Daphne Striekwold

Tech Copywriter


I help tech entrepreneurs tell their unique story through SEO copywriting, social media marketing and email marketing

Despite not having a tech background myself, my experience of working with tech companies for over 5 years has provided me with a deep understanding of the way marketing and tech can strengthen eachother. Most tech entrepreneurs understand the importance of marketing their solutions in the right way, but they don’t want to spend their scarce time and energy on something that is not their core business. Luckily, that’s exactly my specialty. Over the past 5 years, I have learned how to translate complicated technical information into a to-the-point message that appeals to and engages the target group (even non-technical people like myself 😊).

My strategy? It all starts with listening. As more and more people decide to become entrepreneurs each year and technology is evolving fast, the importance of standing out is more significant than ever. I always start by listening to my clients to find out what it is that makes them stand out from the competition. Once we have defined their unique value, it is time to show this to the outside world through SEO-proof webpages and blogs, social media content and email campaigns. By taking care of this full process independently, I am saving my clients’ valuable time, so that they can focus on their own business.

Bridge Marketing
Content Marketing - Bridge Marketing

Je hebt een mooi product ontwikkeld of je biedt een mooie dienst aan, waarmee je weet dat je unieke waarde toe kan voegen voor je klant. Nu alleen nog zorgen dat deze informatie bij de juiste doelgroep terecht komt... Best een uitdaging in de zee van informatie die bij de 21e eeuw hoort.

Mister Dutchie
Mister Dutchie Home - Mister Dutchie

Welcome to Mister Dutchie Kelvin and Sander, the team behind Digital art Mister Dutchie, both possess a diverse set of skills that complement each other perfectly. Kelvin is a talented photographer and videographer with over 7 years of experience. Sander brings a background in branding and years of experience working with artists.

Hogeschool Saxion
Minor in Spanje - Daphne | Hogeschool Saxion

Veel studenten dromen van een semester in het buitenland. Hoe gaat het er nu écht aan toe? Wat moet je regelen ter voorbereiding? Hoe pas je je aan aan een nieuwe taal en een nieuwe cultuur?