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MCR Live
LIVE: Ought @ Gorilla | MCR Live - Blog. Music, Culture & Radio

Twitter started to do a strange thing quite a while ago now - rather than show you the tweets of people you follow in chronological order, arguably, exactly what Twitter was meant to do and literally the only thing people want it to do, it shows you tweets that other people you follow have liked, seemingly at random.

Silent Radio

ALBERT HALL, MANCHESTER- Reader, I am hungover. I wish this were not the case, I only had two pints last night, but after waking up much too early, my head is humming, and I don't know if drinking any more is a good idea oh but Tracy has bought me another pint so I guess [...]

Silent Radio
LIVE: MEXRRISSEY - 27/04/2018

ALBERT HALL, MANCHESTER- Is there a word for that thing the Church does where they re-write the life of a Saint retrospectively? As in, St. Patrick probably was actually a really great guy, but he probably didn't drive all the snakes out of Ireland. St.

Silent Radio
LIVE: ST. VINCENT - 18/10/2017

APOLLO, MANCHESTER- Annie Clark (stage name St. Vincent) told Pitchfork earlier this month: "All human beings create their own mythologies, and I'm in the somewhat bizarre circumstance of creating a big mythology that gets shared with a lot of people. In some ways, doing the work that I do is about reinventing a value system.

Silent Radio

MANCHESTER ARENA- There's a part near the beginning of the recent Nick Cave documentary, which charts the making of Skeleton Tree, his latest album with the Bad Seeds, in which he says: "Isn't it the invisible things, the lost things, that have so much mass? And are as big as the universe?"

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Rocking Up for the First Time

David McFarlane is a Boltonian musician, composer, and guitarist living in Manchester. His interests lie in community music-making, improving access to music, and creative music technology. He has recently completed his first week of work at TiPP, sharing his skills as a musician with you

Revoice! Magazine
David McFarlane - Rain and Rainbows: Ambivalence, Optimism, Wonderwall

I wrote about Wonderwall for the first issue of Revoice! back when it launched, and I've wanted to write a follow-up ever since. Luckily, living in Manchester there is no shortage of Wonderwall in my life as inspiration, and the song has a habit of popping up elsewhere too.


Manchester Science Festival
Seeing Sound: A Chromesthesia Concert - Manchester Science Festival

This is a past event from Manchester Science Festival 2018. Ever wanted to taste colour? Or feel a smell? Or see music? This chromesthesia concert is for you. Based on the very real medical condition of sensory wires in the brain getting muddled, experience how technology can render this phenomenon in real time with a string quartet.