Craig Robert Brown

Writer | Coffee Fiend

My story so far.

In 2009, I entered the MFA Creative Writing program at the University of New Hampshire. I graduated in 2011 and immediately went into debt. It was worth every penny.

For a long time, I was a freelance writer, but that got lonely. So, I combed my hair and started living my #adlife working for a few different agencies and media publications as full-time staff.
My copy can be found in print, digital, and social media advertising campaigns for technology, sustainability, retail, manufacturing, and telecommunications brands. Also, my arts, culture, travel, food, humor and fiction writing can be found online and in print. I live in Austin, Texas and eat too many tacos. That's a lie. There's no such thing as too many tacos.

I’m inspired by a lot of art and photography, especially when it’s made by my wife. Below is a (very) small sample of my writing for various clients and campaigns.

United States


Video Scripts

Frontier Business

Custom(er) Fit™ Makeover

Frontier Business

The IT Sage (Short)

Frontier Business

The IT Sage (Long)


Frontier Business

Rich Media Banners

These rich media banners incorporated the IT Sage concept and video.

Frontier Business

IT Pro Geek Banners

These banners led to the IT Geek assessment and IT Sage video.


Multiple Clients


I write a lot of emails for multiple clients. Here are some samples for 3D Systems

Landing Pages | Websites | Assessments

Frontier Business

Social Influencer Content Hub

A repository of content for social influencers to read and share. This website is updated as new content is created.

Landing Page

3DXpert Software

Landing page for 3D Systems' metal printing software.

IT-Pro-Inner-Geek Quiz


This fun assessment helps prospects determine if they are a Pocket Protector Defender or King Geek IT professional. Results would offer a solution and a CTA to get in touch.


3D Systems

Precision Metal Printing Infographic

This print piece was an asset in a 5-touch email nurture.

Frontier Business

Print Ad

This half-page print ad appeared in a channel partners trade show publication.

Frontier Business


When our client launched their cloud-based phone system, they asked us to educate their customers on the value of upgrading.

Frontier Business

Ethernet White Paper

Copywriting and editing, including new branding, for this sales enablement asset.

Frontier Business

Door Hanger

These print door hangers were part of a sales enablement initiative.

Green Alliance

The Mountaintop Ad

Co-created with designer for brand growth and awareness.