David Podrog

David Podrog is a real estate developer and the Founder of Quantum Free Zone. A start-up savvy #entrepreneur, his tactics are tried and true!

David Podrog

Entrepreneur, David Podrog has always enjoyed a hands on approach in his work. His pursuits in claiming patent titles is exemplary of this direction. Currently, Podrog maintains patents for two industrial systems. Along with inventor, Angel Severino Diaz, David Podrog contributed to an industrial system that produces electricity.

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David Podrog holds extensive experience as an entrepreneur working with a variety of startups in diverse stages and industries. His current ...

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David Podrog is an entrepreneur with decades of experience in startups. Podrog's most recent role is Founder, President & CEO of Quantum Free Zone, a industrial and manufacturing company in Costa Rica.

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David Podrog is a Real Estate Developer. A tried and true entrepreneur, he is interested in exploring the potential of the real estate market. Currently, he stands as Founder, President & CEO of Quantum Free Zone, a trade free zone based in Costa Rica.

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