Denzil Walton

Freelance Writer

I am a freelance writer based in Belgium. Most of my time is spent writing for companies in diverse fields such as technology, energy, automation and sustainability. But I also write for Flanders Today on a variety of topics. Here I display some of these articles.


The First World War in Belgium

How it all began
An article tracing the First World War in Flanders, from Day One to Armistice
Brothers in arms
Over 600,000 Canadians fought in the First World War, with 1 in 10 a casualty.
One foot in the past
A visit to the Memorial Museum Passchendaele 1917 in Zonnebeke; which focuses on that horrific battle during the First World War
The Destruction of Flanders
The article deals with the iconoclasm of 1566, and the burning of Leuven by the occupying German troops in 1914.
The Iron Harvest
Almost 100 years after hostilities ended, unexploded ordnance from the Great War is still being discovered, often with fatal results
The art of war
A powerful exhibition in Ypres illustrates the tragedies of conflict
Talbot House
The remarkable story of a soldiers' refuge from the bombs, in Poperinge
Landscapes of War
This article deals with the extraordinary story of reconstruction and renewal in Flanders Fields, after the guns fell silent on the Western Front.

Nature, tourism, history

Het Zwin Nature Park
A day at the new Zwin Nature Park on the Belgian Coast
The floating village
For five weeks, a team of Belgian scientists caught bugs, saved snakes and listened to frogs along 1000 kilometres of the Congo River
Red river
Follow the Dijle to Sint-Agatha-Rode and immerse yourself in the beauty of nature
Saved by a Spaniard
Bornem is one of the most culturally richest towns in Flanders, thanks to some cash injection from the south
Saving the world you've seen
Dixie Dansercoer's next expedition could be his most ambitious yet
Gateway to Nature
Flanders' national park is open all year round but comes into its own in the summer
Material world
Economic crises are nothing new in Flanders. One of the worst occurred in the cloth industry nearly seven hundred years ago
Fatal attraction
On the outskirts of Brussels, Gaasbeek Castle has had a torrid history

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