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Freelance writer and blogger with a focus in web content and service journalism.
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What is Facebook?
Step-by step guide to Facebook for beginners.
Credit Card Payment Tutorial
Credit card processing tutorial for event and party planning guide book.
Printing Birthday Party Labels
Label printing tutorial for event and party planning guide book.
Birthday Party Checklist
Time management checklist for event and party planning guide book.


Top 5 Hip Hop And Rap Songs Of 2015
2015 has seen a variety of great music across all genres but this year has been particularly good to hip hop and rap. There were numerous successful albums and singles produced...
Fierce Female Solo Artists You Must Hear
Not only are female-fronted bands back but also within the last five or so years, the music industry has seen an increase in fabulously creative and inventive female artists.
Five Fierce Female-Fronted Bands You Need to Hear
A play on the Mormon polygamy term 'sister wives,' the six member NYC-based band is headed by lead vocalist Mandy Lee. With influences like No Doubt, Janis Joplin, and Kate...
Three Must-See TED Talks That Will Blow Your Mind
Entertainment Since 1984, speakers around the world have celebrated TED talks, presentations that once focused on innovative design and technology but now cover hundreds of...
More Must-See TED Talks That Will Blow Your Mind
Entertainment This is the second installment of suggested TED talks that will completely change your thinking, but this edition is for those who are new to TED. The following...


5 Tips for an Extended Stay on Your Parent's Couch
If you have moved back home then you know sleeping on your parent’s couch can be a true test of patience, tolerance and selflessness for all. According to over 30%...
Top 4 Outdoor Yoga Spots in the Bay Area
Once a large swimming complex privately owned in the late 19 th century; the Sutro Baths ruins are as picturesque and peaceful as the original building. Surrounded by beautiful...


A Weekend In Cedarville, CA: Where To Shop, Eat, And Read
Looking for a peaceful weekend getaway? Looking to commune with nature, enjoy beautiful vistas, and a charming 'old west' lifestyle? Look no further than Cedarville, CA a small...
A Day on College Avenue | Where to Eat, Read and Shop
Stretching between Berkeley and Oakland, from Elmwood to Rockridge, College Avenue is home to countless restaurants, bookstores and boutiques. As an area known for its artistic...

Beauty & Fashion

6 Beauty Icons of Color The World Should Never Forget
Chloe Miller-Bess As the first black woman to be nominated for an Academy Award for best actress and overall classic Hollywood icon, Dorothy Dandridge needs no further...
Six Items Every Recent Grad Needs In Her Closet
Post-graduation life can be daunting: getting a job, going on interviews, finding your own place, paying off student loans. One thing does not have to be stressful - building up...

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