Elodie Machler

Healthcare PR Professional

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Running amateur. People-watching expert. Color-coordinating enthusiast.


Short stories

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An Open Letter to My Parents on Their 25th Anniversary

Dear Mom and Dad, This November 24th marked your silver anniversary, a.k.a. 25 years together. A quarter of a century. Four more years than I've even been alive. It's insane. As you know, I'm an extremely sappy and emotional person just like both of you (especially Dad), so I felt the need to commemorate this milestone with a letter.

10 Thoughts Every Pre-Med Student Has During Finals Week

Managing Wake Forest's pre-med requirements on a random week in October is challenging enough, but once finals roll around, juggling the heavy readings, stressful exams, and never-ending labs becomes an exhausting whirlwind. Here are 10 thoughts every pre-med student has during finals week. 1. How is it legal to be taking two science classes at once?

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