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David Podrog

Founder & CEO at Quantum Free Zone

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David Podrog is a real estate developer and the Founder of Quantum Free Zone. A start-up savvy #entrepreneur, his tactics are tried and true!

David Podrog
Airbnb: A Goldmine for Entrepreneurs?

Airbnb has been a platform of choice for travelers seeking short term stays and vacation getaways since 2008. But it wasn't until five years ago that the website and mobile app really exploded in popularity... David Podrog discusses this largely untapped avenue for real estate entrepreneurs: Recently, a client asked David Podrog the question: Is...

David Podrog
Mashvisor is shaking up the Airbnb game!

Short-term vacation rental properties are the next big thing in real estate entrepreneurship! David Podrog discusses how potential developers can make the process simpler - and all the more profitable: To say the least, rental properties have always been a solid source of income for real estate developers.

David Podrog
How to Become a Real Estate Entrepreneur in 2021

David Podrog is a real estate entrepreneur and developer. Finding his career path incredibly fulfilling, he has long promoted this high risk, high reward. If you're an aspiring entrepreneur interested in getting into real estate, consider these tips: Learn about real estate Now, this one sounds basic... and it is.

David Podrog
Real Estate meets the Digital World!

This pair of entrepreneurs has developed a unique digital platform that simplifies and streamlines the house hunting process! Entrepreneur and real estate developer, David Podrog, shares the details on this digital tech: Franco Forte and Lucas Diaz have just released Mudafy, a platform that makes the buying and selling of real estate all the more...

David Podrog
Mansion Converted to Serve Local Community

The Krueger-Scott Mansion is steeped in a history of immigrant and African-American entrepreneurship. Now, generations after the home was owned by Louise Scott, the first female African-American millionaire, the mansion will be converted into an affordable live-work space. With its roots in immigrant and African-American entrepreneurship, the Krueger-Scott Mansion has housed visionaries for two centuries.

David Podrog
David Podrog Motivational Speaking

Always open to expanding his professional horizons, David Podrog is energized by engaging with revolutionary ideas presented at motivational speaking events. Hearing anecdotes of proven, real world successes motivates him to persist, persevere and perform at his A game. When possible, he enjoys attending motivational speaking engagements hosted by innovative entrepreneurs in the Miami...

David Podrog
David Podrog Startups

Throughout his career as an entrepreneur, David Podrog has built various start-ups and helped them grow into thriving businesses. The process of turning an idea into a real world operation is incredibly fulfilling to him. Although he has dabbled in a variety of industries, he has rooted the foundation of his career in real...

David Podrog
David Podrog Entrepreneurship

For decades, David Podrog has funneled his entrepreneurial energy into real estate development projects. Most recently, he has found success with a Trade Free Zone development in Costa Rica, known as Quantum Free Zone. But this experience certainly isn't a first for David, who sustains a thriving career in entrepreneurship.

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David Podrog

In recent years, the entrepreneur has established himself as a respected real estate developer. His industrial park, known as Quantum Free Zone, is the largest free trade zone in Costa Rica. David Podrog is the Founder, President and CEO of Quantum Free Zone.

David Podrog - Social Career Builder

David Podrog is an entrepreneur with decades of experience in startups. Podrog's most recent role is Founder, President & CEO of Quantum Free Zone, a industrial and manufacturing company in Costa Rica.

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