Colby Leachman

Regional Sales Director & Team Lead @ Treez Inc.

United States

Colby Leachman is an entrepreneur based in the Venice / Silicon Beach area. He has founded a career in the tech sphere by working with various start-ups, including Evenly (later acquired by Square) and Treez Inc.

Colby Leachman

Currently, Colby Leachman stands as a Sales Executive and Team Lead at Treez Inc. Spearheading sales and finance approaches in the innovative cannabis industry, Leachman is at the forefront of new territory. Taking on a role of leadership, he trains and manages the Sell Treez product and sales team.

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Colby Leachman is an energized entrepreneur with a knack for start-up strategy. He currently stands as Sales Executive & Team Lead at Treez Inc.

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Colby Leachman is a Silicon Beach based entrepreneur that enjoys working with innovative tech startups. His current role is Regional Sales Director at Treez Inc.

Colby Leachman
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Colby Leachman is an entrepreneur and professional in the technology industry. His career found its footing in the Silicon Valley, where he worked for various innovative start-ups. Deeply rooted in the Venice / West Los Angeles start-up scene, Leachman gravitates towards the area's innovative culture of entrepreneurship.