Emily Denny

United States

Emily Denny is a master's candidate at the Columbia Climate School at Columbia University. She is also a recent graduate of the University of California, Berkeley with degrees in environmental policy and English literature.

Professionally, Emily works as a journalist and writer. Her concern for climate issues stems from growing up on California's rural coast and she hopes her reporting can connect small communities to a global conversation on climate change.

State of the Planet
The Matterhorn: Alive With Vibrational Energy

Rigid, still, immobile - these are some of the words most would use to describe a mountain. But Jeff Moore prefers the verbs "shuddering, shaking, and swaying" instead. An associate professor of geology and geophysics at the University of Utah, Moore explained that geologists are taught to think about mountains in long time periods, spanning the entirety of Earth's history.

State of the Planet
Atmospheric Rivers Spur Debates on Flood Management in Washington State

After a series of storms dumped unprecedented amounts of rainfall on the northwestern corner of Washington last November, small communities in the Nooksack Valley were left severely flooded and asking questions about how to prevent flood damage in the future. But finding a solution to flooding isn't easy.

State of the Planet
Glacier Blankets in Switzerland Highlight Global Disparities in Fighting Climate Change

Ice cave facilities and ski resorts in Switzerland are covering their glaciers with blankets, known as geotextiles, to slow melting in a warming world. Although geotextiles have proven to be locally effective at slowing glacier melt, they have been criticized for being an expensive, unscalable, and inequitable display of the various ways communities are responding to climate change.

Maine Senator Introduces Green Amendment to Secure Clean Air and Water Rights - EcoWatch

But in a politically divided state that is warming faster than most parts of the U.S., Sen. Maxmin works to implement climate policy that both sides of the political spectrum can get behind. In early March, she introduced the Pine Tree Amendment, which would secure state citizens the right to a healthy environment in Maine's constitution.

State of the Planet
Blood Glacier and Creative Climate Storytelling for an Uncertain Future

An eerie mountain landscape, a handful of jump-scares, and plenty of gore - " Blood Glacier " may seem like every other low-budget horror film. But it has another story to tell. "In 2014 the last skeptics fall silent," the film's title card begins. "The climate disaster is worse than ever imagined...

The Daily Californian
The power of local government: Berkeley's environmental progress

California Primary Elections 2020 In January, Berkeley became the first U.S. city to ban natural gas pipes in new buildings, due to an initiative led by Berkeley City Councilmember Kate Harrison, which added to the city's long record of progressive environmental ordinances.

The Immigrant Story
A Place to Call Home | The Immigrant Story

Every time someone asks May Lui Tike where she's from, she answers: "I am not from anywhere." She has a good reason for this response: "If I say Burma, I have never been to Burma and if I say Thailand I have never been to Thailand," she says.

Oregon ArtsWatch
Bala: Former Intel engineer composes a new life

EDITOR'S NOTE: "Bala: Former Intel engineer composes a new life," Emily Denny's story about Portland composer and music producer Balamurali Balu, was published originally on Dec. 31, 2021, by The Immigrant Story. An ArtsWatch Community Partner, the Portland-based organization, as its name suggests, tells stories of people who come to the United States from around the world to make new lives.

The Immigrant Story
Always Ready to Answer the Call | The Immigrant Story

When Alla Shapiro answered the phone early one Saturday morning, her father was on the line, warning of a rumor he had heard from a U.S. radio station. A nuclear explosion had occurred, he told her, not far from where they lived in Kyiv, Ukraine.