cottages, and campers throughout Tennessee.

Eric Dickson's "War and Rumors of War" at Seed Space, Nashville - BURNAWAY

Eric Dickson's current exhibition at Seed Space, War and Rumors of War, may be the experimental art lab's most impressive yet. Dickson, an installation artist and political science professor at New York University, created a piece that rewards inquiry by offering more questions. He set up a network of motion detectors that visitors trip as...

Nashville Scene
When best friends choose different teams in the baby game

I'm making a baby quilt. Again. It's my third this year. The making of baby quilts is a salve I apply when I'm hurt that my best friends have moved on and embarked on the mysterious journey of motherhood. It's an antidote for loneliness, a spell that protects me from envy and self-pity.

More than "Stormy Weather"

The Black Calhouns: From Civil War to Civil Rights with One African American Family is more than the biography of entertainment trailblazer and civil-rights icon Lena Horne. Gail Lumet Buckley, Horne's daughter, traces the lives of her ancestors from emancipation to present-day America, fleshing out a cast of achievers, dreamers, and do-ers that contextualize the Lena Horne we know.

Socially Engaged Art: Marlos E'van's American Gothic -

BY ERICA CICCARONE Erica Ciccarone is an independent writer. She holds an M.F.A. from the New School in Creative Writing. She blogs about art at When Marlos E'van checked out the long-neglected building at 1808 Buchanan Street, he saw a space to mount his powerful pop-up exhibition Dyin' By Tha Gun!, a searing presentation of paintings, sculptures, and masks that takes a nosedive into racial injustice and police violence without looking back.

Mending as Metaphor: Mary Addison Hackett at Seed Space, Nashville - BURNAWAY

"Do you have something that needs mending?" Mary Addison Hackett says on opening night of "The Repair Project (And Other Affairs of Just Plain Living)" at Nashville's Seed Space. A man named Jeremy pulls a button-down plaid shirt from his bag. "I do," he says. The shirt is thin from many years of wear.

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