Chris M Sutcliffe

Freelance media reporter

I am the weekly media columnist for The New European, writing about the intersection of technology, the news media and consumer publications.

I have written for the Guardian, TheMediaBriefing, The Memo,, Londonist and others, and continue to produce the weekly Media Voices podcast.


How to watch eSports in the UK: From TV to Twitch and live events
eSports fans are good at picking favourites. They have their favourite teams, their favourite tournament moments and their favourite players. Chances are, if you're an eSports...
Online 'echo-chambers' are an effect of hate, not a cause
There used to be an easy way to tell if legacy news publishers were talking positively or negatively about the internet. If they prefaced it with "online-", it was good - online...
Techspace: Europe's coworking community for the tech-purist
One company that's cutting through these obstacles is Techspace, a tech-focused coworking provider that's bridging the gap for scale-up businesses and was, "born out of an...
When are newspapers like giraffes? The future of local journalism
When we talk about 'the newspaper', are we using too broad a term to describe a variety of different beasts?
How Breath of the Wild reinvents catharsis in the Zelda franchise
TfL spends £600,000 advertising night tube - despite it having no launch date
Transport for London has spent more than £600,000 advertising the night tube, despite the service still having no set launch date. As of 13 January, the combined production and...
Media Voices: Dennis Publishing's CTO Paul Lomax
Can - and will - journalists be replaced by robots?
The fear of being replaced in it by a machine has existed since even before Fritz Lang made it a central component of Metropolis back in 1927.
Will gender-focused media ever be obsolete?
Notions that men and women are two discrete sections of society are still readily apparent in how magazines genres are segmented and how audiences are bought and sold in...

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