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Arts and performance journalism

The Seattle Times
Desdemona Chiang's theater directing spans genres and geographies

Desdemona Chiang can’t see into the future, but that’s not going to stop her from trying. The prolific director, 37, who has a new show opening at Seattle Public Theater (SPT) this week, is hesitant to ascribe too much responsibility for social change to the theater.

Theater criticism

The Seattle Times
The Williams Project's 'Marisol' is an apocalyptic show for our apocalyptic-feeling times

The faint scent of distant wildfires and a low, hazy sky functioned as the backdrop to the opening of José Rivera’s “Marisol,” from The Williams Project, last Friday, Aug. 13. Performed outdoors, through Aug. 29, it’s one of Seattle’s first full-scale theater productions since the pandemic began. But before the show, director Ryan Guzzo Purcell’s safety preamble had nothing to do with COVID-19.

City Arts Magazine
Thrilling, Mesmerizing, Discomfiting: 'An Octoroon' at ArtsWest

Branden Jacobs-Jenkins' An Octoroon is a play that gives you a shot in the arm and a punch to the gut. It's thrilling and mesmerizing and discomfiting. It's framed by meta-theatrical pretense, but its center is a kind of artifice that used to be more palatable to theatre audiences: the melodrama.

In 'Blackbird', a Harrowing Return to a Haunting Past

A queasy feeling descends early watching Scottish playwright David Harrower’s 2005 play, Blackbird. The setting is deadly depressing: a charmless break room in an anonymous warehouse, a folding table and chairs sitting among piles of food packaging strewn everywhere. The theater’s air conditioner moans with regularity, providing the perfect soundscape to this fluorescent-lit hell, and perhaps, offering a reminder to breathe.

The Seattle Times
Book-It's 'The Picture of Dorian Gray' nails the sensual and spooky mood

The stage is swathed in omnipresent murk in Book-It Repertory Theatre’s stylishly languorous production of “The Picture of Dorian Gray.” This haze that never seems to lift signifies the actual — clouds of cigarette smoke or an oppressively foggy London night — and the intangible — the amoral miasma that Dorian chooses to live in.

News and feature reporting

The Oklahoman
Tax extension brings penalty

Residents of three Oklahoma counties were eligible to file their tax returns late this year, but the state Tax Commission is sending many of those taxpayers penalty notices anyway.