Dana Drugmand

Freelance Journalist

Dana recently completed a Master's degree in Environmental Law & Policy with a certificate in Climate Law from Vermont Law School. Prior to attending VLS she worked as a reporter at several weekly newspapers and as a freelance environmental journalist. She has also interned at the Worldwatch Institute, Vermont Natural Resources Council, Schumacher Center for a New Economics, Center for EcoTechnology, EcoLogic Development Fund, OurEarth.org, and YES! Magazine.

At a time when both the media and the environment are under attack by the new presidential administration, and when the market for environmental journalism is dwindling, Dana is determined to use her sharp writing and reporting skills and her knowledge of environmental issues to defy "alternative facts" and keep the public informed. Topics of specialization include climate change, clean energy, and citizen activism.

United States


Environmental Clips

Climate Liability News

France, home of the Paris Agreement, sued for lack of climate progress

Amid increasingly urgent warnings that the world is nowhere close to meeting the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement, several nonprofit organizations initiated legal action...

Climate Liability News

Study: Businesses vastly underestimate climate impacts, costs

Despite recent reports that highlight the potentially devastating economic impact of climate change, the business world may not be taking the threat seriously enough, according...


The Koch Brothers' Last Ditch Attempt to Kill the Electric Vehicle Tax Credit

As Congress debates what, if anything, to do with the federal electric vehicle (EV) tax credit, the oil industry is fighting to kill the popular incentive, which is hitting some...

The Berkshire Edge

Lawmakers grill gas company executives on safety practices after devastating explosion

Boston - Three months after an overpressurized gas line caused fiery explosions and one fatality in the Merrimack Valley, executives from Massachusetts' five major gas utilities...

Climate Liability News

Miami aims to protect low-income residents from climate displacement

As Miami struggles to plan for the impact of rising seas, its City Commission has taken the unusually forward-looking step of trying to protect low-income residents from being...

Climate Liability News

National climate report details huge costs, could boost climate liability suits

The cost of climate change has already reached into the billions of dollars and the tab will continue rising along with global temperature and sea levels, according to the...

Equal Exchange

The Current Storm: The Realities of Climate Change for Cacao Producers

On Thursday October 11th, a group of activists, teachers, friends and allies gathered in the Equal Exchange cafe for a discussion on chocolate and climate change hosted by the...

Climate Liability News

Latest youth-led climate lawsuit launched against Canada

Canada is likely to be the next national government to face a climate lawsuit launched by young people. ENvironnement JEUnesse (ENJEU), a Quebec-based environmental education...

Climate Liability News

Vanuatu, tiny Pacific island, could file first national climate suit

Officials in the South Pacific island of Vanuatu said they are considering suing fossil fuel companies and nations that support the industry for their role in climate change,...

Climate Liability News

Commercial fishermen latest to sue oil companies for climate impacts

A group of commercial fishermen are joining the legal fight against the fossil fuel industry for its role in climate change. A new lawsuit by the Pacific Coast Federation of...

Climate Liability News

As wildfires rage, California faces the next reckoning: Costs

As major wildfires once again rage across California, fueled by extended drought and a warming climate, the immediate danger to life and property are almost certain to be...

Climate Liability News

Why a Supreme Court ruling on lead paint could impact climate cases

On the surface, a liability verdict involving lead paint poisoning might not seem like it has much to do with climate change, but a recent Supreme Court decision has legal...


Koch Industries Lobbies Against Electric Vehicle Tax Credit

Koch Industries is calling for the elimination of tax credits for electric vehicles (EVs), all while claiming that it does not oppose plug-in cars and inviting the elimination...

Climate Liability News

Judge agrees to divest from Exxon before New York climate fraud case

A New York judge agreed to sell his stock in ExxonMobil to resolve a potential conflict of interest flagged by the New York attorney general's office after it filed its lawsuit...

Climate Liability News

Big Oil wins big on election day, defeating carbon fee, fracking restrictions

The fossil fuel industry succeeded on several fronts in Tuesday's midterm elections: working to defeat two major ballot measures it opposed in Washington and Colorado and...

Climate Liability News

Trump administration files another set of appeals to stop kids climate case

Despite continual rejections of its many appeals to stop the landmark youth climate case Juliana v. United States , the Trump administration is continuing its effort to thwart...

Climate Liability News

Alaska judge dismisses youth climate suit vs. state government

A judge in Alaska has dismissed a youth-led climate change case against the state's government. The lawsuit alleged that the state's pro-fossil fuel energy policy exacerbates...

Climate Liability News

German government faces lawsuit over its failure to meet climate goals

Three families in Germany are suing their government hoping to compel it to cut carbon emissions as it has promised, joining a growing trend of citizens worldwide taking legal...

Climate Liability News

French communities demand climate action from oil giant Total

The French cities and organizations challenging Total say that its vigilance plan is inadequate and does not meet the legal requirements. In the letter, they write that Total's...