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Emily Denny

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Emily Denny is a freelance writer and graduate of UC Berkeley with degrees in environmental policy and English literature. Her concern for climate issues stems from growing up on the rural coast and she hopes her reporting can connect small communities to a global conversation on climate.

Trump's Failed Environmental Policies Caused 22,000 Deaths, New Report Finds

A new report by a commission of health experts found 22,000 deaths in 2019 were caused by Trump's failed environmental policies alone. The report was published by The Lancet, an esteemed medical journal whose "wade into the politics behind health policy is highly unusual," Bloomberg Green reported.

The Immigrant Story
Always Ready to Answer the Call | The Immigrant Story

When Alla Shapiro answered the phone early one Saturday morning, her father was on the line, warning of a rumor he had heard from a U.S. radio station. A nuclear explosion had occurred, he told her, not far from where they lived in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Artificial Border Walls Impede Wildlife Adapting to Climate Change

As parts of the world become drier and hotter, wildlife adapt by moving to more suitable habitats. But human-made borders could stand in the way, researchers warn. A first-time study examined how human-made barriers could restrict wildlife movement as their habitats become uninhabitable due to climate change.

Big Ideas Entrepreneurs Respond to COVID-19

For many entrepreneurs who come out of the University of California's Big Ideas social innovation contest, the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic are motivating them to find creative ways to shift their business strategies to stay busy and afloat - and to help as many people as possible in this difficult time.

The Immigrant Story
Say Goodbye to All Your Problems | Many Roads to Here

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 24:40 - 23.4MB) | Embed It's 2010 and Johana Amani is 10 years old. She is speeding through the Congo in the middle of the night on the back of a stranger's motorcycle. She and her mother and younger sister fleeing from domestic abuse and the political influence of her father.

The Daily Californian
The power of local government: Berkeley's environmental progress

California Primary Elections 2020 In January, Berkeley became the first U.S. city to ban natural gas pipes in new buildings, due to an initiative led by Berkeley City Councilmember Kate Harrison, which added to the city's long record of progressive environmental ordinances.

The ClimateMusic Project
Music for a Sustainable Future

Dawuni wasn't alone. Joined by over 25 other global artists of various genres, like violinist Scarlet Rivera, film composer Heitor Pereira, and hip-hop artist AY Young, artists shared their response to this question. Together, they created a hopeful response to the growing climate crisis.

Amplifying Marginalized Voices through Film

She explained that recently a community college student, who had previously served 19 years in prison and viewed the "FITE" screening on the UCLA campus in 2017, was recently admitted to UC Berkeley as a transfer student. The student told her viewing the film had inspired him to keep pursuing education.

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