David Podrog

Founder & CEO at Quantum Free Zone

Costa Rica

David Podrog is a real estate developer and the Founder of Quantum Free Zone. A start-up savvy #entrepreneur, his tactics are tried and true!

David Podrog
How to Start Investing In Real Estate

Investing in real estate without any experience is no small feat - but it is definitely achievable with a few simple steps. Saving up for the down payment for your first house can be the most difficult part, so getting a handle on your savings and debt is an important first step.

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David Podrog debuts series on Real Estate Entrepreneurship

David Podrog http://davidpodrog.com/ July 24, 2020 - Real Estate Developer and esteemed Entrepreneur, David Podrog is launching an all-new blog series jam-packed with advice for rising entrepreneurs interested in the real estate industry. Drawing on his own experience with his startup, Quantum Free Zone, Podrog will discuss the basics of planning and managing a real...

David Podrog
5 Exciting Real Estate Startups in 2021

Millions of startups are founded globally every single year. Many fail, but some really great ones succeed. Today, we're going to look at five real estate startups to watch in 2021. To learn more about real estate and real estate consulting, check out some of David Podrog's other platforms including: The Bartering Exchange Network: http://barteringexchangenetwork.com/david-podrog/ Certified...

David Podrog
Book Recommendations for Real Estate Entrepreneurs

In David Podrog's experience, there is so much knowledge and know-how to be absorbed simply by reading the published works of entrepreneurs you look up to. Afterall, why go out alone in this often risky environment when you could take a guide along with you for the journey?

David Podrog
How to Become a Real Estate Entrepreneur in 2021

David Podrog is a real estate entrepreneur and developer. Finding his career path incredibly fulfilling, he has long promoted this high risk, high reward. If you're an aspiring entrepreneur interested in getting into real estate, consider these tips: Learn about real estate Now, this one sounds basic... and it is.

David Podrog
David Podrog Motivational Speaking

Always open to expanding his professional horizons, David Podrog is energized by engaging with revolutionary ideas presented at motivational speaking events. Hearing anecdotes of proven, real world successes motivates him to persist, persevere and perform at his A game. When possible, he enjoys attending motivational speaking engagements hosted by innovative entrepreneurs in the Miami...

David Podrog
David Podrog Startups

Throughout his career as an entrepreneur, David Podrog has built various start-ups and helped them grow into thriving businesses. The process of turning an idea into a real world operation is incredibly fulfilling to him. Although he has dabbled in a variety of industries, he has rooted the foundation of his career in real...

David Podrog
David Podrog Entrepreneurship

For decades, David Podrog has funneled his entrepreneurial energy into real estate development projects. Most recently, he has found success with a Trade Free Zone development in Costa Rica, known as Quantum Free Zone. But this experience certainly isn't a first for David, who sustains a thriving career in entrepreneurship.

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David Podrog

In recent years, the entrepreneur has established himself as a respected real estate developer. His industrial park, known as Quantum Free Zone, is the largest free trade zone in Costa Rica. David Podrog is the Founder, President and CEO of Quantum Free Zone.

David Podrog - Social Career Builder

David Podrog is an entrepreneur with decades of experience in startups. Podrog's most recent role is Founder, President & CEO of Quantum Free Zone, a industrial and manufacturing company in Costa Rica.