Dennis stolpner

Dennis Stolpner

Anti-Aging Specialist, Florida

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Dennis Stolpner is a professional researcher based in Orlando Florida who specializes in Anti-Aging methods. Stolpner is also an active volunteer with the American Red Cross.

Dennis Stolpner
American Red Cross in Need of Donor Diversity

Every Monday in Oklahoma, the American Red Cross, Langston University and ONEOK are hosting Sickle Cell Awareness blood drives. Dennis Stolpner explains why the initiative is in desperate need of donor diversity: Patients battling sickle cell anemia require multiple blood transfusions each year. These blood transfusions are live-saving.

Dennis Stolpner

Dennis Stolpner is an Anti-Aging Specialist who dives deep into research related to Diabetes, Vitamin D and Omega 3 Fatty Acid Supplementation. He has also contributed his research to publications centered on studies in Cardiothoracic Surgery, Oncology and Trauma Surgery.

Dennis Stolpner
Emily Ratajkowski's fave anti-aging cream

What if Dennis Stolpner, Anti-Aging, told you that you can look like Emily Ratajkowski? Well, at least when it comes to her anti-aging regimen! Dennis Stolpner highlights the product she credits with reducing her skin flare ups: Emily Ratajkowski claims that this product has been a go-to for her all pandemic...

Dennis Stolpner
Health Foundation Grant Benefits OK Red Cross

This past week, the American Red Cross of Oklahoma was awarded a generous grant from a local Health Foundation. Red Cross volunteer and supporter, Dennis Stolpner, shares the chapter's recent announcement: The American Red Cross of Oklahoma has recently received a $25,000 grant thanks to the efforts of the Presbyterian Health Foundation.

Dennis Stolpner
American Red Cross Honors Hero Veteran

This week, the American Red Cross honored a United States military veteran with the organization's highest award. A momentous occasion, the veteran was presented with the award one year after saving a citizen's life - on Veterans Day, no less! Dennis Stolpner and the American Red Cross confidently speak for most Americans when they say...

Dennis Stolpner
Red Cross Releases Interesting COVID-19 Finding

According to a statement recently released by the American Red Cross, 2% of their blood donors have tested positive for COVID-19 antibodies. Dedicated Red Cross Disaster Relief Volunteer, Dennis Stolpner shares the story: After months of social distancing, the American Red Cross has struggled to draw in blood donations.

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Dennis Stolpner to Highlight Red Cross News

Dennis Stolpner August 24, 2020 - In a new blog series, Dennis Stolpner is highlighting events and initiatives that are currently being launched by the American Red Cross across the country. A dedicated Red Cross Volunteer, Stolpner is actively involved with the organization. In his blog series, which is currently on-going, the dedicated volunteer...

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Dennis Stolpner

In the United States, Dennis Stolpner has solidified his expertise as an Anti Aging Specialist. He is board certified and a member of the American Board of Anti-Aging.

Dennis Stolpner

An expert in Anti Aging research, Dennis Stolpner is a proud member of the American Board of Anti-Aging. Stolpner is also affiliated with organizations the likes of Housecall MD, Locums Inc., and Outreach Care Group.

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