Crysta (Anderson) Vesely

Writer, Content Strategist, Editor, Word Nerd

Combine a word-nerd passion for language with insatiable curiosity and strategic chops, and you get me: a writer, editor, and content strategist known for creating consistent brand stories across multiple digital platforms. I develop strategic content plans to support product launches, events, or ongoing thought leadership, with a strong focus on understanding the customer and the competitive market. I always ask, "Who are we targeting? Why? And what do they actually need?" and research until I can confidently develop the right content. Once I get the story right, I translate it across platforms, into blog posts, web pages, podcasts, videos, and more. All the while, I align the content strategy with sales or other corporate objectives. I love using data to help inform and optimize these decisions.

Whether you need help with the words or a full content strategy, let's talk.

United States of America


Cardinal Health Brochure

Promoting a Safety Culture in Nuclear Medicine

As Cardinal Health entered a new market, they needed a brochure to highlight a key differentiator

Sterling Solutions Website

Site Access & Ground Protection Solutions

Created a new Sterling Solutions website to launch a new content strategy that incorporated fresh branding and an updated voice and tone to target new audiences

AMITA Health Advertorial for Chicago Magazine

Treating You Like Family -- In Sickness and In Health

Sponsored content advertorial developed to run in Chicago Magazine, highlighting the newly-formed AMITA Health

Mitutoyo America White Paper

Factory Intelligence: Looking Beyond the Model-Based Enterprise

Thought leadership white paper that involved extensive interviews and research into industry trends

Molex White Paper

Home Technology: From Connected to Proactive

A white paper outlining how Molex is applying its heritage of innovation to drive the Connected Home

Keck Medicine of USC Infographic

Protect Your Skin with Sun Safety

Developed as a digital infographic, Keck dermatologists liked this so much that they now hand out a printed version to their patients

Molex Prospect Emails

More Data, Faster Speeds Campaign

This series of emails was targeted to design engineers developing complex electronic solutions for automotive and other industries

Health o meter White Paper

Weighing the Risks: Hospital Scales, Accuracy & Safety

Nobody in the industry was talking about accuracy in scales -- until industry leader Health o meter decided to undertake this white paper based on several interviews and research

Molex Brochure

Better Design, Better Performance: The Molex ML-XT Sealed Connection System

Pulling together technical details and applications from several industries, this brochure highlights how Molex's engineering delivers better performance