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Carla Torres

Experienced Communicator and Campaigner.

Location icon United Kingdom

I am a Chevening Scholar living in the United Kingdom. Experienced researcher, communicator and campaigner with strong expertise in digital marketing. I posses wide experience in the non-profit sector. I am a Country Coordinator for Amnesty International UK and a freelance writer. I hold a BA in Policy and a Masters in Applied Human Rights by the University of York.


Freelance and commissions


Amnesty International Statement written by Carla Torres
Argentina: Senate must pass historical bill to legalise abortion

In the context of the imminent vote on a bill to legalise the voluntary termination of pregnancies in Argentina, Amnesty International in Northern Ireland and the Abortion Rights Campaign congratulates the lower house for passing the abortion bill. We now urge the Senate to secure the right to legal and safe abortion.

Work as a Reporter for Brexit.

Published Work (English)

International Day of the Victims of Enforced Disappearances - Interdisciplinary Global...

On 21 December 2010, the resolution 65/209 of the UN General Assembly decided to declare 30 August as the International Day of Victims of Enforced Disappearances. It is important to understand the origins and background of this crime, but also to acknowledge that it continues to happen under both democratic and authoritarian governments, to little international outcry.

The Yorker
Pope Francis' tour: Definitions about Clerical abuse and Politics - The Yorker

Pope Francis' visit to Chile and Peru was eclipsed by accusations made to bishop Juan Barros of covering up sexual abuse committed by priest Fernando Karina. Priest Fernando Karina, now 84 years old, was found guilty of sexual abuse in 2011. Barros stated that he did not know Kadima's when the abuses happened.

Theatre Interview: The Cast Of Minefield (Part II)

In the second interview to the cast of Minefield, we had the opportunity of speaking to English war veteran David Jackson. "There is an assumption that because you fought against someone during the war, you are enemies for life". David shares his experiences after the war and how the cast works on and off the stage.

Theatre Interview: The Cast Of Minefield (Part I)

An English war veteran mourning the death of an Argentinean soldier. An Argentinian war veteran that have always abhorred English music, now singing in English on stage. Yes, English and Argentinean soldiers re-acting personal experiences from the Falkland/Malvinas war. "What about the English deaths? war veteran David asks on stage.

Wave of violence against journalists in Mexico continues

Journalist Carlos Domínguez was stabbed 21 times in front of his family on the 13 January in the Mexican state of Tamaulipas, one of the regions most affected by the drug trade related violence. The day before his death, Domínguez had criticised the government by writing about the "ridiculous use of speeches to hide the failure of the federal government in issues of public security ".

Truth, Justice and Memory in Argentina: The Life of Nora Cortiñas

It is forty years since Nora Cortiñas, a housewife and mother of two sons, left her quiet life to become one of the most respected and committed human rights leaders in the world as co-founder of the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo (Madres de Plaza de Mayo).t

Disappearance of protester Santiago Maldonado shocks Argentina

A new case of enforced disappearance in Argentina has caught the attention of the international community. 28-year-old protester Santiago Maldonado went missing on 1 August when gendarmerie, a federal security force, broke up a protest in Cushemen, southern Argentina.

Published work (Spanish)

United Explanations
¿Cómo afecta la pandemia a la búsqueda de desaparecidos en México?

El brote de coronavirus alrededor del mundo ha azotado particularmente a México. Las medidas para evitar la propagación del virus fueron tardías. A fines de marzo, los familiares de las víctimas presentaron un reclamo para que no se deje de buscar a los desaparecidos, aún en tiempos de pandemia.

Academic Writing and Research.

Academic Essay
Universal Periodic Review

This essay was part of my International Human Rights Law and Advocacy course during my master. It simulates a UPR submission.


Vinculos de Bergoglio con Guardia de Hierro y la Universidad del Salvador

Was Pope Francis related to human rights violations during last Argentine dictatorship in Argentina? On this interview we discussed the role of the current pope during the last Argentine dictatorship and why he could be held accountable for the abduction of two priests. Only available in Spanish. Explicamos el papel de Bergoglio en el traspaso de la Universidad del Salvador de las manos de la Compañía de Jesús a una Asociación civil compuesta por los futuros cuadros de Guardia de Hierro,...

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