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All Vegan Everything

As plant-based diets gain popularity across North America and around the world, a few bold Toronto restaurateurs are elevating vegan food from mediocre menu item to captivating culinary trend.

Sounds of the City

With a string of closures, it's been a tough year for Toronto's independent music venues, but the local music scene is still alive and kicking on stages across the city.

Bent on Change

The Bentway provides the city's downtown area with a new kind of backyard - beneath a major expressway

Escapism TO
Hang Én There

How far would you travel to see the world's biggest caves? Dana Filek-Gibson treks for an entire day through the jungle to get to Hang Én in central Vietnam.

Rock to Road
Financing Highway 101

Thanks to a new round of provincial funding, the City of Timmins will move ahead with the next phase of its highway reconstruction plan, however financial concerns continue to plague the long-term project.

Reclaiming the Runway

Local designers make their mark at Indigenous Fashion Week Toronto

Going Global: Phillip Nguyen

Whether he’s promoting local tourism, gearing up for a triathlon or bringing international musical acts to Vietnam, Filipino-Vietnamese businessman Phillip Nguyen has a personality to match the energy of his adopted home. We follow along as he whisks us away on a whirlwind tour of Ho Chi Minh City.

Board Game Van Tich Turns Vietnamese Legends Into Action Figures

Step into Nguyen Huu Tu's office, and it's pretty clear from the get-go how he feels about action figures. Running along one side of the room are several display cases, each housing an array of superheroes, cartoons and comic book characters, from The Incredibles to Voltron to several Transformers. ...

Here and There: Exploring Vietnamese Immigrant and Refugee Experiences

Get Linh Phan started on her latest project, Here and There, and the 40-year-old Saigon resident lights up. No matter that we're at the end of a workday and the sky is getting dark, or that we've just huffed up several flights of stairs to a dimly lit cafe in the aging Ton That Dam building.

Jetstar Australia
Reviving Old Saigon

Amid the ever-changing urban landscape of HCMC, young entrepreneurs are creating a vintage vibe that preserves its past

Vietnamese Athletes Head to the Start Line in First-Ever Asian Winter Games

This week, even during Saigon’s cool, dry season mornings, people across the city will face 34-degree heat on their morning commute, many of them heading toward air-conditioned offices and shaded patios. But in the mountains of Japan’s Hokkaido Prefecture, a team of Vietnamese athletes are braving the cold – and competition – for the first time.

Vietnam National Administration of Tourism
Southern Vietnam

Places to Go: Southern Vietnam content

Q&A: Wowy Nguyen

Ten years ago, Wowy Nguyen began making music with nothing but a microphone and a laptop. Now a fixture on the Vietnamese rap circuit, the eccentric 28-year-old has collaborated with scores of local and international artists, released four albums and begun to branch out into other art forms. Wowy talks breaking into the local music industry, perseverance and the poetry of rap.

The Nest

What happens when an insurance giant joins forces with a local design company? Dana Filek-Gibson steps into the Nest, Saigon’s newest, smartest all-purpose space.

E-Sports in Vietnam

In just two years, e-sports in Vietnam have gone from a much-loved pastime to a lucrative career. Dana Filek-Gibson steps into the realm of professional gaming.

Q&A: Andrew Zimmern

Andrew Zimmern, host of the Travel Channel’s Bizarre Foods, talks deep-sea worms, tethering yourself to local culture, zero-kilometre cooking and what happens when you take away someone’s food.

Al Jazeera English
Vietnam Tackles High Abortion Rates

In Vietnam, 40 percent of all pregnancies are terminated each year, a rate that health officials are hoping to reduce.

Love at First Swipe: Vietnamese Dating Apps

From online delivery services and karaoke apps to Flappy Bird, Vietnam is hooked on technology. Now, a pair of locally-based dating apps are introducing Vietnamese singles to the world of online dating.

The Men Who Love Chickens

A growing number of local pets are competing in chicken beauty contests to earn the title of top bird.

The Way of the Sword

Katori Vietnam, the country’s first and only official training centre for katori shinto-ryu, brings traditional Japanese swordsmanship to Saigon.

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