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For Taiwanese Biotech, "The Keyword is Collaboration"

Taiwan's biotech sector is growing rapidly and increasingly embracing advanced fields such as precision medicine and AI. However, Johnsee Lee, chairman of the Taiwan Bio Industry Organization warns that the island's bio industry must become even more collaborative in order to achieve further success and increase its global market share.

Pharma CEO Pair Become China's Richest Couple

Following Hansoh's recent IPO in Hong Kong, CEO Zhong Huijuan and husband Sun Piaoyang, CEO of Jiangsu Hengrui, are now officially the wealthiest couple in China. Sun, a former high school chemistry teacher, and Zhong, a former factory technician, overtake Robin Li, founder of Chinese search engine giant Baidu, and his wife, to claim the number one spot.

Chinese Government Outlines Healthcare Reform Priorities

More accessible and affordable healthcare for all: China's government has outlined several proposals to expand healthcare reform in a report released 4th June by the General Office of the State Council. These proposals include improving disease and treatment systems, expanding rural healthcare, and reforming hospital management and pricing.

Lingo Live
Moving to and thriving in foreign environments - Lingo Live

As a Lingo Live remote employee, I'm able to live anywhere in the world - as long as it has a wifi connection! I enjoy living in new and different places, and also working for a company who believes in experiencing and learning about other cultures.

Toledo, Spain: City Of Wonder

Toledo, Spain is a cultural gem. Upon entering the old town through the keyhole-shaped city gate, visitors will feel as though they have been transported back several centuries to a magical kingdom.

Travel Blue Book
Majestic Welsh Castles: Cardiff Castle & Caerphilly Castle | Travel Blue Book

If you happen to be visiting the United Kingdom, it's worth your while to stop in Wales. Known as "rebel territory" for many years by the English, it's now a safe, friendly, and charming area with intriguing historic sites and rolling landscapes. It boasts castles that are more than 2,000 years old.

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