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A sober-minded influencer who doesn't take herself too seriously. A creative with an insatiable desire to write. A blogger, a lyricist, a storyteller.

I desire to help people dream. Especially those who have lost their sense of expectant vision.


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Church 4 Chicks!: The Edge - a guest post from @_TheAntiBlog_

My client has been making good progress, considering. Her story to the untrained heart is gruesome at best and soul-condemning at worse, with a past stained deeply with some of the most horrific acts of unredeemed flesh. Her struggles affect her thought process, her emotions, her actions.

Already Mine

The work we do when we already have what we are working for...
The Other Addict

My Journey to Healing - A Story of Recovery. Updated May 5, 2015

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The Anti Blog
The Road

Sometimes I get really excited about the food I eat. Sometimes, I eat too much of that food. Sometimes I eat things that have no nutritional value at all - like Reese's peanut butter cups. Sometimes I eat three mini ones and a regular sized one. And sometimes...after I do these things...guilt sets in.

The AntiBlog

She walks briskly because she is late. It's only a voluntary opportunity but it puts her in the same breathing space as the women she wishes she was like. Carmen Cabello, the Cuban goddess whose parents couldn't justice-fight in Cuba, so she's ordained to do it here.

The AntiBlog
Wifed Up to a Cosplayer

Imagination: From entrepreneurs to scientists to teachers - all folks in these categories have to think beyond what is right in front of them to be successful in their field. Problem solving can be enhanced by an imagination that has been stretched to think outside of the box, take other's solutions and tweak them for a particular circumstance, and bring the seemingly impossible closer to reality.

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Story - HopeQuest Ministry Group, Inc.
From Small Beginnings

What happens when your high hopes get deflated? What happens when your efforts fail?