Denzil Walton

Freelance Writer


In my 30 years of living in Belgium, I have written many articles focusing on the First World War in this country. Here is a selection.


The First World War in Belgium

Flanders Today
How it all began

An article tracing the First World War in Flanders, from Day One to Armistice

Flanders Today
Landscapes of War

This article deals with the extraordinary story of reconstruction and renewal in Flanders Fields, after the guns fell silent on the Western Front.

Flanders Today
The Destruction of Flanders

The article deals with the iconoclasm of 1566, and the burning of Leuven by the occupying German troops in 1914.

Flanders Today
Making history

The Battle of Messines remembered, 100 years on

Flanders Today
Pride of Ypres

Symbolic Menin Gate lions return to site of the bloodiest First World War battle

Flanders Today
The Iron Harvest

Almost 100 years after hostilities ended, unexploded ordnance from the Great War is still being discovered, often with fatal results

Flanders Today
The trauma of war

Exhibition shows effects of war through the decades

Flanders Today
Battle Lines

Multilingual anthology reveals universality of war poetry

Flanders Today
Brothers in arms

Over 600,000 Canadians fought in the First World War, with 1 in 10 a casualty.

Flanders Today
One foot in the past

A visit to the Memorial Museum Passchendaele 1917 in Zonnebeke; which focuses on that horrific battle during the First World War

Flanders Today
The art of war

A powerful exhibition in Ypres illustrates the tragedies of conflict

Flanders Today
Talbot House

The remarkable story of a soldiers' refuge from the bombs, in Poperinge