Courtney Bierschbach

Freelance Writer

United States

Freelance writer with an emphasis on travel, adventure sports, community, and non-profits. Experience writing features, essays, web content, and grants.

The Boardman Review
The Yamadori Story

Some stories come quickly and easily and others are an intense, drawn-out labor of love. My latest work has been over a year in the making and is definitely the latter. The Yamadori Story found its way to me in the summer of 2019. This story about a good friend - features a rich history that draws from many corners of the globe, an exploration of nature, art and the distinct way in which what we love shapes our view of the world. Catch the full story and all the beautiful photos in the autumn...

The Boardman Review
Chasing Wind

An essay on the local history and up-and-comers of kite surfing in Northern Michigan.

The Boardman Review
Happy Accidents

Have you ever met someone who is doing exactly what they’re meant to be doing? It’s hard not to be inspired when someone’s passion and skill collide in a way that provides a unique and meaningful experience. Matt Dodson created the sustainable clothing brand One Without Limits (OWL) in Leelanau County to show the world that clothing can be entirely sourced from seedling to sweatshirt in the United States, functional for the hardiest of occasions, and yet still able to evoke the beauty of the...

Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics
7 Things You Didn't Know About Hueco Tanks

Hueco Tanks State Park, TX: Just off the beaten path and east of El Paso is the beautiful and interesting Hueco Tanks State Park. Upon our first visit we discovered a fascinating history and culture in a geologically unique area. So get ready for 7 awesome things you didn't know about Hueco Tanks State Park.