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As early as 15, I was making splashes in the writing sphere of the Greater Miami Area with a "Best News Story" win at the prestigious Peace Sullivan/James Ansin High School Workshop in Journalism and News Media. I went on to earn a Presidential Scholarship at Florida International University where I majored in English Literature and Composition. I have gone on to write for FIU's official publications as well as a new media startup where I facilitated viewership growth. I also dabbled with social branding through my brief time as the Head of PR at my former residence, Parkview Hall. I am currently looking for my next adventure.

The Only Asian in the Room.

I'm no stranger to being the only Asian in the room. Years of being the "Chinese" kid in class (technically Filipino-Chinese) have jaded away my hopes of not being the default "other". If anything, I wore it as a badge of honor.

A Secret to Keeping Millennials: Remote Days

Some time by the end of the year, Millennials are set to displace Baby Boomers as the largest population group in the United States. We're seeing it in the workplaces as the numbers of iPhone-loving, norm-breaking "youngsters" rise as time goes by.

Taylor Swift lives up to her "Reputation" on new album - PantherNOW

This past August, Taylor Swift declared that the "old Taylor" was dead on her chart-topping single "Look What You Made Me Do" to the surprise of fans and the collective eyerolls of everyone else. However, with the release of her latest LP, "reputation", that bold claim is disproved.

Students organize walk-out protest for Congress to create "clean" DACA bill - PantherNOW

Concerned by congressional disagreements and roadblocks, some University students organized a protest on Thursday, Nov. 9 for a "clean" Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals bill that would provide protections for the undocumented individuals without compromises. After a walk-out from classes, students rallied outside of the Graham Center.

New app 'Yik Yak' piques student interest - PantherNOW

Eljohn Macaranas/Contributing Writer [email protected] Social networking has not lost its mojo, especially at FIU. Every week on campus, millions of Facebook posts, Instagrams, Vines and tweets flood the cyberspace. Now they will be joined by the latest networking craze to hit smartphones - Yik Yak.

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