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A sober-minded influencer who doesn't take herself too seriously. A creative with an insatiable desire to write. A blogger, a lyricist, a storyteller.

I desire to help people dream. Especially those who have lost their sense of expectant vision.


Faith & Spirituality

Church 4 Chicks!: The Edge - a guest post from @_TheAntiBlog_
My client has been making good progress, considering. Her story to the untrained heart is gruesome at best and soul-condemning at worse, with a past stained deeply with some of...
Already Mine
The work we do when we already have what we are working for...
The Other Addict
My Journey to Healing - A Story of Recovery. Updated May 5, 2015

Articles & Blogs

Sarah Drive - PhilaU's Premiere Band
Evina Scott - Interview
The Pursuit of Progress: A snapshot of PhilaU's President
The Road
Sometimes I get really excited about the food I eat. Sometimes, I eat too much of that food. Sometimes I eat things that have no nutritional value at all - like Reese's peanut...
She walks briskly because she is late. It's only a voluntary opportunity but it puts her in the same breathing space as the women she wishes she was like. Carmen Cabello, the...
The Big Move: Tips to Opening Your Home to Mom and Dad
Things to do to prepare for a three-generation household.
Wifed Up to a Cosplayer
Imagination: From entrepreneurs to scientists to teachers - all folks in these categories have to think beyond what is right in front of them to be successful in their field....

Stories & Other

From Small Beginnings
What happens when your high hopes get deflated? What happens when your efforts fail?

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