Crysta (Anderson) Vesely

Freelance Writer, Content Strategist, Editor, Word Nerd

Combine a word-nerd passion for language with insatiable curiosity and strategic chops, and you get me: a writer, editor, and content strategist known for creating consistent brand stories across multiple digital platforms. I develop strategic content plans to support product launches, events, or ongoing thought leadership, with a strong focus on understanding the customer and the competitive market. I always ask, "Who are we targeting? Why? And what do they actually need?" and research until I can confidently develop the right content. Once I get the story right, I translate it across platforms, into blog posts, web pages, podcasts, videos, and more. All the while, I align the content strategy with sales or other corporate objectives. I love using data to help inform and optimize these decisions.

Whether you need help with the words or a full content strategy, let's talk.

ADA Practice Transitions eBook
Know Your Options

A lead-generating eBook targeted to help dental students think through all their potential career paths. This spoke directly to some painpoints identified during user research, and involved working closely with a designer to determine the best way to showcase several related but distinct sub-topics.

Grundfos Building Analytics Brochure
Expert Insights to Optimize Your Building

Introducing a new Internet of Things offering from Grundfos, explaining how the software transforms raw data into meaningful outcomes

Sterling Solutions Website
Site Access & Ground Protection Solutions

Created a new Sterling Solutions website to launch a new content strategy that incorporated fresh branding and an updated voice and tone to target new audiences

Keck Medicine of USC Infographic
Protect Your Skin with Sun Safety

Developed as a digital infographic, Keck dermatologists liked this so much that they now hand out a printed version to their patients