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Chinese Pharma's Latest Race to the Bottom on Pricing - PharmaBoardroom

China's roll-out of a 25-province expansion to the 4+7 pilot procurement scheme has seen pharma companies scrambling to cut prices for their drugs even further in the latest bidding war. Pharma companies in China are facing yet another intense race to the bottom on pricing. On the 24th of September, the country's 10-month pilot ...

Top 10 Chinese Pharma Companies - PharmaBoardroom

China's booming pharmaceutical industry has been rapidly expanding to become the second largest pharmaceutical market globally. The following are the top ten Chinese pharma companies from 2018, with revenues reaching over USD 1 billion. Sinopharm Group CEO: Yong Liu HKEx 1099:HK Sinopharm Group, the largest member of the China National Pharmaceutical Group, was officially established ...

Drug Shortages in Russia: An Increasing Concern - PharmaBoardroom

Russia is facing a drug shortage crisis which is having a particular impact on patients with life-threatening conditions. A combination of geopolitical and bureaucratic issues are restricting the flow of medications to the patients who need them the most. An alarming shortage of medicines in Russia is driving some patients to drastic measures to ...

Chinese Biotechs Flock to IPO in Hong Kong - PharmaBoardroom

2019 was a bumper year for biotech companies listing on the Hong Kong Exchange (HKEx), with nine pre-revenue biotechs and eight revenue-generating biotech and biotech-related firms, mostly originating from mainland China, listing last year. The average amount of funds raised by these was a whopping four to five times higher than the US average, with ...

2019 A Boom Year for UK Biotech, Despite Brexit Concerns - PharmaBoardroom

Although biotech financing in the UK took a hit last year in large part thanks to uncertainty around Brexit, 2019 was still the British industry's third-best year on record. The UK's exit from the European Union looms large over all British industries, including pharmaceuticals and biotech.

First Antibiotic Discovered Using Artificial Intelligence - PharmaBoardroom

Artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly being utilised in the drug discovery process, with the latest breakthrough being the development of an antibiotic that is powerful enough to combat resistant bacteria strains via a deep learning algorithm. AI has the power to enable biopharmaceutical companies to reduce costs and improve success rates in drug discovery ...

5 Women to Know in Asian Pharma

In the past year, PharmaBoardroom has spoken to several of the most impressive female pharma leaders working in Asia today. These women are breaking new ground and managing some of Big Pharma's most important global affiliates. Here, five of Asian pharma's top female executives give exclusive insights into their successes and how others can follow in their footsteps.

Lingo Live
Moving to and thriving in foreign environments - Lingo Live

As a Lingo Live remote employee, I'm able to live anywhere in the world - as long as it has a wifi connection! I enjoy living in new and different places, and also working for a company who believes in experiencing and learning about other cultures.

Toledo, Spain: City Of Wonder

Toledo, Spain is a cultural gem. Upon entering the old town through the keyhole-shaped city gate, visitors will feel as though they have been transported back several centuries to a magical kingdom.