Elizabeth Nimni

Volunteer & Amateur Interior Designer

United States

Elizabeth Nimni is a proud volunteer of Homeboy Industries and Lovebugs Rescue. In her spare time, she enjoys dabbling with interior design and home decorating. Nimni is a fan of the Do-it-Yourself approach and hopes to inspire others to do the same!

Interior Design Consulting by Elizabeth Nimni

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Elizabeth Nimni

For Elizabeth Nimni, decor is as expressive as writing a poem or painting a portrait. By assembling together unique furniture pieces and decorations, Nimni sets out to represent her clients' personalities in her interior design projects. Based in Miami, Florida, she is largely inspired by the free and creative nature of her city's culture.

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Elizabeth Nimni

Elizabeth Nimni first found herself fascinated with interior design when she decided to take a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) approach in her own home. The small projects showed her that she has a natural ability of bringing artistry and personality into a household. Keeping pace with style and design trends, Nimni often takes a page from other interior designers' books.

Elizabeth Nimni

Elizabeth Nimni is a proud contributor to and volunteer of Homeboy Industries. Founded on the idea that everyone deserves a second chance, Homeboy is a support network for former gang members. The initiative supports these individuals throughout their rehabilitation. Offering a variety of services that 'heal,' Homeboy helps participants mend relationships with family, pursue an education, achieve sobriety and find employment.

Elizabeth Nimni on Behance

Elizabeth Nimni is a creative Home Decorator. She enjoys breathing new life into spaces in need of a touch of personality. Her approach is indicative of who she is, both personally and professionally. Nimni believes strongly in the concept of potential, regardless of the past.