Emma Rosen

Author & Freelance Journalist

United Kingdom

Launched a project to experience in 25 jobs in a year to promote alternative ways of working and to encourage young people to gain more work experience in a diverse range of sectors before making major decisions.

Since completing the 25before25 project, Emma works as a freelance journalist, author and speaker.


25before25 Articles

Financial Times
Portfolio careers and footloose workers pose dilemma for staff retention

Emma Rosen has embarked on the ultimate portfolio career. Her goal is to have worked in 25 jobs before she reaches 25. “After university I joined the UK Civil Service’s fast track,” she explains. “But four weeks in, I realised it wasn’t what I wanted to do.”

The Telegraph
Why I'm trying out 25 jobs before I turn 25

Planning a holiday in North Korea? I can tell you where to go. How to take the best wedding photos? Watch for crucial moments, like the funniest joke in the best man's speech. What happens on an archaeological excavation in Transylvania?

Ghost Writing

Sky News
The Long Swim: Lewis Pugh's daily blog

Received 2 million hits a day. Lewis Pugh took on a huge challenge by swimming the length of the Channel - around 330 miles (530km) - from Cornwall to Dover. The swim, which he completed within 50 days, is part of the worldwide Action for Oceans campaign, which calls on governments to fully protect at least 30% of the world's oceans by 2030.


HuffPost UK
Turkmenistan: Burning Craters And Empty Cities

Standing at the edge of a crater the size of an American football field that is leaking flaming gas, my old nemesis of vertigo was making himself known. Or was it just the smell of the methane fumes?

TNT Magazine
Why you shouldn't cancel your trip to India

'ATM out of order.' 'Currency exchange closed.' 'Sorry, this bank has no cash.' This is what I was met with at Cochin International Airport, in India's southern state of Kerala. Every single bank, ATM and currency exchange had no money whats...

HuffPost UK
This Is What It's Really Like To Be A Tour Guide

It's safe to say, that being a tour leader sounds like the best job in the world. I interviewed tour leader, Kim Owen, whilst in Colombia, on her tour around South America to find out what it's really like. It turns out that it is pretty great, but like any job, it is also far more nuanced than that.

HuffPost UK
Eight Reasons Why You Should Go Overlanding

Photo credit: Author's own Huddled around a fire in a yurt next to a nomadic tribe on the Kyrgyz steppe at 3,500m above sea level, I know I would never been able to be there without overlanding.

HuffPost UK
British Jew Or Jewish Brit? Who Am I?

If there was one question that I went to Israel to answer, it was this. It is a question which has lurked at the back of my mind for several years and one which pushes me to consider and try to understand my identity, or rather, dual identities.

Mérida: Smoke Above The City

The city of Mérida is nestled high on a plateau in a valley that is edged by thick cloud. When I arrived, the whole city was engulfed in fog and the winds were high – a storm was brewing, both high above the city and on its streets, down below.

The Lightning Lake

Lake Maracaibo is the largest in South America. This however, is not why it’s famous. That comes from the nightly lightning displays over the lake from storms in every direction.

Lessons In Moroccan Mountaineering

I signed up to climb four of Morocco’s highest mountains in 48 hours. Mount Toubkal is the highest peak in North Africa, at 4,167m (13,671 ft), and the other three are only marginally smaller. To give you a sense of scale, the UK’s tallest mountain is 1,345m – roughly 30% of the size of Toubkal.

Interview with Explorer Sarah Outen

Sarah Outen MBE has been described as “obviously certifiably bonkers,” so I felt we clicked immediately. At 24, she had a bit of a different year to me, rowing from Australia to Mauritius - the first woman and youngest person ever to row solo across the Indian Ocean. This launched her career as an adventurer, author and speaker. She began her second expedition not long after, London2London: Via the World. Sarah looped the globe by woman-power alone, via rowing boat, bike and kayak –25,000...

Climbing Roraima: The Lost World

A black frog the size of my thumbnail hopped onto my boot; it exists only at the summit of this single mountain. Roraima Tepui has stood isolated for two billion years, a slab of standstone rock protruding for nearly 10,000ft from sea level and over 7,000ft from the savannah below.

Angel Falls: The World’s Tallest Waterfall Stands Alone

Angel Falls is hard to get to. Canaima Camp, the last settlement on the journey to the world’s tallest waterfall, is on the banks of a lagoon, deep in an area of the jungle that is only accessible by chartered plane from the nearest city, several hundred kilometres away.

Education and Careers News

HuffPost UK
Creating A Resilient Workforce

What would it be like if we were all fulfilled in our careers? I hope that many readers are happy and feel fulfilled in their working life. I assume that a significant proportion genuinely are.

HuffPost UK
The Millennial Contradiction

We want it all and we have been raised to expect it all. Except our expectations are dramatically failing to match up to the reality of a post-recession world. Job stability was the Holy Grail of our parents' generation, and with that came the benefits of financial security, home ownership and a relatively affordable cost of living.

The Untold
How To Get Grant Funding For Your Start-up

Your idea is no longer hypothetical; you might have done the planning and could be testing it. More than this, you might have a small team and be about to launch your product, or even have already launched and are looking to grow.

The Telegraph
Technical colleges are a failure, admits former education secretary Michael Gove

The University Technical Colleges (UTCs) programme is a failure, the former Education Secretary Michael Gove has admitted. Gove's confession comes after the seventh UTC closed in Oldham, after none of its students received a grade C or above in their GCSE exams. UTCs were one of Mr Gove's flagship policies, and launched in 2010 as part of the free school project.

The Telegraph
Michael Gove is spouting 'ill-informed rubbish' about technical colleges, says Lord Baker

He said that last year, across all UTCs, we had 1,292 leavers at 18, only five of whom became "neets" - that is, unemployed and not in any further education. Lord Baker added that 44 per cent went to university - compared to a national average of 38 per cent- while 29 per cent became apprentices, while the national average is 8.4 per cent.

The Telegraph
London ranked third best city in the world for university life

Edinburgh has moved up to 18th place from 33rd, Manchester rises 13 places to 23rd, while Glasgow is in 34th place, Coventry 39th and Nottingham 43rd. Just outside the top 50 are Birmingham in 55th place and Newcastle-upon-Tyne in 56th.

Radio and Podcasts

London's Peaks Podcast
Peak 20: Haringey with Emma Rosen

Do you love your job? What are the ingredients of a satisfying career? And why are we picky about our partners but content to settle for unsatisfactory careers? These are some of the questions Emma Rosen contemplates en route to the highest point in Haringey, the roundabout at the top of North Hill (129m).

The Career Farm
Testing 25 Jobs

How do you find out what you want to be when you grow up? Emma Rosen's parents asked her every year at New Year in a kind of social experiment. The recordings of those conversations became a useful source of inspiration when she found, after rotating on the graduate scheme on the Civil Service Fast ...

World News

HuffPost UK
In A Post-Truth Society, Does It Matter That The Trump Dossier Is Unverified?

The Trump campaign has been marked by nontraditional methods of persuading the population to vote for the Republican candidate, with obviously phenomenal success. At every turn, The Donald has seemed to defy expectations and scandal has seemed to slide off, where for every other American politician, it has stuck.

The Telegraph
Ecuador presidential hopeful pledges to evict Julian Assange from London embassy

However, it appears unlikely that Lasso will have the opportunity to fulfill his pledge, as he is trailing seven points behind Lenín Moreno, the ruling Country Alliance party's candidate. The first round of voting is due to take place on February 19, and candidates require at least 40 per cent of the vote, with a 10 per cent margin to win at the first round.

The Telegraph
Dozens injured in tornadoes across southern Louisiana

Six tornadoes hit New Orleans and the wider south Louisiana area on Tuesday, injuring around 40 people, destroying homes and leaving 16,000 buildings without power. Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards has declared a state of emergency, and deployed State Police and the Louisiana National Guard to support the New Orleans police.


Youtube - Careercake
25 Careers in 1 Year - Aimee Bateman Interviews Emma Rosen

Aimee Bateman of https://www.careercake.com talks to Emma Rosen, founder and blogger at https://www.25before25.co.uk. Following her own search for career fulfilment, Emma explored 25 careers in one year through work experience and shadowing. In this interview she discusses why she wanted to take this challenge and how things played out.


The Untold
Revolutionising How Los Niños Learn Languages

Meet the two twentysomethings revolutionising how children learn languages through the power of storytelling and their unique Clockwork Methodology. One Third Stories Words: Emma Rosen (25 Before 25) Images: One Third Stories 'nce upon a time, there was a little boy called Jonny. He was very excited because it was time for his first ever French lesson.

HuffPost UK
Solicitor To Homeless Supporter

I met Josh Taylor in an Afghan restaurant. We broke the ice over a 'couple's selection' of charcoal grilled meat, dhal and some obligatory naan. We share a passion for Central and South Asia, having met the year before in Kyrgyzstan, as you do.

HuffPost UK
Are Archaeologists Legitimate Treasure Hunters?

It rains a lot in the Carpathian Mountains. You can see the storm clouds roll over the top of the hills, threatening any fair-weather archaeologists in the valley where Sarmisegetuza is nestled, far below. Unfortunately, on several occasions I was part of that group of fair-weather archaeologists.

The Untold
KOMPAS - The Travel App That Learns What You Love To Do

Where machine learning meets travel; The Untold Journal spoke to Tom Charman, who co-founded the app that wants to uncover the world. ave you ever visited a city and wanted to go beyond the major landmarks and tourist traps, but not known where to start?

HuffPost UK
How To Be A Magic Maker

Ducking out of a packed Baker Street station in the middle of the school holidays, I headed towards Madame Tussauds and even more children. Luckily I was able to sneak around the back - I had been invited to interview George Paige, a Magic Maker for Merlin Entertainments.

Social Media and Trending News

The Telegraph
One of London's smallest houses is on sale for £600k - and it's only 290 square feet

Despite the current average detached property value being £1,788,081 in Chelsea, the average price per square foot is £1,717, making the Britten Street house especially high in value. The pint-size pad has a 166 sq ft ground floor reception room which acts as a living and dining room, with a small kitchen and downstairs shower room.

The Telegraph
Kurt Cobain's guitar on eBay for charity auction

The legendary Nirvana frontman's Hagstrom Blue Sparkle Deluxe guitar is available to buy on auction website eBay, with a portion of proceeds going to charity. Kurt Cobain owned the antique Hagstrom from 1992 until his death in 1994. Following this, Courtney Love gave it to close friend of Cobain's, who allegedly was also a member of a Seattle-based grunge group.

The Telegraph
Keeping up with the Kattarshians: Iceland's Big Brother for cats

A local Icelandic news website has started live streaming the exploits of four nine-week old kittens. The show, Keeping Up with the Kattarshians, is run in partnership with a cat shelter, to promote the adoption of stray cats. The kittens were found, along with their mother, in a car park in Reykjavik.