Dana Drugmand

Freelance Journalist

Dana recently completed a Master's degree in Environmental Law & Policy with a certificate in Climate Law from Vermont Law School. Prior to attending VLS she worked as a reporter at several weekly newspapers and as a freelance environmental journalist. She has also interned at the Worldwatch Institute, Vermont Natural Resources Council, Schumacher Center for a New Economics, Center for EcoTechnology, EcoLogic Development Fund, OurEarth.org, and YES! Magazine.

At a time when both the media and the environment are under attack by the new presidential administration, and when the market for environmental journalism is dwindling, Dana is determined to use her sharp writing and reporting skills and her knowledge of environmental issues to defy "alternative facts" and keep the public informed. Topics of specialization include climate change, clean energy, and citizen activism.

United States


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Climate Liability News

Despite two dismissals, climate liability lawsuits only just getting started

When two federal judges dismissed climate liability lawsuits by San Francisco, Oakland and New York City, it wasn't the end of the road for those suits or others of their kind....

Climate Liability News

Supreme Court refuses to halt kids climate case

The Supreme Court the federal government's request to halt discovery and the trial in the youth climate lawsuit Juliana v. United States . The court's rejection on Monday of the...

Climate Liability News

New York City climate suit dismissed by federal judge

A federal judge ruled in favor of five major oil companies on Thursday, dismissing New York City's climate liability lawsuit against them. U.S. District Judge John Keenan's...

Climate Liability News

Federal judge to rule on latest government challenge to youth climate suit

A federal judge heard arguments on Wednesday from Department of Justice attorneys on their latest motions to sidetrack the youth-led climate change lawsuit Juliana v. United...

Climate Liability News

Trump administration asks Supreme Court to halt kids climate case

The federal government has asked the Supreme Court to intervene in the landmark youth climate lawsuit Juliana v. United States that is scheduled for trial in October. The...

Climate Liability News

Coastal cities race to keep tabs on rising seas, skyrocketing costs

Major coastal cities-from New York and Boston to San Francisco and smaller communities like Imperial Beach, Calif.-are already preparing for a potentially perilous future...

Climate Liability News

Kennedy retirement: Bad for the climate, potential boost to climate liability?

While the immediate reaction to the retirement of Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy among environmental activists this week fell somewhere between panic and alarm , the...

Climate Liability News

After dismissal of San Francisco, Oakland climate suits, what lies ahead?

A federal judge's decision Monday to dismiss the climate liability lawsuits brought by San Francisco and Oakland against five of the world's largest oil companies raised as many...

Climate Liability News

Federal judge dismisses San Francisco, Oakland climate suits

A federal judge in California has dismissed the San Francisco and Oakland climate liability lawsuits against five major oil companies, dealing the first major blow to the wave...


Mayors Of Cities Under Climate Change Threats Are Stepping Up To Take Action

From raging wildfires in California, to Hurricane Harvey in Houston, and historic flooding and winter storms in Boston, cities across the U.S. are on the frontlines of climate...

Climate Liability News

In latest climate suit, families demand tougher EU climate action

A new lawsuit is challenging the European Union's climate policies, including the EU's 2030 emissions reduction target, and demanding more ambitious climate action to protect...

Climate Liability News

Denier-led website targets climate suits, calls them a 'modern witch hunt'

The latest effort to push back against the growing wave of climate liability lawsuits was launched earlier this month by several attorneys aligned with the climate-denial...

Climate Liability News

Battle lines drawn for New York climate lawsuit vs. Big Oil

Oil companies, already busy fending off lawsuits from several California communities, have filed opposition to a similar suit from New York City. Chevron, ConocoPhillips and...

Climate Liability News

Latest climate change lawsuit against Big Oil comes from Seattle

King County, Wash., which encompasses the metropolitan area of Seattle, filed a against five major oil companies on Wednesday, joining a growing list of cities and counties...

Climate Liability News

State defends youth lawsuit: 'Alaska is not causing climate change.'

In defending Alaska against charges by a group of youth plaintiffs that the state is violating their Constitutional right to a safe climate, the state's assistant attorney...

Climate Liability News

Colorado communities file climate lawsuits vs. two oil companies

Several Colorado communities have now joined the growing wave of municipalities taking legal action against fossil fuel companies and seeking compensation for the impacts of...


Climate scientist calls on students to speak out for sake of the planet and their future

Renowned climate scientist Dr. Michael Mann visited the Berkshires on Friday and spoke to audiences in Pittsfield and Dalton on the political "war on science" and why he remains...

Climate Liability News

Sea level rise poses huge threat to Calif., raising urgency of liability cases

As fossil fuel companies try to fend off climate liability lawsuits from coastal California communities, a recent study revealed some alarming flood projections for the San...

Climate Liability News

SEC gives Exxon a pass on climate proposal, but not Chevron

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) recently responded to shareholder resolutions sent to Chevron and ExxonMobil requesting the oil companies disclose how they plan to...