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Haute dog! Stylish pet furniture that suits your home decor
We dote on our pets, snapping up designer dog beds and kitty condos (with the hope they will stop clawing and curling up on our favorite sofas and bed pillows). All that gear...
Inkblot-Inspired Décor That Adds Personality
IT DOESN'T TAKE a great deal of analysis to conclude that inkblots, an evaluation tool used by psychologists since Swiss doctor Hermann Rorschach devised his classic "tell me...
Interior Designer Bunny Williams on Dogs and Elegance
"I AM ALWAYS slightly suspicious of people who don't like dogs in the house," said the New York City-based interior decorator and author Bunny Williams, who is also mother to...
Brazil's Master Builder
Sao Paulo-based architect Marcio Kogan is bringing his muscular minimalism Stateside. The Brazilian architect Marcio Kogan is not one bit like Howard Roark, the uncompromising...
Jonathan Reed | 1stdibs Introspective
Jonathan Reed is a Google nightmare. Enter his name and up pops 1. a poet who writes verse that can be read in reverse and 2. a UFO hunter. Add the term "interior designer," and...
Designer Ilse Crawford on the Power of Dimmers and 'The Shining'
LONDON-BASED DESIGNER and educator Ilse Crawford -whose third book, "A Frame for Life" (Rizzoli), came out Oct. 21-is no fan of superficial décor. After stints working in an...
House Tour: An Arts And Crafts Cottage In Beverly Hills
More than a century old, Arts and Crafts architecture is certainly a venerated style. But it's hardly a fashionable one. "The last time the style was popular was back in the...
Spotlight on The Haas Brothers
With new ideas and radical techniques, Nikolai qand Simon Hass have become design's latest enfants terribles. "Ridiculous." This is how brothers Nikolai and Simon Haas describe...
Peter Dunham, Newport Beach
David A. Keeps: Ocean blue starts at the front door and flows all the way through the house. Was that inspired by the colors of the bay? Peter Dunham: Well, the house is on Lido...
TV shows that catch interior designers' eyes
As "Mad Men" comes to an end, we asked several designers: What shows will you watch for inspiration in the future? "The Knick" (Cinemax) Beautiful brownstones, an opium den in a...
Grand designs
Interior designer Michael S Smith's modernist house in Los Angeles couldn't be more different from his previous home - a Georgian-style manor - but he loves its 'heroic'...
Modern Boston Apartment
This is a tale of transformations. When an empty nester living in a traditional house in a rural Boston suburb decided to move back into the city, she made a second...
Redesigns For Living: Joe Doucet Reimagines Headphones, Whiskey And More
JOE DOUCET IS A LIVING BLUEPRINT FOR THE 21ST-century designer. He has produced brand identities for BMW, packaging for Procter & Gamble and concept appliances for Whirlpool and...
Charmed Circle: Reese Witherspoon at Home
Reese Witherspoon's Southern charm has lit up such hit comedies as Legally Blonde and Sweet Home Alabama, and her skill and intensity brought her an Oscar for her role as...
As days get warmer, springtime tables go pastel
As the days get longer and the outdoors beckons, what will you bring to the table? For entertaining, "classic white dishes are always a must," says Beverly Hills party planner...
Smart ideas, designs to make more of your home
From rediscovered design classics to brand-new innovations, from the ceiling to the floor, 15 easy pieces and smart ideas for making more of your house in 2015. Spring bouquets...
Top 5 Interior Design Trends for 2015
Mixed Metals In London, designer Kelly Hoppen says mixing warm metals, such as copper and rose gold, with cool ones like silver is particularly hot right now. Los Angeles...
No Frame Required: Art That Doubles as Home Décor
IF YOU WANTED, you could outfit every room in your home with décor designed by blue-chip artists, whether it's an Yves Klein table (filled with his signature blue pigment) for...
The new moody blues of home decor
A longtime preppy and beach house standard, nautical navy blue has returned in a huge way, with interior designers splashing it on walls in New York dining rooms and Palm...
Designer Tom Dixon: 'I can't see brass appliances being very far away'
In contemporary design, all that glitters is no longer silver. Nor is it nickel, chrome or mirror-polished stainless steel, the similarly cool metal tones that have outsold...
Looking for a 15-foot-tall macramé owl? Have we got a trend for you
THE RESURGENCE OF two American handicrafts last popular in the era of H.R. Pufnstuf-macramé and free-form weaving-may make certain people want to fashion themselves a noose. But...
'Anthology' author on Eames designs and who could play the couple
Charles and Ray Eames "were as careful with their words as they were with their designs," says author and scholar Daniel Ostroff, whose latest book, "An Eames Anthology:...
Holly Hunt, the doyenne of designer showrooms, shares her wisdom
"THERE WAS A PERIOD in the late '80s, when everything was overly traditional and antiques were selling for millions," said Holly Hunt, the contemporary-design impresario who...
Lessons in Design - Articles - Departures
How to navigate four distinct styles.
Idyllic California Retreat - Veranda
Grandeur need not be measured in square feet and ornate details. "There's a certain nobility in simplicity," says Greg Stewart, principal at Orlando Diaz-Azcuy Design Associates...
The Fight Over the Flatscreen TV
How designers are tackling the dreaded object. Remember that in their infancy, TV sets were largely immobile, connected by wires to roof antennae and rooted in the...
ELLE DECOR Goes to Coastal California
Historic gems, luxurious resorts, and storybook towns-from Malibu to Monterey By David Keeps Winding from the modernist compounds of Malibu through the redwood rusticity of Big...
The Rolling Stones | 1stdibs Introspective
Gathering together some 50 years' worth of photographs - many of them never before seen - by the likes of David Bailey, Andy Warhol and David LaChapelle, a new book from TASCHEN...
We've certainly been 'Mad' for modern
In its nearly eight years on the air, AMC's period drama "Mad Men" became must-see TV for design professionals and decor fans and, arguably, a boon to the home furnishings...

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