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Thailand's islands: The definitive guide

Covering 109 islands in Thailand clustered into six zones, this is the definitive guide for the traveller looking to find the right Thai island for them

Isaan road trip: Searching for normalcy in Thailand's northeast

Despite delivering an intensely flavorful cuisine to go with serene Mekong valley scenery and a strong list of natural and historical attractions, Thailand's northeast Isaan region drew only a small fraction of the numbers of foreign tourists who flocked to other Thai destinations before the pandemic.

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Enter the Phuket Sandbox

Thailand's ambitious "Phuket Sandbox" programme aims to reboot international tourism without quarantine.

In Thailand, opinion on cannabis is changing. How far will it go?

David Luekens September 18, 2019 Modern Asia's first medical cannabis clinic blends into a concrete hospital complex in Prachinburi, a languid town 100 km east of Bangkok. Dotted with fish farms and shaded by tamarind trees, the muddy Bang Pakong River flows by out front. Somewhere out back, cannabis is growing.

Thailand hopes to have bullet trains running by 2023

After years of discussion, it's finally happening. Bullet trains are coming to Thailand. But with one project under construction, another approved and others being considered, many in the country are debating whether high-speed rail (HSR) will be the right fit.

Ko Mook: The island that turned me into an island lover

Right around dusk, the longtail ferry shoved off as the azure blue and indigo of the sky reflected on the Andaman Sea's teal surface. It was one of the most calming scenes I'd ever been a part of - and we hadn't even reached the island yet.

Kaeng Krachan: Jungle curry in a rainstorm

Look away from your device right now, if you can, and picture a trip you've taken. Any trip, be it to a Thai island or elsewhere in Asia or anywhere at all, at any time in your life. Don't sort through your travel memories like a file cabinet, trying to pick one out.