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Danielle is a freelance travel, lifestyle and content writer. Her work has been published in Escape, Jetstar Magazine, Pacific Island Living Magazine, Island Spirit, The Age/Sydney Morning Herald, Australian Traveller, International Traveller, Kidspot, Essential Kids, Weekendnotes, Good Food and Delicious Magazine.

Danielle is also a copywriter and has worked with numerous brands and small organisations to write stories, websites, grants and business documents.

Danielle teaches literature, literacy and cooking to secondary school students.
She has an Arts degree in Literature, Anthropology and Philosophy, a Diploma in Education and a post graduate certificate in Children's Literature.

In 2016, Danielle published a cookbook; 'Cooking with a Broken Heart'.

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The Sydney Morning Herald
The women who are forging a new path as first-generation farmers

Normal text size Larger text size Very large text size Agriculture in Australia is a male-dominated industry. Women are either born or marry into the lifestyle. It wasn't until 1994 that women were able to tick the "farmer" occupation box on the Australian census.

Travel Stories

This vanilla slice is seriously worth a road trip

The confection of light, fluffy custard encased in thin leaves of crisp pastry with a fine layer of icing makes this the vanilla slice to beat. Bridgewater in central Victoria is one of the myriad reasons the Bendigo region was named a UNESCO city of Gastronomy in 2019. Take Bridgewater Bakehouse.

It's time to bypass the beach to discover Thailand's rich and diverse culture

Helmet perched jauntily on my head, I squint into the sun and hope for the best. I am about to tackle Bangkok by bike. As I round a corner into the first narrow lane, I lose my balance, drifting perilously close to an open coal barbecue, a brush with disaster that leaves me hooting with laughter.

Holidays With Kids
Action-packed Bali with teenagers

We pump up the adrenaline to uncover the action-packed side to beautiful Bali. Keep teenagers entertained with quad bikes, water parks, surf lessons & more

Newcastle Herald
Canberra: a love story

When the winter weather comes blowing into Canberra, it's easy for couples to get warm and cosy on a romantic getaway in the capital. Late-morning lie-ins, champagne breakfasts, gorgeous galleries and boutique hotels welcome lovers with open arms. As the evening falls, Canberra offers fireside nightcaps and oysters - and the night, of course, is just what you make it.

The Canberra Times
Trying on the cubby-house craze for size

Danielle Norton tries Tiny Away, 2020's take on downsizing your weekend in the country. With big dreams about living small, my daughter and I headed to a Tiny Away home at Gherang on the fringes of the Otway National Park, 35 kilometres west of Geelong.

Avalon Inbound Outbound
Great Expectations

A new chef at the Lancemore Mansion and Spa

Jetstar Magazine
Go Wild

Adventures in and around Hobart with kids

Mum's 7 rules for visiting Bali with kids

The last time I took my kids on an international holiday a stranger approached me at the airport, gently squeezed my arm and said, "I hope you get a chance to have a break. You deserve it." She'd been on our plane and witnessed my struggles with the more anxious of my twins.

The Upsider
Sumptuous Sheets And Blooming Gardens: Melbourne's Cosy Country Retreat

Is there anything more delightful than a flowering garden on a spring morning? How about your very own cosy miner's cottage set amongst 1,700 sustainably-grown heritage rose bushes on a micro flower farm? Sandy McKinley has designed her property, Acre of Roses, to be a true retreat from the busyness that infiltrates the lives of city slickers.

International traveller magazine
11 reasons to visit Bali Zoo

Bali Zoo, home to over 500 animals of more than 60 species, is set amidst 10 hectares of cooling, verdant tropical gardens. We've come up with 11 reasons why you should visit on your next trip to our nation's favourite holiday destination.

The Upsider
'Mysterious And Seriously Cool': Inside Melbourne's Latest Luxury Hotel

Melbourne's newest luxury hotel, Shadowplay by Peppers, is yet another drawcard for the Southbank precinct. Edwin, the stylish wine bar and restaurant located adjacent to reception on the ground floor, adds a new destination for food and wine buffs living in or visiting one of Melbourne's most sought after residential and recreational areas.

This hotel bed was so good I bought it

From the moment I set eyes on it, I knew we were destined to be together. The room around it was plush and palatial; floor to ceiling sheer curtains covered windows that looked out onto garden framed by magnificent eucalypts and rolling hills, the fireplace was set and the sofa plumped and ready to envelop me, but it was the well dressed bed that attracted my gaze.

International traveller magazine
Hotel review: The Mulia, Nusa Dua, Bali

It's one of Bali's most luxurious beach resorts, complete with butler service and a Sunday brunch that's the stuff of legends. So what's it really like to stay at the Mulia in Nusa Dua? Danielle Norton checks in.

Good Food
Seven of the best hot and new(ish) Hobart bars

Once upon a time, drinking holes in Hobart pretty much served only Cascade beer and cool climate wines. Tasmania is now a haven for distillers. There are 37 registered distilleries producing gin, whisky and even apple-based spirits. To meet the demands of a new generation of spirit lovers, a range of elegant and interesting bars are popping up in the capital.

Pacific Island Living
Freestyle Fishing in the Solomons - Pacific Island Living

January 30, 2019 I'm spending the day fishing with a tour guide and Julius Kera, owner of the Agnes Gateway Hotel and an elder of the Munda community. Floating peacefully on the brilliant blue, gin-clear ocean in a banana boat, we watch a frigatebird soaring through the air, chasing a seagull with a fish in its mouth.

Australian Traveller
Hotel review: Islington Hotel, Hobart

Danielle Norton Boasting a world-class art collection and wow-factor mountain views, the Islington Hotel is one of Hobart's most elegant - and surprising - boutique stays. The Islington Hotel 321 Davey St, South Hobart, TAS, 7000 Hobart's Islington Hotel, secluded behind high gates, gives the impression that it is an exclusive private home.

Pacific Island Living
History and Heritage - Pacific Island Living

Danielle Norton checks into Honiara's Heritage Park Hotel and is understandably impressed, this central, clean and modern hotel ticks all the boxes. January 30, 2019 Rebecca Murphy January 30, 2019 The History In previous times, the Heritage Park Hotel was the site of the Governor's residence and the grandeur befitting a person such as this still exists in its modern reincarnation.

Hurtigruten Digital Magazine Issue 02 Northern Lights - Meet

Meet She grew up in Norway, living beneath the northern lights. Asta Lassesen, CEO of Hurtigruten Expeditions, tells of their everyday magic. INTERVIEW & WORDS DANIELLE NORTON, JUSTINE COSTIGAN In far northern Norway from late November to mid-January, the shortening winter days announce the beginning of Mørketid (polar night).

Hurtigruten Digital Magazine Issue 02 Northern Lights - Taste

Taste Preparing menus that warm and revive guests after exploring, is all in a day's work for chef Renate Røsten. WORDS DANIELLE NORTON When she was a child, Renate Røsten's father would regale her with tales about his time as a sailor, working in ship kitchens.

Our Family Travels
Why I'll be taking my children to the Solomon Islands

As a travel writer, I spend a lot of time away from my kids, exploring different corners of the world. Sometimes, I breathe in, relax and thank the heavens above that I'm there alone. There are times when I know that a certain destination is a place I will definitely return to with my family.

International traveller magazine
Hotel Review: The Sarojin, Khao Lak, Thailand

If you're looking for an abode to call your own during your stay in Thailand, it can seem a little more than overwhelming. Thankfully Danielle Norton has done the "hard" work for us, reviewing a 'calm' hotel that doesn't accept guests under 10 years of age. The Sarojin, Khao Lak, Phang Nga Province, Thailand.

Australian Traveller
13 Things You Have To Do In Cape Tribulation

From spending the night in a rare exotic fruit orchard and tasting Davidson plum ice-cream to ziplining through the forest and horse riding on the beach, here's what not to miss when you visit Tropical North Queensland's Cape Tribulation. Cape Tribulation is a significant UNESCO World Heritage-listed site where the Daintree Rainforest meets the Great Barrier Reef.

Holidays With Kids
Where the Forest Meets the Sea

A story about a journey to Cape tribulation, inspired by Jeannie baker's book, Where the Forest Meets the Sea.

Island Spirit
The Wind, the beach, the ocean.

Danielle Norton finds those three things and tranquility when she sets sail on a day cruise on Havannah Harbour, where the water's as clear as a summer sky and alive with marine life.

The wonderland for kids only a train ride from Melbourne

Penguins, pancakes and flying foxes ... what's not to love? At Melbourne's Southern Cross Station, my kids and I stock up on Bean Boozled jelly beans from the Sugar Shack on the platform. We are excited to be going on our first rail journey to Warrnambool, on the south west coast of Victoria.


Wedding books
Love Tales

Editing, proofreading and writing.

Career Profile Stories for The Age/Sydney Morning Herald

The transformative power of scholarships - meet the Alameins

When brothers Ali, Mohammad and Hussain Alamein fled Iraq as children in the 1990s, they couldn't have imagined the success they would find thanks to a scholarship. L-R: Mohammad, Hussain and Ali Alamein Article 26 of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that everyone has the right to education.

The Sydney Morning Herald
Career switch to pet project sparks success and fulfilment

It was the purchase of her first labradoodle puppy, Flash, that set her on this remarkable journey of love and caring for the community. Flash's breeder directed Ms Rimes to Delta Society; a charity that facilitates volunteers (and their specially trained dogs) visiting hospitals and healthcare facilities.

The Age
Turning passion into pure potential

Justin Bonavia was studying criminal justice at RMIT and working part time in the Juvenile Detention Centre at Parkville as a youth worker when he first started to think about the positive impact that adventurous outdoor activities had on young people.

Only a few years ago Chris was stuck couch surfing in London

EIGHT years ago, Chris Tabone was a 29-year-old backpacker on a pilgrimage to see the sights of Europe, like so many young Australians before him. After travelling solo for nine months, he ran out of money and was sleeping on a friend's couch in London.

Parenting and Lifestyle stories

The Age
In the midst of a pandemic, teenagers became critical members of society

Opinion Normal text size Larger text size Very large text size Around the country, a swathe of teenage workers have been quietly going about their business as shelf stackers and cashiers at the nation's supermarkets. In better, pre-coronavirus times, parents encouraged them to find after-school jobs; to help them develop financial independence, self-esteem and personal maturity.

'I Was Injured In Public And Everyone Looked Away'

At dusk on a dreary afternoon, I pulled into a parking space at a shopping centre and, in a moment of unbridled stupidity, tiredness and distraction, I shut my heavy car door on my own fingers. Trapped, and unable to wrench them out, I had to twist my body around and open the door handle to release them.

Essential Kids
Why I let my teenager skip our family holiday this year

This year, for the first time, my teenager wasn't excited about our annual family holiday. I, on the other hand, was thrilled to be taking my three children to one of my favourite places; Tasmania.

Essential Kids
Should boys and girls be able to share rooms at school camp?

Recently, my children have been very interested in gender diversity, equality and LGBTIQ issues. Now that school camp is on the horizon, the issue of gender equality is being explored even further in relation to the strong friendships that exist between children of different genders.

The truth about why some babies are easier than others

Did one of your children sleep like a dream and never fuss, and the other needed constant reassurance? This is the reason why. We all know someone who has an 'easy' baby. Their child sleeps at the right times, is always happy, comfortable and adaptable in new surroundings, and generally enjoys their life.

Weekendnotes Reviews - Films, Restaurants, Events, Hotels

The Albert, Mosman

I'm a freelance travel, lifestyle and content writer based in Melbourne. If you need the right words, I have them. Feel free to connect with me or have a look at my site https://www.clippings.me/users/daniellenorton for examples of my published work Heading to Sydney any time soon?

Promhills Cabins Eco Glamping Tents

I'm a freelance travel, lifestyle and content writer based in Melbourne. If you need the right words, I have them. Feel free to connect with me or have a look at my site https://www.clippings.me/users/daniellenorton for examples of my published work Angela and Sean Taylor, owners of Promhills Cabins and Eco tents, moved to South Gippsland from Sydney in 2007.

The Whiskery

Meet Russ and Lorelle, owners of The Whiskery, the Bellarine Peninsula's newest, and only, gin and whiskey distillery.

Aussie Escapades

"You can't climb a mountain with downhill thoughts".

Film review: Call Me By Your Name

I wait in the long line snaking its way one large city block up Little Bourke St. It is dinner time and torture to stand here waiting, while the tantalising smells of Chinatown waft past. What I wouldn't give for a hot plate of fried noodles right now!

Sovereign Hill

" Spare the rod and spoil the child", says the stern round schoolteacher, bonnet pulled tightly, framing her face. A teenager enters the school house and is asked her age. " 16! You should be married by now", the mistress pronounces. The poor child doesn't know what to say or where to look.


Best Cellar Doors in Queensland

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