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Freelance writer

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I’m a Wellington based writer who mostly writes about travel, including New Zealand, Japan, culture, history, and solo travel.

Recent destinations include Queenstown, Dunedin and Hamilton. My next trip is to Auckland.

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Back to nature

One of New Zealand's earliest farms, Mana Island is now a scientific reserve. Denise Stephens learns about the restoration projects

Australia and New Zealand open up Trans-Tasman Bubble - AviationSource

WELLINGTON - Air New Zealand flight NZ0245 to Sydney departed from Wellington Airport on Monday 19 April, the first scheduled international flight from the airport in over a year. The international terminal has been used for domestic flights during that time, with the duty-free store and immigration area cordoned off.

The JR Pass - Is It Worth It?

The JR Pass (or Japan Rail Pass) has long been a staple item when planning travel to Japan. First-time visitors to Japan are frequently advised to get a JR Pass to save money. This advice is very misleading - it all depends on your itinerary.

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Where to find Tokyo's prettiest gardens | Tokyo, Japan - travelstoke

Tokyo is famous for its urban landscapes, but its beautiful gardens are an ideal escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. Japanese gardens are carefully designed to create miniature landscapes which make it easy to forget that you're in a big city.

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