Doris Zeger

Vegan ● Athlete ● Chef ● Gardener

United States

Modern Restaurant Management
Veganuary and Beyond: Capitalizing on Growing Plant-Based Trend

The evidence is clear: more restaurant guests are interested in plant-based and vegan menu items. Veganuary—the practice of going vegan for the first month of the year—began in 2014 and its numbers have doubled each year.

Best Company
10 Vegan-Friendly Foundations to Add to Your Makeup Routine

Many people no longer want the cheapest makeup products but rather look for healthy products that are more socially or economically conscious. Since 1980, the public has been fighting for animal rights and countries throughout the world have slowly implemented restrictions or have banned animal testing. (continued)

Montclair Local News
Local Montclair High School student raises money as personal trainer - Montclair Local News

Rising Montclair High School senior Doris Zeger loves to work out, design workout programs and do charitable work as well. This summer, Zeger launched a personal training service in which she donates 20 percent of the earnings to the Montclair Human Needs Pantry a non-profit organization providing food, clothing and other services to people in need who live in Montclair and neighboring communities in Essex County. (continued)

Eat This Not That
12 Delicious Vegan Ice Cream Picks | Eat This Not That

Vegan ice cream is a popular sweet treat with dairy allergies, those embracing a plant-based diet, or anyone looking for an alternative to traditional ice cream. These days, there are more vegan ice cream options than ever, with products made with different types of non-dairy milk and in an abundance of flavors. (continued)

Edible® Blog
28 Foodies Share Their Favorite Veggie Smoothie Recipes - Edible® Blog

Smoothies are a delicious, refreshing treat any time of day. With endless flavor combinations and possibilities, they can fit your healthy lifestyle, too. Veggie smoothies are the perfect choice for people who follow a vegetarian diet, as well as those who simply want to pack more nutrients into their daily diet. (continued)

3 Speed KitchenAid Blender

I'm a teen vegan from the NYC suburb of Montclair, NJ. My favorite kitchen and food prep gadget is the KitchenAid Immersion Blender. I use it to prepare delicious smoothies, soups, and cashew cheese. (continued)

Vegan Teen Athlete Raises $700 For Cancer Research

A New Jersey teen has raised more than $700 for charity through sales of her homemade vegan cookies. The 16-year-old vegan, chef, and bodybuilder, Doris Zeger, is saving for Cycle for Survival, a fundraiser for the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, and its research. (continued)

Soul Health International

MHS Teen to Sell Vegan Cookies for Cycle for Survival Doris Zeger, a 15 year-old sophomore at Montclair High School, will sell homemade vegan oatmeal raisin cookies on Friday, 12/29 from 11:00AM to... (continued)


"I'm excited and grateful to raise money for Cycle for Survival," says Doris, who has raised over $700 for the organization with her bake sales. "I'm also happy to share my love for veganism by... (continued)