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Writer/Editor for Hoops Habit. Writer for CelticsBlog. Managing Editor at The Knight News. Intern at SLAM Magazine.

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The Forward
At 36, Blake Gailen is making his Olympic debut

Blake Gailen didn’t always have the strongest connection to Israel. But now, the outfielder’s journey has him set to represent the country in the upcoming Tokyo Olympics.

The Knight News
The unfortunate reality of an online college education

Whether it be from dining room tables turned work desks or the comfort of one’s own bed, students in Anthropology 238 made sure to log into their twice-a-week Zoom session at 1:40 PM. It was another hour and 15 minutes spent trying to avoid the temptation other avenues of the internet bring, all whilst zeroing in on the voice emanating from one of the 20-something virtual boxes.

The Knight News
How are college presidents handling COVID-19?

When pressed about the potential pressure to begin filtering students back onto campus after several months away, Queens College President Frank H. Wu was blunt in his answer: "Please don't come to campus." This straightforward response may lack the sense of hope one might expect from an administration member, despite its roots in science over preference.

The Knight News
Queens College commemorates 1960s dissent movement with Rosenthal Library exhibit

Taped on the back wall adjacent to the Tanenbaum Room is a question: "What still needs to be changed? At QC? In the world?" Answers scribbled on colorful sticky notes range from the logical, like better wifi and a 24-hour library, to the morally questionable, such as the forced retirement of all professors age 80 or above.

The underdawg and the underappreciated value of Kendrick Perkins

With every controversial opinion as a prominent member of ESPN, Kendrick Perkins has found his NBA career placed under a microscope. On the surface, he doesn't come off well. After being taken 27th in the 2003 draft, Perkins played 14 years in the NBA. Of course, fans looking for gasoline don't respect his longevity.